Horse yoga is a thing….



Apparently it is Beth's Job to get on Slaus's nerves.

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  • Omelette!

    You can do a similar thing with Chickens.

    • Micchi Dawn

      Why do you know that?

      • Omelette!

        I worked with Chickens. If you hold their beak down and draw a line across it in the dirt, the bird will stay there all day. If you put them on their backs and mesmerise them with your fingers, they will stay like that. If you creep up behind a goat and shout at it, it will faint on the spot. Animals have certain physiological responses to unexpeted stimuli and positioning.

  • SY


    • JustMe81

      ^^This pic is appropriate for 99.9% of anything found on the internet lol.

  • NayBot


  • letinstar

    very little offends me….and yet, i wasn’t ready for this…

    • LadyCant

      You and me, honey. You and me……..*stares*

  • Les

    So… I’m NOT playing the video.
    Not at all.

    • Omelette!

      National Velvet this is not…

  • Micchi Dawn

    … some sort of Horse Karma Sutra then? I am very confused with what is going on and why!!

  • Sunnii Dae

    That horse gotta case against that mo-fo. Call Law&Order SVU.

  • DameloSuave

    I feel like the horse need a doll to point out where the bad man touched it…so disturbed…

  • notconvincedgranny

    Ahh…umm…well…I think I’ll try something…safer. Yeah, something safer.