Love and marriage after 50+ years (NSFW language)


*in tears*

Apparently it is Beth's Job to get on Slaus's nerves.

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  1. Jessica L. Davis says

    “Ol’ beetle azz muthafugga”


  2. AshMi313 says

    I dont think I couldve been in that car with them. I’d have tucked and rolled at some point cause I would not be able to handle that. LMAO! I needed that laugh the is morning though….

  3. Hautie says

    Is anyone else using Firefox, having problems seeing the embedded things? I am going to have to download Chrome and see if that solves my issues… because I detest IE too much to see if that will solve my problem… :)

    • DameloSuave says

      I’m using Firefox now & I don’t have an issue, but I can’t see embedded videos when I try to view from my iPad – hope that helps.

    • vanessa197676 says

      Firefox was a system hog. I switched to Chrome a while ago and never looked back.

  4. Unckle_Ruckus says

    And we still together. … Anyone remember that skit from In Living Color?