Owlman. One day these pranks are gonna get someone shot in the face


Soooooo this is a prank to help promote a new movie about …well… i dunno.. I assume it’s gonna be about some ol boolshyt designed to scare your genitals up into your gatdamn throat or something.

Here is the jist  of it all..

This haunting was set up by Scottish filmmaker Lawrie Brewster as promotion for his new movie, the appropriately titled Lord of Tears. He explains the planning that went into it:

“The St Mary’s Children’s Hospital prank was carefully set up over a period of several weeks, where we assessed how often visitors went to the hospital and what times they were most likely to appear.”

“Once we were confident that our unfortunate victims were most likely to appear during a certain day and time, we lay in wait.”

The video is a collection of what Brewster said were the “best reactions,” and you really do feel for the poor guy featured in the second clip—he huddles into the fetal position, awaiting death.

“The second reaction was the most primal and emotional and perhaps expresses the true terror we all hold in the face of the uncanny.”

“We had to stop the prank and escort the man from the ruined hospital and share with him some sandwiches and a flask of tea.” [source gawker

see… you know what? this is how bytches get shot in the face ass face.  Then again this is what happens when your stupid ass goes traipsing into God knows where for God knows why. White people I’m looking at you. ALways just…just traipsing n shyt.

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  1. Omelette! says

    You are surrounded by bricks and every possible variety of projectile and weapon and you sit down on your ass and cover your face. Really?

      • Omelette! says

        What? as in throw the big scary Owl Man out of it once you’ve kicked the shit out of him? That’s not the Scotland I know; those people are sober and able to apply their critical faculties.

  2. Micchi Dawn says

    Lets see here, flight or fight? This is easy! One way in and out, the offspring of the Slender man and Mr owl is blocking the door. I’d be going thru him!

  3. Sunnii Dae says

    The prankster should have killed the second dude just on GP. This is what comes from men shaving their pubes. We can’t have that crybaby shit spreading. Some gene pools need to dry up.
    Loved the little kick-step dude #3.

  4. says

    You can always tell a lot about who a person really is by their instinctual reaction: If I was the one with that bitch in the third one, our friendship might be over. She just left the guy there, didn’t try to warn him or have his back or anything.

      • says

        Heh, I knew someone would bring up that lame ass excuse! The cowards warning; wasn’t thinking of his ass at all, no screaming “run”, or his name, nothin’. Insufficient for the bravery needed to be my friend at least.

        • originalwharris says

          Lol – well then I guess we wouldn’t be friends. A scream should be sufficient to let you know something is wrong.

        • notconvincedgranny says

          Better a live coward than a dead friend. I’ll say nice things over your remains, tho.

          • 007diva says

            Thank you! Asses wasn’t supposed to be up in there anyway so that scream was alllll that was needed. How are you supposed to explain the dissappearance of said other person?

  5. Baegatha Christie says

    First guy…you gonna tell him to fuck off and then ask who it is? Word? That’s how you gonna get down?

  6. notconvincedgranny says

    “We had to stop the prank and escort the man from the ruined hospital and share with him some sandwiches and a flask of tea.”

    Tea. Yeah, that’ll get the shyt stains out ya pants.

    Why do I have more than a sneaking suspicion that if this happened to your average OHNawlian, s/he would be found picking her/his teeth with a wing feather?

    • Omelette! says

      Never underestimate the power of a nice cup of tea, it’s our equivalent of Bath Salts. I sometimes wonder if OHN isn’t a clandestine CIA experiment to train and recruit some kind of elite scorched-earth-anti-fuckery unit for the coming zombie apocalypse, and I wonder if the CIA really understands what it’s created?

  7. cake_and_pies says

    That one man in corner who resolved the fact he may die ? That’s me…my last thought would be that one day my Momma let me get a Happy Meal on a weekday and thinking that was a grand day before I died.

  8. Lately25 says

    I don’t know what was funnier, the video or the comments from all of you darn arses!… Either way, my tummy hurts from laughing, six pack here I come!