Sibling battles – Shyt is real when the hamster gets pooped on.


Siblings. Can’t get rid of them, can’t shoot them in the face.

Well you aren’t supposed to do that, bytch but hey.. do you.

This is a note a mom got from one of her children complaining about the fact the other child stuck a barbie doll’s head their own ass.  Now.. I’m not a child psychologist or psychiatrist but I think it’s safe to say that if one of your children are running around shoving dolls heads up their own ass well……. yo child is nasty, bytch. You’ve got a nasty ass kid.



get these damn kids some hugs.. some discipline…. some cottonelle brand flushable wipes, shyt.

I wouldn’t touch SHYT these kids touched. Lil ass-riddled fingers of fuggary….

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  • Leo the Yardie Chick

    Hey, at least she notified management in writing before she took action!

    Also, thank God, Jesus, Buddha and all the saints that my mother kept me an Only Child. Amen.

    • ToodySezHey

      .I got nothing. As an only child I can’t relate

    • JustMe81

      Being an only child definitely has its perks.

    • AshMi313

      Once notification has been made and nothing is done all bets are off… but in questioning what she did to him to make him stick Barbie up his butt.

  • Omelette!

    Misty water coloured memories… my Hamster drowned.

    • AshMi313

      What. In. All. The. F***S?????

      • Omelette!

        We had a lot of pets; shit happened. They also eat each other.

        • AshMi313

          So your house was its own Pet Sematary?

          • Omelette!

            Rabbits are nasty. IJS. Most things lived.

    • nosrednakal

      My condolences, damn – as much as I kid-loved all my pets (who “ran away” according to my parents) I feel your pain

      • Omelette!

        I was the Rose Kennedy of the pet world.

    • Just _ trini

      I’m dying over here lmaoooo what in all the trillion ways you can use f#$ ks were you doing to these animals lmaooo
      I am can’t evening right now

      • Just _ trini

        Every single one floated away like

      • Omelette!

        It wasn’t me, it was fate! Most of them lived (well no, all of them died eventually, but you know what I mean).

  • Valerie
  • AshMi313

    Im an only child so I didnt have to worry about the sibling stuff. …

  • Nerdprincess

    Wow. I don’t think I ever ruined anything that belonged to my sister, but I had her azz believing she was adopted. You know, minor emotional scarring like that. :P

    • Omelette!

      I wish I’d thought of that. I used to pretend I was dying unless i got one of her candies. She’d be sobbing.

  • CaspercutieSTL

    What happened to putting each other in headlocks?!

  • notconvincedgranny

    I’m one of seven siblings. That’s quite enough, thank you.

  • Unckle_Ruckus

    In his defense,
    (Sing along) The Barbie doll was swimming in the water…..she wanted to see where the bubbles came frooooommmmm……..The barbie doll got stuck, the barbie doll got stuck.

    • AshMi313

      We’re going to need you to go see the same psychiatrist he’s being sent to.

      • Unckle_Ruckus

        Is it my fault I remember my 80’s?

        • AshMi313


  • Sunnii Dae

    “Da Fuq is this kid ’bout to do?” “I know this mugg-fugga ain’t fittin to……..”

    • nosrednakal

      R O F L

  • Micchi Dawn

    Really who even thinks to poop on a doll and worse who thinks to poop on a hamster. These brats need an exorcist!

    • Leo the Yardie Chick

      Straight up, “I will shyt on everything you hold dear.”

  • Chocl8t

    Baby girl is NOT about that life!! Charlie’s hamster will have to pay the price!!! LOLOL

  • letinstar

    I have two younger brothers…every doll i’ve ever had has been beheaded…

  • nosrednakal

    HA! I AM HOLLERING my brother defiled all my dolls when we were kids & thank god our gun was never loaded, cause…he sure wouldn’t have no face LOL