Throwback Thursday: Your first real crush

3515633174_93b08c38901Do you remember your first crush?

Do you remember how it felt when they were near you?

Did you ever tell the person that you had a crush on them?

Did they like you too?

Are you still in contact with your first crush?

Tell us all about your very first real crush.

Apparently it is Beth's Job to get on Slaus's nerves.

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  1. missingthatkindalovefeeling says

    1. YEP
    2. YEP….wanted ti kiss her soooooooooooooo bad, wrap my ars alllllll arround her & tell her i was in love with her. I got bad grades in those classes cause i couldnt focus.
    3. nope
    4. i think so yes……but i think she was scared. .we talked some walking to classes & sat together in the lunch room a few times until one of my A**H*** friends came to our table & joked about her name (which pissed her off) & we never had lunch again.
    5. nope

  2. JustSlaus says

    This girl named Natasha… i was in love with her from 2nd grade through 5th grade.

    But she had a crush on this other kid we’ll call Frank. He was one of my recess buddies and I thought he was cool. he once helped me fight some bullies actually. Still I was so jealous of him because He and Natasha were ‘going together” in the 5th grade.

    After college at my first job i saw Natasha again and she was more beautiful than i remembered and she didn’t have a moustache anymore lol.

    and you know what? When her husband came to pick her up from work?

    It was frank. They dated from 5th grade on….. got married at 19 and had a pretty awesome family.

    I told them both that I had a major crush on Natasha when we were kids and they said they knew.

  3. LadyCant says

    Jonathan Wolff; cutest little white boy in the fourth grade. He never knew, but oh did I adore that boy. *sigh of nostalgia*

  4. FubsyNumbles says

    Light-skinned mixed race girl called Nina. I was somewhere between 7-10 (as was she, of course!) – really don’t remember enough to be specific about that. Either way, she was kind enough to show me her My First Slot Machine one day…..

  5. Chidiva says

    My first crush was when I was in the 7th grade,his name was Kenneth,he was in the 9th grade and a heroin addict.At first I thought he had a weak bladder and didn’t get enough rest at night because he spent a lot of time in the bathroom and would nod off at random times,but my girl who lived a couple of doors down from him pulled my coat tail that he got high as a form of rebellion from our bougie upbringing.

  6. says

    I was 16 and he was 21. I had it so bad for him that I wasn’t able to eat in front of him…I learned he had a child and even spoke on the phone with his ex…and out of respect for her, I never pursued him…we did hang out though and would walk and talk many a nights…anyways, everyone knew I was crazy about him…in order to get revenge for somethng, my slutty assed younger sister got him drunk and had sex with him and of course bragged about it to me later…crushed ended then. I know it was something he always regretted and I know she knew he regretted being with her as well…last time I saw him, I was walking down the street and he drove up next to me in a cab and motioned me to get in…I did…we got caught up in each other’s lives and it was different…I had grown up. I heard about 2 years after that, that he had drowned and I did feel sad.

  7. Les says

    Some guy at the local library. I have no clue of what his name is anymore. I was 12, he was 14, and he was the son of the librarian. There was a summer program that I went to, and he was almost always there. I tried to be near him as much as I could.
    Right before the summer program was over, I tried to look up his mother’s address in the white pages, wrote a letter to him without signing it, and mailed it to what I hoped was the correct address.
    Then I didn’t go back to the library. I was too scared of what he would say/think.
    I was a punk.

  8. ThatDamnPaul says

    Yep, I’ll just call her D. Light skin, curly hair, green eyes. I was probably about 11. She was maybe 14. She lived down the street from me and was my neighbor’s sister’s best friend. I used to hang out at his place when she was there just to see her. Then I ended up going to the same school and riding the bus with her, and would try and sit by her, but that never worked. I did tell her about my crush when she came home from college and we went on a few dates. Then she went back and that was that.

    We’re FB friends, so I still keep in touch, she’s married and has kids, so am I. But yeah, she still fine as dust.

  9. Yaya says

    My first real crush was on a friend’s Brother my Jr. of HS, he was black/PR could rhyme and had just moved from Brooklyn to my little California town.I would become paralyzed when I’d see him and couldn’t speak, One day at a party, he danced with me suddenly and I might have peed a little. My friend who didn’t have anyone to dance with threw some salt on it and said “you noticed he only danced with you after he got high” so I never went for it. I’m glad I didn’t because he was a whore and treated girls he dated in very different ways that he treated me, he wasn’t very nice to them. I remained “the homey” and I moved away and didnt hear from him after I moved East. He hit me up on Myspace like in 05 and we became friends and I told him about my crush; he asked why I never said anything. I Inadvertently hooked him up with an old gf (cause I’m not a hater) and they lived happily ever after, without me.

  10. DB Ruberto says

    Freshman year of high school… he was the Foreign exchange student from Finland. I was DONE; notes in the locker and all… but of course he had a chick back home…

  11. JustMe81 says

    1. Yep, his name was Scott, we were in same class.
    2. Butterflies and all that young puppy love foolishness lol.
    3. NO! I didn’t (and still don’t) do rejection.
    4. No he didn’t like me “like that.” I was the fat kid, no one liked me “like that.”
    5. Yeah, we’re friends on fb, but don’t chat often. Time has been his friend, he’s an uber-hot attorney now. And married…not that it matters since I’m married too.

  12. RedladyRae says

    Wooo boy! It was Anthony Roberson. He was fine. We both ran track. He was the star. I never told him. I would get slightly anxious and somewhat bold when he was around. I was still too shy, and I was a late bloomer. No one paid attention to me. I’m so glad I never got the opportunity to tell him how I felt, because after my second year in hs, I found out he was an egotistical idiot. Straight up, the man was dumb. He was a senior when I was a sophomore. He failed and had to stay an extra year. Too busy worrying about these simple hussies and not his academics. That pretty much killed my crush right there. And the fact that my mom moved us to another neighborhood. I can’t have a dummy, and won’t waste my time with someone who has no interest in me as I am.

  13. says

    OHN… Always diggin’ up stuff. Her name was Cynthia, and it was 7th grade… and 8th grade… and on and off throughout high school. She was sooooo cute. She was my height and skinnier than me when I met her ( I was about 4’7″ and 77 lbs. in 7th grade). She was brown-skinned with a faint little mustache. It was obvious to everyone that I liked her because I stared at her constantly. She knew I liked her, and I know she liked me. But I was painfully shy, and when she would try to talk to me I would catch a cramp from my toenails to the top of my hair. She was smarter than me and a better athlete, and despite the fact that she probably didn’t hit puberty until college she knew she was cute. When she finally got a boyfriend I could feel everyone’s staring and wondering “what he gon’ do now?” She never really closed the door up until college, but I was always intimidated by her. By my ten year H.S. reunion I had come out of my shell and become Mr. Party-man. But when I tried to talk to her… full-body cramp! Oh well…

  14. iamtmonie says

    There were/are 2.

    I wrote about the first one on my birthday. Funny thing is, my eight grade teacher posted a photo of his science class about a week after my birthday. The entire cast of characters from my birthday post are in it. The crush, the guys that teased me, my friends, EVERYBODY. Then he friended me on FB a few days later. He’s in public office now so he can’t say a whole lot about anything on FB. So I don’t know if he read any of it.

    The second is a dude from college and I still have a crush on him. It’s less about love and more about possession. He certainly doesn’t deserve me and he’s kinda shallow so he’s not he kind of guy I really want anyway so… It’s part of the old, insecure me that wants to connect and possess that of person.

  15. val says

    My brother’s best friend. I was 10 and when I first saw him, I saw JESUS!! lol. When he was around, I was quiet and would turn red when ever he would say something to me. I did tell him years later when I was like 21 and I got a kiss out of it. We flirted on and off and still do till this day. Just sucks that he has a girlfriend but as long as we’re friends, it’s all good.

  16. says

    Ugh…ok…so I was like 11 and I had the worse crush on my aunts boyfriend’s (now husband) twin brother…he was like 20… It was so bad. I was completely in love with him…I would try to hang out with them when they all went out with their friends…I would sit realky close to him…make him hold my hand when we had to cross streets…when I was 14 I tried to kiss him and he recoiled like I had eboli…lol I was done…I am in my 30’s now and I have to admit when I see him I still tingle a little…

  17. says

    The nicest thing recently came via the cashier at a chinese food buffet. She was happy to see me since I hadn’t been there in awhile. She makes fun of how I stick to my budget, but that day I was really hungry and got more than double my usual amount. But when I got the bil she had charged me exactly my budget limit. Too sweet.

    The nicest thing ever was probably by my first boss in education. I was still in college, and to get from school to my job I had to take the bus and train each day… so I was always late. But rather than fire me (which she should have), she and her husband bought me a car. I couldn’t drive a stick, but I still made it on time because I didn’t want to let her down.