Happy 40th Birthday Slaus!

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I tried to think of some elaborate post but I failed

Wish this punk a happy 40th Birthday!

Apparently it is Beth's Job to get on Slaus's nerves.


  1. Lo Kei says

    Happy Birthday Slaus… I got you a year subscription to Filipino Tranny Hardcore Weekly.

    You know…since you into that stuff.

    just saying

    Not judging you..

    well a little

    but not really.

  2. Cece Deams says

    I’on’t like you but Bef said she’d steal my favorite pair of shoes and my favorite purse so Bunk you! Happy 40th Birthday! You and Bef both stank!

      • Cece Deams says

        Probably let the puppy use them as chew toys! The horror! Wait… she ain’t nothing about the purse though!

  3. Caratime2 says

    Awwwww! Come on over here and let me give you some sugar! *smooch*
    Have a great day and an exciting year.

  4. ZeroFuxGiven says

    Happy Birthday Slaus, we wish you many more, because you have brought us much joy.

  5. says

    I’ve already wished you happy birthday a hundred times and even posted a video on your FB so I’ll just ::booty jaggles::

  6. iamtmonie says

    Happy birthday Slausy!!!!! Much love and appreciation to you, bruh. More than you know.

  7. HappyStina says

    Happiest of days to you Slaus!! I’m glad you were bornded!! Seriously though, I wish you the best birthday ever!

  8. LT_Moore says

    Happy Birthday Chief Ashy Knees, noble leader of the Roller Bear tribe. Have a great day!

  9. JustSlaus says

    Awwwww thanks everyone! I am seriously humbled by all of your love n shyt.
    : sniff sniff :: i just.. just….. fugg yall, all yall those in the back y’all? even those hoes, y’all….

    • Beffa says

      you should have never sent it to me….I have it on my phone, both laptops, a flash drive…I will never lose it! lmao