So heffas are firing Missiles into cars n shyt

This is how I know I’m the only sane person in all of the blogosphere. This is how I Know.

Everyone is commenting on the fact this crazy bytch has the greatest Crazy Bytch name in all of ever….

I mean… first of all it’s Florida. If a bytch was named Dynosaurus DIcklicks and their ID said: FLorida, I wouldn’t even Question it. Or FLint Michigan… I wouldn’t question shyt from Flint Michigan.

What I DO know is that you can’t expect shyt positive from a bytch named: Crystal Metheney.


But what we need to focus on is the fact that  A BYTCH SHOT A GATDAMN MISSILE INTO A CAR! WHO THE FUCK SHOOTS MISSLES INTO CARS. ONLY bytches who do some crazy shyt like that are soldiers or mufuggas with a Decepticon Logo on their chest ass chest.  So if she isn’t an Insurgent or a Bytch name isn’t Megetronisha, I need to know why rockety projectile were fired into an…an anything.   Bytch wasn’t doing battles with DInobots!! WHY were missles being fired!!!

I got questions.

But i guess i shouldn’t question shyt by a heffa named Crystal Metheney.

What the fuck is next? Rolla Blunt? Crack Pipeson. Puff Puff Givenigga?



…… Nawl y’all.

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    • AshMi313 says

      I was wondering the same thing. Then I figured maybe they didn’t take any dna samples from her. At least I hope that’s what it is.

  1. ThatDamnPaul says

    Crystal Metheny HAS to be an alias. And she definitely looks like ‘Yeah I shot that fucker with a missile. Whutchugonnadoboutit, beeyotch?

  2. SY says

    So… she shot a missile into a car and was released 2 days later? Am I the only one who sees something wrong with that part? The Crystal meth part explains it all… it is in her name of course she crazy as hell

  3. Phil Barron says

    Megatronisha…. I’m gonna hope nobody thinks that a good idea.
    WHERE, do you get a missile?

    • Sunnii Dae says

      Yess!!! Where da fugg a bitch named Crystal Metheney get a fuggin missile from? Where you gonna lay down ID with THAT name on it, and they just say “Paper or plastic?” Oh wait, its FL.

  4. notconvincedgranny says

    It’s Florida. And Edward Cocaine had already had his charges dropped, otherwise there would have been a party down South.

  5. nosrednakal says

    Slaus needs to create a screen name generator because somehow, some way I WILL call myself “Dynosaurus DIcklicks” with pride. Brilliant. I just shot my trail mix out my nose.