and in too much cute news: Say it with ya Chest lil Homey!!!


Only people who don’t like baby animals, are people who were served bowls of poots every morning as children. Seriously. If you don’t think this is the cutest shyt in all of ever, it would be because you have no soul and a diet of poots and nightmares.

” Yeahhhhh”….  lmao that was such a Bro thing to say.

” yeahhhhh”

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  • hexacorde

    • Tawana Reeves

      I’m dying here.

    • NayBot

      LMAO!!! I am done

  • Omelette!

    Curried, in a pattie.

  • Valerie

    I really like the yeahhhhhh at the end. Cute little goat.

  • marina

    such confidence! Now I’m pumped!

  • NayBot

    LOL How adorable!

  • notconvincedgranny

    Oh Lord, I’m done for the day. He put heart and hooves into that, with a take that bish! look on his face.

  • nosrednakal

    LOL adorable (and I was served poots as a kid) lolz

  • letinstar

    baby goat stole my heart…

  • DameloSuave

    Anyone else hungry? No? Just me?