Question: How did you catch someone cheating on you or on someone you know…How did YOU get caught.



Everyone has been cheated on.

yes that is right…everyone has been cheated on in some way shape or form at least once in their life and if you are sitting their saying you haven’t, You’re only saying so because you have simply never caught anyone. ┬áBut those of you who DO know the cold gut-wrenching feeling of a lover’s betrayal are probably sitting in your chair right now either making this face…
Or this one…

Or this one…

There is no pain like being cheated on. Hell i’m still mad about that bytch in 10th grade who cheated on me with stupid-ass Quincy. YEAH i still remember that n*gga’s name and YEAH i still remember that bytch. I Hope that bytch became a grandmother at 32. Jaggle-head bytch.

Anyway.. I digress…I’m good…and i’m over it…

But yeah. Not to bring up old shyt buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut…. If you found out you were being cheated on, HOW did you catch them? DID you catch them? Did they just confess? Did someone else catch them for you?? Have YOU ever caught someone cheating on someone you know?

If you’re willing to admit YOU were the janky-ass bytch that did the cheating ( c’mon.. many of us have been that janky-bytch) how did YOU get caught.

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  1. SY says

    I wasn’t cheating… I just happened to be at the room with the other guy. But this was after my husband’s girlfriend called me… and after I had a Mason jar broken over my nose… Soooooooo yeah….

  2. Les says

    I was never caught, per se… but I do remember when dude I dipped with in the 11th grade told my then boyfriend, and I fought dude in the middle of the ghetto mall.
    Tore his lip up!
    Stupid punk idiot snitching.

  3. Troy Frazier says

    True Story: So I started messing around with this Russian broad. I mean like REALLY Russian. Like barely spoke English, Russian. When I met her, she had a man (also very Russian) but they were on the outs and he had moved out of their apartment in with one of his boys. I was kinda cautious though, so I never kicked it at her crib unless I had a couple of my boys with me, and I NEVER spent the night. As time went on, it became evident that dude wasn’t coming home, and I got comfortable. One night, I’m driving her back to her place from wherever, and she sees her man walking down the street. She’s all like, “See, there he is on his way to his boys house.” I’m wondering if he saw his baby-mama (yeah, they had a very Russian kid) in my car. Nah, no way.

    Anywayz, we get back to her place and she’s begging me to spend the night. I’m still like, “I don’t know…” ‘cuz I’d heard too many stories about Russians being crazy as fuck. But, she’s still saying, “You saw him for yourself going the other way, he’s not coming here tonight. Anyway, it’s over.” Well, you know how it goes, good sense gave way to hard dick and I ended up spending the night.

    I beat that pussy up! That really has nothing to do with the story, but I beat that pussy UP!

    Fast forward to the next morning, there’s a frantic ringing at the doorbell. It’s her man. So, this is how the building is set up. There’s a key to get in the front gate (or someone has to buzz you in), and then you have a different key to get into your apartment. Apparently, he didn’t have the first key, but he had the apartment key. So, I wake up to this dude buzzing to get into his place with his woman and his kid, and I’m like “Damn, I guess the shit’s about to go down.” Eventually, the buzzing stops. I guess he caught someone on their way out and got into the building. So, now he’s beating on the door. Not knocking, BEATING. I can already tell he KNOWS somebody is in there with his broad. She tells me, “Don’t worry about it. He can’t get in because I left my key in the lock from this side.” I’m like, “Get in?!!? Bitch, I gotta get out! I got a job to go to!”

    So, I’m still laying in bed like, “Damn, Troy, what the fuck you done got yourself into now?” I’m about to get in a fist-fight with some crazy Russian motherfucker at 8am, and I’M in the wrong. And I ain’t no tough guy. I ain’t no bitch, but I very well know that this could not go my way. Just by the beating on the door, this dude is LIVID and ready to get it on. As I’m laying there trying to figure out how I can make it out of here without getting shanked, I hear “BOOM…CRASH!!!”

    Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard a door being kicked off the hinges, but the sound of heavy impact, wood splintering, and door hitting the floor is very distinctive. You don’t even have to see it to know, “Damn, somebody just kicked the door off the hinges!”

    Damn, it’s really going down.

    And with that revelation, a calm came over me. I just accepted, “Well, Troy, this is how your morning’s gonna go. Might as well get to it.” And I just sat up, sat on the edge of the bed and waited. This fucker walks over the door, storms straight to the bedroom, walks in the door and stops dead in his tracks. There’s a NIGGER in his bed!

    Lord god, I wish I could accurately describe seeing the expression on his face go from rage to confusion to hatred back to rage to hurt to utterly crushed all in .5 seconds. Dude stood there looking at me, looking at her, looking at me just not knowing what to do with himself. He knew the whole time she had someone in there, but he NEVER expected this. He just deflated. He just turned around and walked out of the room.

    She runs after him and they start yelling at each other in Russian in the living room. Meanwhile, I’m still sitting there in this Zen-like battle mode if such a thing exists. Like I’m totally calm but totally ready to get it on. I’ve already accepted this. What the fuck?

    So, I listen to them go at it for a while, and it’s evident he’d rather focus his rage on her than me. I’ve still got to go to work. By now, I’m feeling super bold, so I just walk into the living room in the middle of their shit-storm like, “Yo, you okay?” “Yeah, just go.” “You sure?” “YES, JUST GO!” So, I dipped.

    I get down to my car, start it up, put my hands on the wheel, and my hands are shaking! Not from fear, I’ve just got this rush of adrenaline and nowhere to put this energy! My body is like, “Yo, you promised me a fight and didn’t deliver. What the fuck is this shit?!!?”

    Good times.

    I’ll have to tell you guys one day about what happened when I went back that night (yeah, I didn’t give a fuck), or when I saw the two of them back together some time later.

    • iamtmonie says

      You tell THE BEST most twisted stories, dude! Lol!

      “I’ve just got this rush of adrenaline and nowhere to put this energy”

      That’s how I felt this past weekend. I understand completely.

  4. 007diva says

    Well, well, well. Aint this about a bitch…… I caught JJ riding his little slice of slut back to his house while I was coming back from the movies with my bff. We followed them back to his daddy’s house and straight clowned! He was yelling and trying to explain and everything was going just fine till SHE giggled. I swear before Jesus the world stopped spinning. I politely told her bitch be quiet before for something happen to you. Well she laughed and straight popped her in the eye. Have you ever seen a eye swell instantly? She fell back in the car and he pushed me. My friend starts screaming “Imma pop tha trunk” for what I don’t know cause all we had back there was some dirty clothes. We jump back in our car but not before I yelled out I fucked yo cousin.

  5. ToodySezHey says

    …The dumb ass had the nerve to make out with his “friend” in my house when I invited them over for drinks! I caught them canoodling on the couch as I came from the kitchen. I was mad as hell especially as he was there with the gf not but a week ago!

    I wasn’t gonna say nothing….til he broke up with the gf talmbout he couldn’t do long distance anymore and had her all heartbroken wondering if she did something wrong. I couldn’t let that boolshyt persist so I told her. The email she sent him was so epic I has that shyt saved for years lol. Eh, I lost a friendship but it’s worth it to save someone from unnecessary scarring.

  6. vanessa197676 says

    2005- He liked to use my laptop all the time, since his desktop was super-slow and he didn’t have a laptop. I knew something was up, so I installed a keylogger on my laptop. Keep in mind that we were exclusive, saw each other every weekend, and I had even hung out with him and his parents several times.

    That keylogger gave me login names and passwords to his online Sprint account (I could see all of his text messages), his hotmail account, his BlackPlanet account, EVERYTHANG. So I went looking and found paydirt. Then, I emailed every single one of the women he was trying to talk to while we were supposed to be exclusive (like 5 women). I put them all on one email, explained the situation, and that they could have him because I was done. I also left my phone number so they could call me if they wanted.

    I left in the middle of the night while he was sleeping and drove home. On the drive, I got a call from two of the women, so we did a group call and talked about the situation (no yelling, just “Can you believe this prick?” conversation). While we were talking, you could hear him calling each of us, one at a time, going around in a circle. I would click over and talk for a second, telling him I was done, then he’d move on to the next.

    I ended my conversation with him, telling him that if he spent half the time and energy he put into trying to get women into his sales job, he’d be making six figures by now.

  7. Baegatha Christie says

    This was like middle school or freshman year of high school and I was dating this dude that we’ll call James – because that’s his name. We start dating and everything is cool. Few months go by and my home girl Anna calls me like “Hey, you still go with James?” Of course I say yeah and ask why. She tells me that he just asked her to be his GF. I’m like, “Word?” She said yeah but she knows that we were going out so she didn’t say anything to him about it. I asked her how it happened and she told me. She also told me that he was trying to get her to come over his house that day because it was his birthday and he wanted to see her and blah blah blah. Now, this was back in the mid to late 90’s so you know what happens?? THREE WAY CONVERSATION. I called him and when he picked up, I said “hey baby.” He responds with “who’s this” so my retort is “It’s Twink – who the fuck else is calling you baby?” He gives me some lame ass excuse about how he just woke up and the voice didn’t register. We carry on some BS conversation then I’m like “hey – when’s your birthday. I want to make sure I have it written down so we can do something special.” He tells me it’s in August. I’m like “are you sure?” to which he said “yeah. I know my own birthday.” That’s when Anna pops off mute and is like “So why did you tell me your birthday is today to get me to come over and be with you???” Phone falls to the ground. His cousin picks up. Apparently he ran out the house in shock.

    Few days later, that same cousin called me talking about “You gotta talk to him; he’s been so sad. He keeps just sitting on the roof looking so pitiful.” Nope – shouldn’t have done the fuckshit.

    • DB Ruberto says

      More scams have been ruined thanks to 3 way calling. These kids today WISH they had that magical, technological goodness…

    • CaraQ says

      Man… 3 way is how I confirmed I was the other woman…. smh. Talk about being near GW campus, outside of my doctor’s office, having a screaming match, hanging up, calling my father and uncle in hysterics to come get me. He had the nerve to cuss us BOTH out when I snapped that I didn’t know about the ish, he was the liar and she lied calling me on 3-way! It was months before I used that pharmacy location again.

  8. Jonesey says

    Didn’t catch him… I kinda sorta knew (it was a long-distance deal and he was pretty much at the lowest point in his life) and after I broke up and we managed to turn it into a friendship I just asked him and he told me there were two random skanks he was getting it on with on the weekends we couldn’t see eachother.
    I was a bit mad but then again not really… because I had ended it and I was glad about it.
    We’re way better as just friends.

  9. HaStyle says

    I was in this weird space when I was cheating, but not lying about it. However the girl just thought I was too nice of a guy to actually be cheating and that I was joking about my whereabouts.

    So she’d call and ask me where I was and what I’d be doing and my response would be “I’m cheating on you.” and she’d just be like “Whatever, I see you’re busy.” or something like that.

    Anyway I never really got busted but I ended up losing bout. Girl A stopped messing with me because I became too distant messing with girl B. And Girl B wasn’t really trying to BE with me cause I was a cheater even though she knew about girl A the entire time.

  10. imagination1919 says

    So… da (ex) wife & I had matching phones… that we agreed to attach to the house wi-fi network so that we could quickly see/share pictures of the kids. One evening I go to pull up a picutre to send to my parents, and there is a folder full of pics of her mostly nudes… that I’d never seen or received… and several pics of other guys…
    Well.. being the uber tech geek that I am… I decided to take a peek on her laptop, and well.. it was all downhill from there.

  11. HappyStina says

    Way, way back in the day…. He got PAGED, yes I said back in the day, over and over again by this same number while he was in the shower. So I wrote the number down and waited until he left. I had one of my friends call on three way, here we go again with the three way convos, and girl answers. My friend starts off the convo and I basically ended it with “you can have him cause his wife doesn’t want him anyway!” After that my young, dumb azz figured what goes around comes around and since there was a cute guy at work that kept trying to get with me, I let it happen. I tell this other girl, whom I thought was my friend, and she told him what was happening. Found out later that she wanted him so she was just waiting for some ish like this! Told her as well that she could have his abusive azz!! Left that day with my kids and never looked back!!

  12. Omelette! says

    I don’t remember where we’d been (this is years ago), but we were all in a Taxi on the way to a friend’s apartment when, amongst all the chit chat in the cab, I just happened to look out the window as we stopped at the red light and saw, right in front of me, on the corner, her husband, take a blonde woman in his arms and kiss her in an intimate way. I said nothing, never did, I wasn’t going to be the one to destroy her world, that was his job.

  13. notconvincedgranny says

    I was delivered the so-called living proof of his infidelity. My son was 2 years old when I got married. Three years and 3000 miles into this abysmal union I came home and heard crying – clearly an infant. Dude explains to me that during one of our really rough periods he availed himself of a toss-up and this child was the result. She was in rehab and he didn’t know what to do. I took care of the baby for a week because (1) he had no other chance of survival because (2) both his parents got kicked off the douchemobile and (3) I knew for a fact the shoe crud I married was NOT the father.

    That’s not the pisser. What made him think bringing this child home would be OK? He said (y’all better sit down): now we’re even. You have one and I have one.

    My outlaws called to ask why he was back home.

  14. notconvincedgranny says

    In other news: I don’t cheat. I tell people up front what I can/can’t do. You don’t need to lie to me, just speak up. The only thing to which I take exception is wasting my time, and that’s what lying does. That will get you a personally engraved root box with custom gooba dust.

  15. CurlyQ53 says

    Walked up on him while he was at our spot slobbing his “childhood friend” down. I told him I’d stay in since we were due at his grandmammy’s funeral the next morning, but decided last minute not to let g’ma disturb my groove and rolled out.

    Anyway, it was like “Two Can Play That Game”– tapped his shoulder, asked how he was doing, wished them both well, and walked away. I felt like knocking him out; I didn’t know I had that much self-control. The look on his face when he disengaged his tongue and turned around was priceless, though. He hurried up and bounced the hell out.

    My security friends offered to cuff him to a phone pole around back, pull his pants down and walk away, leaving me with him and night stick, ha! He just wasn’t worth it. And several times over the years he’s publicly humiliated himself trying to get back. Sad. Just sad.

  16. Unckle_Ruckus says

    Didn’t have to catch em. Both of them confessed. I was Bill Duke in that scene before Menace 2 Society evah hit the screen. Just kept repeating one or two sentences, over and over and over. Straight cracked under pressure. Wasn’t mad about it because I was reading Iceberg Slim back then and knew it was a cause for celebration. Especially when my first cheater thought she was pregnant. See, the kid was into body bags (All hail BBD) while the greener grass kid she was smelling was a 2 pump chump. Imagine the pool house scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont high. Nah, I don’t regret being cheated on. It just prepared me for the world of relationships. The decent factor is I don’t bring past baggage with me into new relationships. Damn, I need to practice adding Gifs from my Samsung. Stories are better with pics…

  17. Micchi Dawn says

    I’ve never cheated but have been cheated on … we broke up, I had a moment… and he was so proud of his hair too poor baby.

  18. says

    Fortunately I learned early in life that I can’t get away with anything. I went back to college at age 20, and to keep my 25 year old girlfriend from following me as she planned, I talked my boss into “stealing” her from me since I knew he liked her anyway. Two years later I heard they were engaged, and I was happy for them.

    Then one day when I was home for break, homegirl calls me. She said she had to get with me one last time to see if she was really over me before she got married. It didn’t take much to connvince me since she was fine as hayal and I was in the middle of my dog phase. So she picked me up and took me back to her place. I had nothing to lose, so I wore her out. I had to go home because I had something to do first thing in the morning. She said she couldn’t get up so I had to take her car.

    The next morning I had to take her car back. I called a buddy and asked if he wanted to ride out to the city and take the train back with me. Her man had to pass my street on his way to work, So I fugured I’d wait until 10:00 to leave. With a 20 mile drive there was only a 1/2 block distance that he could see me. I turrned off my street, drove the half block and waited for the light to change. I looked to the right in time to see hime pull up. It turns out that was his late shift day. He rolled down the window and said, “What are you doing in the car I just bought my fiancee’ I gave some bs excuse and took off when the light changed. Needless to say, I didn’t go to the wedding.

  19. The Lurkasaurus Rex says

    I used to be a nice guy.
    I used to be Mr. Naive.
    My first real girlfriend and I were seeing each other for like a year, and she had never broke a brotha off none, because some ol’ boolshyt I believed at the time. I took her out, bought her shyt, did the romantic thang…ALLA that.

    Then, one day, I decided to surprise her. You can probably guess how this turns out.

    I go over to her apartment, and her landlord (young guy, really cool) stops me when I came in and says, “Maan, you do NOT want to go up there.”

    I’m like, “Why not?” STILL stupid as hale.

    He just shook his head and took me to a heating vent over my head and said “These old buildings conduct sound really well.”

    I put my ear up and heard someone knocking the bottom outta her faithless azz. I remember feeling all cold, because I was finna go upstairs and make a modern art masterpiece outta err’body in the room. Dude saw what was on my face, though, and decided that no one was finna end up on the news that day.

    He took me to his apartment on the first floor, where he’d mercifully blocked the vents (he told me he got sick of knowing err’body’s business), and broke out a bottle of Jack Daniels. “You and me, we’re gonna get stone drunk and you’re gonna forget about that bytch, but you ain’t going to jail over her.” We started drinking…eventually I started crying, got better, drank some more, got mean-azz drunk, and felt different.

    I changed from Mr. Nice Guy to Mr. I’m-Finna-Put-My-D*ck-In-Ya-Azz overnight. I completely stopped givin’ a fugg. Far as I was concerned, if this is what trust got me? Then I’ll trust a bytch as long as she was jugglin’ Deez Nutz in her mouth. I became a gat damb werewolf and it was ALWAYS a full moon.

    Oh, and yes, I made a point of gettin’ with her fine-az-hale best friend and fuggin’ the taste outta her mouth. The. Next. Day. I was amped. Ol’ girl was kinda guilty for a minute, talmbout “What do I tell Kathy about us?”

    “I was like ‘Tell her whatever you want, cuz I’d still be with her dumb azz if she hadn’t cheated on me. Far as I’m concerned, she made her choice, now I’m making mine…besides, you didn’t make her fugg that li’l bullet-head bytch anyway. She did that by herself. Mother made her, mother fed her, mother fugg her.'”

    I never cheated on a woman, but, until I met the Russian, I never let a woman get close enough to hurt me like that ever again.

  20. Jonesey says

    Addendum: I never cheated and I don’t see myself doing it. My moral override is stronger than any hormone or substance I’ve ever been on.
    That being said, I was doing the old two-timing dance with two affairs at one point. Not for long, and they knew they were only flings/FWB. However, had they known about it… I might’ve just wound up in a ditch somewhere. LOL… they can’t stand eachother.