And in I was not ready news….

noooo-im-not-readySir Mix-a-Lot and the Seattle Symphony performing Baby Got Back

Check out the chick in the black dress…she is!

Apparently it is Beth's Job to get on Slaus's nerves.

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  • Fineazell1

    Why’d the asian girl move to the back when the music started…..

  • Unckle_Ruckus

    And the consensus says….Nobody listens to the lyrics.

    • Omelette!

      indeed, and the girl in black is a plant.

  • AshMi313

    Ole girl in the black looking like she auditioning for a video. …

    • Leo the Yardie Chick

      She was putting those twerk fitness classes to good use.

      • AshMi313

        She might have been going to the YouTube school of Twerk.

  • creegal


  • Troy Frazier

    20 years later, you can play this song in any club or bar and white girls will lose their minds. Hilarious shit.

  • Micchi Dawn

    That was … entertaining! Shake it!!

  • mrsrony

    Im not mad…CLEARLY this is baby-girls JAM!! You know when it comes on the radio in the car she acts a FOOOOLLLL!!

  • DB Ruberto

    This made my morning!

  • Tawana Reeves

    Not only did the symphony sound great but the girl in the black dress killed it.

    • DB Ruberto

      IKR! Loved how the cellos were all casual position, just handling it!

  • Les

    You KNOW black dress girl worked out those moves with several friends back in the day. They used to work it out in the club!

    • JustMe81

      Girl! And you know she practiced in the mirror the night before, thinking “ooh, Imma f*ck ‘em up tomorrow night!” lol

  • April ThebeautifulOne McCain

    Not a back was to be found on that stage…..

    • AshMi313

      Oh there was a lot of just back on that stage lol

      • DameloSuave

        Alllll backs…lol

  • notconvincedgranny

    For every one white girl saying “ugh,” there are three watching, seven taking notes and 20 trying out.

  • JediReturns

    “Fellas… YEAH!!!”

    Dayum! It’s true… even White boys got to shout. They sounded like they meant that too.

  • Sunnii Dae

    I don’t know how to process that.

  • Chocl8t

    I was so not ready for a stage full of white womenz shakin their booties!! LOL