Conversations with Slaus and Bef complete with dancy dick

I really don’t know why I’m friends with this fool!

Also, this is all old school OHNer Wildwhuck’s fault for this.

She tagged Slaus and I in a article and just begged us to have a conversation about it.

Want to read it, here it go:

Slaus: Heffa sis… have you seen this ol boolshyt? Nana is getting it IN

AP_nursing_home_stripper_jef_140408_16x9_992An 85-year-old woman with dementia had a male stripper gyrate in front of her against her will at her suburban New York nursing home, according to a lawsuit filed by her family but the facility’s lawyer said Tuesday the performance had been requested by its residents.

John Ray, the attorney for Bernice Youngblood and her family, said the woman’s son found a photograph of a man in white briefs dancing in front of his mother when he visited her in January 2013 at East Neck Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

The photo, which Ray distributed to reporters, shows Youngblood putting money into the dancer’s waistband. Ray said Youngblood had been urged to participate and did so against her will.

Franklin Youngblood, who attended the news conference outside the Long Island facility, said he immediately went to a nursing supervisor for an explanation. The lawsuit claims the nurse attempted to grab the photo from him.

Ray said Bernice Youngblood, who herself had worked as a health aide for the elderly when she was younger, had her dignity taken away when “nursing home employees subjected her to this disgraceful sexual perversion.”

Bernice Youngblood, who attended the news conference in a wheelchair with some of her relatives at her side, mumbled in a barely audible voice that she felt “terrible” and “ashamed” about what happened, but had no specific recollection of the details of the incident. Source

Bef: I haven’t read it yet isn’t her grandson or son suing because me maw was trying to get her groove back? why would anyone hate on memaw trying to get her groove back?
Memaws need love too

Slaus: apparently she was forced to participate
and Momma, who suffers from dementia, said she was ashamed
She didn’t look ashamed whilst sliding dollars onto dick tho

Bef: she was ashamed that she didn’t get to see the dick…

Slaus: The Son is acting like his daughter, a child got accosted with unrequested dick
that’s your momma and a grown ass woman

Bef: right!!! the son needs to understand how he actually got here…momma at some point found out the taste and feel of dick and apparently liked it
the son is a hater

Slaus: But if a picture was going around with my momma getting dancey dick to her face, i’d prolly wanan stab niggas also
but it ain’t my momma
so im like: shit your ass down

Bef: then they rolled memaw into the news conference and just put all her business on blast
see sons see mothers differently
if my momma was that old and getting dancy dick I would be like Ma why you ain’t call me
I’m just mad the dancy dick dude got a flat ass…

i was about to say the same thing… but i didn’t want it to come out gay
because there would be no other way for it to come out
he SHOULD be mad they got a longback nigga stripper in his momma’s face
then they said the momma spoke incoherently at the news conference. yeah bytch.. she has dementia

Bef: LMAO that’s what i’m sayin’ they couldn’t find a black male stripper? And the committee paid $250 for this long back fool?

Slaus: ” i felt so ashamed… coocoocachooooo..what the day is…”

Bef: nigga you said coococachooo
in real tears
stop talking to me
yes I told on you on facebook LOL
coocoocachoo damn near took all of my life!

Slaus: LMAAAOOOOOO ima get you
i’m saying. let Momma be great. she aint gonna remember the shyt nan how


…a few hours later

Slaus: coocookachooo
we are so rude

Bef: stop talking to me!

Slaus: make the dick dance. make the dick dance. make the dick dance bytch make the dick dance.
dancey dick
dancy dick
dancy dick bytch dancy dick
Bef: bye Slaus
you notice I only call you Slaus when you are acting a damn fool. I prefer to call you Stan but you don’t know how to act

3414664_oSlaus: I said: coocoocahoooo nigga
Tryna find how I can leave the club with Yuuuu nigga
Girl you know what the fuck I wanna dooo, nigga.
drop that ass and make it do with it dooo for a nigga.
my nigga
:: doing the dancey dick dance ::
you bet not snitch
Bef: *copy paste* new blog post

Apparently it is Beth's Job to get on Slaus's nerves.

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  1. Unckle_Ruckus says

    Found out his wife was in the room too. Man, she elderly, not dead. Let her be great and write yourself outta the will for putting her in a home. But as far as the coocoocachoo, DEAD.

  2. DameloSuave says

    The son is just mad meemaw is spending his inheritance money on longback dancey d*ck…*shrug*

    Slaus needs an adult – at all times.

  3. notconvincedgranny says

    Meemaw might have dementia but I’ll bet she remembers that. Coocoocachoooooooooooooooooooooooo-what were we talking about?

  4. Baegatha Christie says

    ::packs up my shit::

    Y’all can mail my check to my house and just get rid of the rest of my stuff