Cheating question spin-off: If you were caught cheating did you do anything to win back your S/O?

dc2d126716ffSo yesterday we talked about getting caught cheating today lets talk about what you did once you got caught or caught your SO.

What if anything did you do to win back your SO’s love?

What if anything did your SO do to win back your love?

Apparently it is Beth's Job to get on Slaus's nerves.

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  1. HaStyle says

    Nope. I was cheating because I wasn’t happy so I let her be to find someone who would probably appreciate her more than I did. She still hates me to this day, mostly cause of how it ended but I did it for her.

    • vanessa197676 says

      What a crock of shit. Why not just break up rather than playing silly games? It seems most cheaters enjoy the sex, so it’s not purely out of the kindness of their hearts. Sounds like you were too scared to break it off so you acted like a dick so she would.

      • HaStyle says

        Mostly because I was very young, thus very dumb. I’ve been 100% honest since then though.

    • DanceMagicDance says

      Bullshit. You were a selfish sack of shit and if karma has not gotten you, it will dammit. No courage to be a man and break it off clean so you take the BS way out.

      • HaStyle says

        I’m not even disagreeing. It was a bullshit way out. I don’t believe in karma, but I have had my fair share of being hurt. I figured breakup would do more to the friendship we had previously had than letting her end it, and I was wrong. But feel however you want, the reason is the reason, I was not happy with the relationship or even being in one at the time, even if that is a selfish reason it’s my reason.

        • DanceMagicDance says

          Calming down now I will come back and say I am sorry for calling you a sack of shit. That was mean…but cheaters make me enraged. Having been cheated on and the only reason I got was “you never want to go out and party with me and my friends much.” I tend to get pissed at BS. In my case, I guess I should have been sorry I had to work to help pay bills and support our special needs daughter and be an adult in my 30’s instead of acting like I was still in college and drinking and smoking every weekend. But he did me a favor and I can only be thankful for it now. As long as you learned a lesson…then it was not a waste.

  2. notconvincedgranny says

    You know you’re about 45 different kinds of wrong for the Puss n’Boots big eyes.

  3. Lately25 says

    I didn’t get caught, so much as my nephew accidentally told on me. You see I’d told my boyfriend that while we were broken up I’d started seeing ‘Walter’, and that my dj friend ‘Blue’ that he’d met one night while trying to woo me back, was just my friend….. Of course ‘Blue’ and ‘Walter’ were the same damn person, but he ain’t need to know all that! So one day after we’d gotten back together and were playing ‘Happy Family’ with my niece and nephew. My nephew goes… “Hey can I have Blue or Walter’s phone number, whatever his name is. I wanna know if he’ll make me some cd’s”… Boyfriend turned and looked at me with so much hurt and anger in his eyes, that at first I was scared. But then I remembered, hey the reason we broke up was b/c you were creeping with the chick you worked with. So I gave him that ‘Oh well, now you know look’, and kept it moving….

  4. SY says

    Hell to the motherfucking nawl I ain’t do SHIT! But I wasn’t cheating…exactly… not in the sexual way at least.

  5. JustSlaus says

    yeah.. i’ve never tried to recover from that kinda being busted. I just let it ride out with a loss.

    and i’ve never accepted anyone BACK into my good graces either. Once you were out, you were out.