SSC: Where is my sunshine?

Gather round lil children, time for uncle Folk to destroy your dreams and hopes, to fill your nights with terror and your days with fear. ::takes pants and underwear off::

Today is a new day but where is my sunshine? What is the purpose of worrying. Worry for what. Tomorrow is not promised. The day is not long and all we have is the moment of now

Why don’t we take our lives more seriously? It’s the only thing we truly have. The moment. The now. Do we really know the next time we’ll see someone? Do we have a gurantee that tomorrow is the day we’ll begin to tackle life. To do those things we said we’ll get around to.

Yeah, tomorrow.

For a while I’ve done my best to embrace the finality of the day, to hold hands with death on my journey of life; because I want to live in the moment, to embrace the joy, the reality, the stink of life.

We spend so much time planning to live and forget to live in the moment then wonder what happened to life when the hands of disease hold faces we see or in the one it the mirror in its hands, when pestilence and destruction hold souls in its icy unexpected grip, when those we love near us feel the kiss of death, or we feel the chill of death’s hand on our own shoulder?

I’m not here to preach to you on this Sunday am, no far from that. I do want each of you to take just one moment. One second. One opportunity to smell the shit of life and embrace the reality of finality. To take in the pain that is life so that you can enjoy and be happy in the now. So that when the beauty of death comes for its dance with you or those you love, there are no regrets. There are no true failures. There is only thankfulness to have been given the opportunity to experience both the pain and the joys of what we call life.

I’m going to go back to crying at the airport while I get drunk off this crown. Big shout out to the bartender here with the generous pours who have sympathized with my burdens and pains, which made me for a moment feel the love and kindness of a stranger. To the folks at work on IM who’ve reached out over the distance to hold me in their hearts… To the lady next to me, that have been given me hugs of sympathy with her kind smiles and distance hugs. For with all the pain there is balance of peace, hope, happiness, and joy.

In the mist of the worst there is always the gift of humanity, life, and the sweetness of death.

Now time for me to watch death get his groove on with someone that I love. Get your groove on, get your groove on!

::does the two step::

How do you enjoy the moments that you have?


    • says

      …and I agree, we should live in the now because the next moment isn’t promised to us. That was something I needed to be reminded of today, thank you.

  1. JustSlaus says

    Man I’m so sorry to hear about your loss, Folk. I really am.

    When my father died a few years ago it made me feel bad fro my older step-brother whom i’ve not spoken to in over 25 years. He hadn’t spoken to my farther in so many years that he never eve knew about the cancer. He didn’t get to sit at his bedside and resolve any old issues. he didn’t get to kiss dad goodbye like I did. He only found out dad passed away after the fact when he called after umpteen million years to find out why the social security monies for his sister had been increased from dad.

    I can only imagine the loss he had to have felt.

    I had a somewhat “complicated” childhood in amy regards with my parents but as an adult, I was able to talk to them about some things, they said their peace and we were all able to let by gones be by gones and love one another. Then i lost them both within 2 years of each other.

    and although it hurt then and it still hurts to this day, I am ever so thankful that I have few regrets.

    If any of YOU have issues or beef with anyone, trust me… if at all possible, let it go. because when that person is gone…. the pain you’ll carry by not being able to reconcile WILL hurt.

    it isn’t worth it.

    when that person is gone you will look back on all the time you spent not talking to them, and more than anything, you’ll want that time back more than anything else.

  2. JustSlaus says

    …man i love this Kirk franklin song… this whole album. Has helped me through some dark times.

  3. FubsyNumbles says

    Aww, man. Folk; so sad, truly, to hear about your loss, sir.

    No glib, no easy way out. Just love, sir.