Babysitter drops baby girl off at fire station and I have some questions!

bye felicia

article-2599439-1CEC3E2100000578-219_634x353A baby girl, believed to be five months old, was brought to a Texas fire station Monday by a woman who said she was babysitting the child and that the mother never returned.
A woman who only identified herself as Alysha told firefighters she and a friend had agreed to look after the child named Lily for the evening.
When morning came, the pair didn’t hear from the mother and by the afternoon, Alysha decided to take the child to the fire station.

She told Click 2 Houston that she and her friend met the baby’s mother around 3am Monday. She asked Alysha and her friend if they could take care of her five-month-old baby.
The women gave the baby’s mother a ride back to the Cullen Inn Motel where she had been staying with her daughter. That’s when Alysha realized the baby had been left alone in the hotel room all night.

article-2599439-1CEC3E2800000578-221_634x349She said some medication indicated the infant is named Lily.
‘We took the baby for the night and told her to give us a call in the morning and she didn’t,’ Alysha told Click 2 Houston.
‘She hasn’t called, hasn’t tried to find out where her baby is.’

‘Pretty much bringing her here was the last resort because we don’t know where she belongs.’
‘The word was that we would help the mom because she was supposedly trying to get money for the baby’s diapers,’ she told Click2Houston.

On Monday afternoon around 2pm, Alysha took Lily to Fire Station 35 in southeast Houston, not knowing what else to do.
She said the firefighters were surprised when she walked in the door but she was impressed by their offers of help.
‘Well, they were like a little bit shocked,’ she told Khou. ‘They were more than willing to help and they jumped right into action.’

article-2599439-1CEC3D5400000578-56_634x359Fire officials say Lily seems in good health and was clean and happy when she was dropped off.
Texas’s Safe Haven or Baby Moses Law states that a baby may be left in a designated safe place, such as a fire station, with no questions asked and without fear of consequence if its carers are unable to care for their child – but this law only applies babies 60 days or younger.
Since baby Lily is believed to be about five months old, the law cannot apply to her.
She is in the care of Child Protective Services as police search for her mother. They were still looking for leads on the mother Tuesday morning.


Ok no! Just no!

This story does not add up at all!

So you meet some random chick at 3 in the damn morning and she asks you to take care of her baby and you just do it cause you nice like that?

No you didn’t!

Then you see that the baby had been left in the hotel room over night alone and that doesn’t set off a red flag?

Bitch stop lying!

And why can’t we have your full name?

And what the freak with your hair? OK that was not necessary so shut up!

This was some drug deal shit gone all types of wrong!

The baby’s mother tried to sell her baby for some crack. Yep I said it!!

But what say you OHN am I being too cynical? Could this woman just really be a good samaritan that got caught up in some BS?

If for some odd reason you are out and about at 3 in the damn morning and were approached by a stranger and asked to babysit what would you do?

Speak on it!

Apparently it is Beth's Job to get on Slaus's nerves.


  1. Dr. Fabulous says

    Um my mama told me not to talk to strangers, especially ones that try to give me their baby at 3a.m. Something is all wrong with this story! I’m with you on the drug deal theory, maybe the baby was collateral.

  2. JustMe81 says

    Something seems off about this whole thing. Either your theory is correct, or this chick is a hooker with a heart of gold (well, she did watch her) who wasn’t about to f*ck up her money spending too much time babysitting another hooker’s kid when homegirl didn’t come back from a job.

  3. RisqueLady says

    Yep, this reeks of drugs/prostitution…3 am bs!!! My heart goes out to the baby :(
    On another note…Strawberry Shortcake Head said she was “impressed” with the firefighters, like she’s filling out a customer service card at Wendy’s. And, this has to be my fave…”they were more than willing to help and jumped right into action”….like they were rescuing a cat from tree!!! NERD!

  4. cake_and_pies says

    i don’t understand this story, but if some did walk up to me and offer me a baby, I’d take the child and call the cops We don’t need anymore Relishas

  5. Hautie says

    Something positive: The baby looks chubby, happy, clean and fed. Thank god. Mother may be a crack head. At least the baby looks cared for.

    But yea… I am not believing that no one knows who the Mother is… and where she took off to. Thankfully that lady did the best thing possible and dropped the baby off at the Fire Department.

  6. says

    If the baby’s mother shows up and turns out to be a white woman, mark my words, this will end up on LMN. There will be movie specials, white people offerings gifts, money and free housing for her and that baby. Now if the mother ends up being one of us…..Straight to JAIL she’ll go.

    • Jonesey says

      I hate how right you are. I can just about see it all happening from here. *sigh*

  7. Jonesey says

    I read this story 4 times today and I still don’t quite get how it went down. Either way… something unholy was sure at work here.

  8. Valerie says

    I live in Houston and they have been broadcasting this story like crazy. They did find the mother, she looks Hispanic. The mom was arrested in a parking lot of a bar.

      • Valerie says

        Yes as I was watching the news this morning they said she will be in court today. Her last name is Estrada, so she’s Hispanic. They didn’t give anymore details but I’m sure they will after her court appearance.

  9. Sunnii Dae says

    Dont ask any questions. Just take the baby away from Miss Hooker Hookerson, and keep it. Dont do anything that might cause Tricky to reconsider dropping a baby off.