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this fool

Hey, we are all for you doing the celebratory dance following a long four years of bustin’ your butt in high school. You probably really pushed the limits in your senior year, repeating those classes where your grades really sucked; and burning the midnight oil cramming for those finals.

So of course you’re going to go a bit crazy when graduation day comes and they call your name:

Quintin Levon Murphy!

You do a gallant trot up to the front like a proud stallion. Once you reach the stage, you accept your hard-earned diploma and shake the hand of a very studious looking administrator. You turn to acknowledge the cheering audience of your peers and your family.

You’re thinking “Wow! This totally rocks!” Then, in a moment of sheer excitement and joy you…

(Sound of screeching car here)

Take off your clothes?

Uh oh.

Well, once you see the video you’ll realize it didn’t necessarily go down like that.

But Murphy, who is on his way to the University of North Carolina-Pembroke to play football in September, did whip off his purple grad robe and struck a pose that no one will soon forget.

Needless to say, the man calling names was discombobulated!

Wearing only leopard print skivvies, socks and of course, shoes, Murphy is seen raising his hands in the air like he just don’t care…until a uniformed officer came and promptly escorted him from the arena.

On the YouTube video you can hear the audience catcalling and cheering him on.

And the speaker trying to regain control of the audience.

An embarrassed Frank Till, superintendent of the Cumberland County School District, said Thursday that Murphy wouldn’t get to keep his diploma, NBC station WNCN of Raleigh reported.


I would beat my son’s ass if he tried this mess!!

But I don’t think this child should get his diploma taken from him. He earned that.

What do you think OHN?

Apparently it is Beth's Job to get on Slaus's nerves.


  1. mrsrony says

    Call Levitz & Assoc. My insurance should be good for his 6-9 months of physical therapy. He’ll only be a year behind once he gets to college. I will see yall at his next graduation in 5-7 yrs….maybe earlier if I get good behavior.

  2. Phil Barron says

    Was it over the top? Yeah
    Should he be disciplined? Probably, but he isn’t the school boards problem anymore. He did his time, graduated and is going to college in the fall. Let the boy act a damn fool for 2 mins.

  3. AshMi313 says

    Man every graduating high school class has that one fool. We had silly string, balloons, beach balls, etc etc and one of my classmates did the dance Ginuwine did from the So Anxious video umbrella and all. Give that boy his diploma and keep it moving. At least he had underwear on.

  4. cake_and_pies says

    I’m disappointed he didn’t yell “Jimmy Got Soul!” Give the young lad his diploma.

  5. says

    They are seriously not giving him his diploma? I don’t see what effect taking off ones clothes in celebration, have to do with the academic bullshit he had to put up with to get said diploma. Stripping to his underwear just isn’t a big deal to me. Now if he went completely nude, then yeah, over the top. But still should not affect him getting his diploma.

    Actually, anything he could have done on that stage, should affect his completed accomplishments. Unless he said he cheated his way there and had proof or something.

  6. notconvincedgranny says

    They keep the keepsake; the transcript still shows he graduated. Too bad he would also graduate from LIFE, because I would beat his tiny square ass for as long as I could find it. All those years of sweat and training, and you still end up silly. Nope. Not even nopealicious. Just nope.

  7. Sunnii Dae says

    Folks need to stop acting like graduating from high school is the pinnacle accomplishment of life. Was it REALLY that difficult? Are you THAT stupid, lazy, or so generally incompetent, that making it through 12 grades (and kindergarten) WASN’T seen as realistic goal? Nobody in your life, including you, had enough confidence in you that they could just assume you would graduate without some divine intervention?

    • Beffa says

      yea you are going way left of center with all of this

      it is an accomplishment…add to the fact that most school districts these days are not only requiring you to make through all 12 grades but on top of that you have to pass some standardized BS test…and if you do not pass that test YOU DO NOT GRADUATE! Even if you have a 4.0

      so it is an accomplishment…I hate that people are all of a sudden trying to diminish that fact.

  8. nosrednakal says

    Oh they would give me my son’s micky-ficky diploma. Call 1-800-LAWYERS bump that. This YouTube generation needs to start thinking AHEAD. Life does go on.

  9. marina says

    Best believe my son will be getting his diploma because he earned it. But there will be tears on that stage as he apologized for embarrassing the hell out of me.

  10. says

    Ok seriously…what are they going to prove by not giving him his diploma? The punushment doesnt even fit the crime (as if most pynishments fit the crime when black american men are involved…not going to go there right now). He partially ruined your boring a$$ ceremony so you get back at him by ruinung his entire future? Say that out loud to yourself and tell me it dosent sound rediculous…I’ll wait…Dumb right? Make him pay a fine…community service…hell make his a$$ clean the theatre in those tight a$$ shorts after everyone leaves…but dont ruin his chances in life over some teenage prank BS…

  11. JustMe81 says

    His mama should have walked right up on that stage with a belt and popped his ass good in front of all those people.