Friend organizes beautiful prom foto on bridge. Bridge collapses. teee heeeee.




A group of high school students plunged into a river on the day of their prom – but this wasn’t a drunken after-party idea gone wrong.

Nearly two dozen students from Pierce High School had decided to pose for a photo on a picturesque bridge at their friend’s house in rural Nebraska before setting off to the ball.

But as the seniors moved into place, their combined weight proved too much for the rickety platform and they fell into the creek below.

‘My first thought was: “Oh my gosh, everyone’s going to be so angry at me because I organised this”,’ explained Alisha White to KTIV News.

‘But then everyone was really nice about it, and said it wasn’t my fault. You didn’t know that was going to happen, there was nothing you could do,’ she added.

Yesterday was our senior prom. We lined up for our pictures on a bridge & it collapsed and we all fell in the creek..


Part of me feels so terrible for these kids and that part of me is sitting upon my shoulder like this..

Buuuuuut then the Slausy side on my other shoulder is like….

I mean I do feel bad that their whole night was ruined though I seriously do..


and that it was sad how these kids were probably really looking forward to all the fun that was to come on this special night.


Worse yet I know the poor kid who organized the whole thing by asking them to all come take a photo on his parent’s bridge just feels terrible.



His parents have to feel truly terrible because it happened on their property.


Seriously…. you just KNOW a damn lawsuit is on it’s way….. you KNOW it.


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