What would you do? Stupid things I see on Facebook Edition

What_Would_You_Do_logoSo y’all know social media is a cesspool of foolishness. My eyes get assaulted on the regular.

I belong to a few groups on facebook one being just full of I don’t know what. Anyway, this was posted in there today and I thought you know why not share this with OHN cause you know sharing is caring.

Question... Hypothetically speaking...you dating a guy for about 9months vibe is right, y'all feeling and he a all around food guy. Never knew he had kids, then you come across this picture...what's ya next move?

Question… Hypothetically speaking…you dating a guy for about 9months vibe is right, y’all feeling and he a all around food guy. Never knew he had kids, then you come across this picture…what’s ya next move?

This pic has been floating around my timeline on facebook for a few days now. The comments I’ve seen have been quite interesting.

He proposes and he presents you with this ring and you.......?

He proposes and he presents you with this ring and you…….?

So what would you do in both of these situations?

Apparently it is Beth's Job to get on Slaus's nerves.

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  1. AshMi313 says

    Well ummmm first pic RUN!!! We can be friends, but thats alot of kids. But first I’d make sure they’re his. And I’d be more upset that if they are his and he didn’t claim them to me.

    The second one. Love is not supposed to be about size. But, if you’re with someone to the point of marriage you know their monetary situation and their limitations. I just hope I could hide my disappointment lol

  2. cake_and_pies says

    1. Leave for two reasons.
    A) You done spun some big ole Charlotte’s Web-type lies to keep that get Antonio Cromartie-sized secret.
    B) I am convinced that a man with that many children will have at least one child who will yell “You Ain’t My Mammy” and hit me upside the head with a rock like Harpo did to Miss Celie.
    2. Put it on my finger and keep it moving.

    • AshMi313 says

      Them babies got some big ole heads too… not trying to mess up my nether region pushing that out. Maybe that’s why he would hide them. Women see those heads and wouldn’t want to have a baby by him.

    • nosrednakal says

      Dangit I know I’m late but, that Cromartie reference had me in a trance for like 6 seconds ROFL

  3. Cula J. says

    HOLD IT. How would you not know that this guy has kids, during that hypothetical 9 months of dating? Especially that many?

  4. HappyStina says

    14 and counting!!! Ugh! I know he better be keeping up with that child support! The ring….::shrug:: as long as your happy it doesn’t even matter!

    • cake_and_pies says

      If you have more kids than numbers expressed in this song….we have a problem.

  5. Vernita Mechelle Brown says

    Dude with the kids… Naw Nope!
    The ring I would be kinda insulted that he didn’t just go with a gold band. Diamonds are the biggest hoax going. People will fall for the strangest things.

  6. mrsrony says

    Only way you get 9 months…or 9 hours without knowing dude has kids is he purposely leaves that VITAL information out and/or he has nothing much to do with them. Either way..nope..you lied…omitted…and I cant even begin to want to untangle the weave of mamas and drama. Im not the one.

    2nd. Call me what you want to BUT any man getting ready to ask for MY hand better know me well enough to know my standards of care and carats….and that aint it. That is a perfectly acceptable ring for many a women…and not a thing wrong with it. But my man better know ME better.

  7. originalwharris says

    The first pic – I’m gone! All his money is going to child support. My child is grown and I don’t plan on having any more, so I expect my man to spoil me. The second pic – I don’t even like to wear rings, so I’d be cool with that little thing.

  8. vanessa197676 says

    I would ask the man about any children upfront. A few, fine, but I can’t handle that many.

    As for the ring, Tiffany’s makes beautiful thick silver bands. I’d rather have one of those as an engagement ring than that diamond ring and they would probably cost the same.

  9. Leo the Yardie Chick says

    1. Hell naw.

    2. You’re marrying him, not the ring. If he’s a great man who has his finances together (NOTE: I did not say ‘rich’; that’s a different matter), then go forth and wed. If the ring size bothers you that much, then sit this one out.

  10. Sunnii Dae says

    First pic.
    You coaching Little League?
    Running a daycare? No?
    Welp, best of luck in future endeavors. DEUCES!! (and by the way, that was an echo)
    Second pic
    As long as knew his financial sitch beforehand, I wouldn’t trip.

  11. notconvincedgranny says

    1. Are you the payor, or the payee, of the support?
    2. I don’t care about engagement rings. The “I wanna” ring is nice; the “we did it” ring is better.

  12. Les says

    First pic…
    My BIGGEST issue with it (because I have many) is that most of these kids look like they are the same age, and I’m pretty sure there are no quints in this picture. There are at LEAST 3 baby-mommas who gave birth around 3 or 4 months apart. You cared nothing about your penile health, so you don’t care about my health either.
    Second pic…
    Do we have okay credit? Do we have a job and living in our own apartment/house? Then I have no problem with this ring. Why should I? Mine now total 2cts (engagement ring and wedding band). Not that big of a deal.

    • Leo the Yardie Chick says

      “There are at LEAST 3 baby-mommas who gave birth around 3 or 4 months apart.”

      Yup! At least 6 of those children look like they share a birth year. Double Hell Naw!

  13. Mr. After Dark says

    That ring looks like a diamond shaving.

    And with the top guy, buy a farm and teach those kids to plow, run power lines and go solar.

  14. Unckle_Ruckus says

    Photo number two: It’s not the size of the ring, but the size of devotion. Vanessa Bryant got a giant rock on her hand, how’s that working out for her?

  15. nosrednakal says

    Like, why am I doing Call & Response whenever Beth posts? “Do what, now? For who? With a what? Bish, BYE!” You know how to tell a story & I’m gone go ‘head and presume this one is rhetorical…cause I’ve got zero intelligent thoughts. And I – he wouldn’t get that far because I cyber stalks my dudes and stuff..in the beginning. I’d know more of his kids than he did.

  16. guitargrrrl76 says

    For that first picture, I’d give him a nope for each one of those kids and then hit the door and go straight to the clinic to get myself checked out.
    Regarding the ring…I’d be fine if someone loved me enough to want to put any ring on it. I don’t need anything big. It’d just cover my knuckle tattoos.