Ever watch an old favorite movie and think WTF was I thinking….

movie-nightYea that happened to me the other day. Waiting to Exhale was on and I LOVE that movie.

waitingtoexhaleI’m sitting there enjoying Bernadine, Robin, Savannah and Gloria’s dysfunctional lives when I started really noticing some fuck shit.

all of the women being stereotypical black women and having an issue with Bernadine’s husband’s mistress being white.

there’s a touch of homophobia when Gloria finds out her baby daddy is gay complete with the use of homosexual slurs.

Then there is the blatant disregard to the sanctity of marriage. Not only does Bernadine have an affair, Savannah is having one and Robin, bless her heart, has an affair and gets pregnant by the dude. Savannah’s mother basically telling Savannah she’s stupid for finally kicking the married man to the curb that old woman got on my nerves!

I honestly think if this movie were made in 2014 there would be “social media outrage” over some of the things in this movie.

But then again it does have this scene which just negates all of the above….

So have you ever watched an old favorite movie recently and thought WTF was I thinking liking this movie?

Apparently it is Beth's Job to get on Slaus's nerves.

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  1. Lo Kei says

    Well mine wasnt a movie, but a tv series. I had issues with Smallville.

    WHY DA FUCK over however many season that shit was on, that wuss ass Clark Kent didnt know he could fly until the last 7 mins of the series finale? This bitch running like “Flash” all over Metropolis? I’m like “BITCH YOU CAN FLY!! UP UP AND AWAY!!! WTF YOU RUNNING FOR?!?!?!?”

    I was heated! Bitch ass just RUN up in a room with kryptonite in it. Then talk about “ohhhh I feel weak. Im going to faint”.

    Fucking Smallville wuss as superman. AND Lois bitch slapped his ass a few times.

  2. Omelette! says

    This has never happened to me because frankly, I have consistently excellent taste. I shall observe and learn.

  3. SY says

    Dirty Dancing… Like seriously… It would have been all kinds of pedophile protests… How would Baby, 16 & Patrick Swayze was supposed to be what ???? Over 18 and that is all that matters!

  4. cake_and_pies says

    It was moreso a song–Bel Biv Devoe’s “Do me”

    “Before I make sweet love

    Backstage, under age, adolescent”

    Do what now?

    • notconvincedgranny says

      Listen to Mama’s Pearl:

      You send cold chills up and down my spine
      We kiss for thrills, then you draw the line oh baby (oh baby)
      Cause your mama told you that love ain’t right
      But don’t you know that lovin’ is the spice of life, yeah.

      Mama’s pearl, let down those curls
      Let me give my love a whirl
      Find what you been missing (what you been missing)
      Ooh ooh now baby
      Goody girl, let down those curls
      Let me give your heart a twirl
      Don’t keep me wishin’ (keep me wishin’)

      Michael was all of 13. Of course, now he’d be considered a late bloomer.

  5. iamtmonie says

    I do this all the time with music but can’t recall any lyrics right now.

    But I’ve experienced that with the Bible.

    For example, I’ve read Genesis 19 multiple times. But a few years ago, it dawned on me that some pure fuggery was going on in verse 5-9. ALL the dudes in Sodom and Gomorrah surrounded Lot’s house and were like Yo Lot. We saw you had some guests up in your crib that look mighty tasty to us. Bring them out so we can fugg. THEN LOT SAYS Nah, you can’t have my guests. But I have two virgin daughters that you can do what you like with. O.o

    Then the mob was like, You ain’t from these parts, we don’t roll like that. Bring ’em out or we’ll give you the D too.

    For reals!?!?

    • Honey_Dipt says

      OMG!! My bestie and I were talking about this and he said EXACTLY the same thing…. iHowled then and am howling now.

    • Boo Radley says

      BRUH!!! Don’t even get me started. I’m sitting in church like “Sister Esther…you don’t hear this?!! Oh, you too busy being mad that the new chick’s arm’s ain’t covered. Ok, I’m sleep.”

  6. Demetria Parks says

    Lots of ’em. Even The Professional, one of my favs, isn’t perfect. There are definitely some pedo vibes going on. ( and apparently Gary Oldman is a prick in real life.) But Waiting to Exhale was always corny to me. The best part was when she slapped the dog shot out of her husband’s mistress. That part used to upset one of my white gfs. Lol.

      • says

        I think the pedo vibe was intentional with that movie. I even get creepy vibes when I see grown women in movies with a love interest that’s *way* too old (like he could be their grandpa). Prime example: Liam Neeson and January Jones in Unknown. So skeeved out >_<

  7. msjess says

    I agree with you on Waiting to Exhale, but remember it was 1995 and we just stopped wearing Cross Colors LOL. But WTO did have some funny parts too.

    “Does he think he just did something here? Shit, I coulda had a V-8. ”

    Remember when drunk Troy said, “You black bitches are all the same. Y’all always complaining about how nobody don’t want your ass, don’t nobody know how to treat ya! Then you meet a man, a brother, with genuine interest in ya, and you gotta act simple. Then you wonder why we date white women. ”

    If that mofo said that now, we would be in a serious social media outrage.
    I loved that movie too and you brought up some good points Beth.

    • Beffa says

      LOL why did something like that happen to me a few years ago…

      This dude was being extremely pushy and I was not feelin’ him….my niece said watch him text you: “you black bitches” and dammit if he didn’t LOL

      we would have a social media outrage but I’ve seen dudes say something similar maybe not adding the white women part but the you black bitches always complaining..I see it a lot to be honest…

      • msjess says

        And those same individuals are probably the “leather in summer time wearing” type too! LOL

      • Juno says

        Someone gave me the “why we date white women speech” once. I told him “They can have you.” He spoke to me in foul terms and got madder when I started laughing in his face. He was not ready.

        • Beffa says

          unfortunately where I live it is very common for a black man to tell a black woman why they only date white women…. *sigh*

          • Juno says

            That’s everywhere. Some of the best people in the world come from interracial love. Unfortunately the knuckleheads who say these things and the women who settle for them harm the statistics.

  8. Zuly says

    I watched this movie for the first time recently, and I really had a problem with all the cheating going on like it was nothing, so I didn’t like it.

    I don’t think I’ve had this experience with a movie but I’ve definitely had it with books.

  9. doneinthedark says

    Beverly Hills 90210. Like what was wrong with me liking that show so much? They were incestuous, ridiculous and just a plain old unsupervised mess. And the episode where Brandon and the black dude from Compton made friends and brought the schools together for a dance. The WORST rendition of the Electric Slide ever executed took place in that episode. And the whole Valerie story arc–really?? But I HAD to watch that thing.

    • Unckle_Ruckus says

      All I remember was Kelly, smashed all the Homies. Except for David, by marriage default.

  10. doneinthedark says

    And that song Too Close by Next. The beat was so slinky but what in the world was I singing? When I finally paid attention to the lyrics … I have plenty of WTF moments like this, like what was a thinking liking that so much?!

  11. Djodeci Unsanged says

    No go back and watch allllllllllllllll them black films and you’ll understand why I was so mad at us in Think like Man Too…

    On to the list:
    Howard The Duck
    Spawn ( dragged my dad to the theater at 12AM to see this on my friggin birthday, what a bratty piece of ish I was)
    Ghostbusters 2.. (sorry not sorry, Vito)
    Die hard 5.. in the theater, all it’s terrible was amazing, but at home where u can do other sh*t instead of watch crappy movies, it completely sucks!
    Blade ( all of them… sorry Wesley)
    Con Air ( I still think it’s Nick Cage’s best film, but he’s still bad in it with that country ass accent and his dumb wife who’s on Parenthood now)
    Rush Hour ( all of them, again.. I hate those movies now)
    300 (might be the most overrated painted abs on screen of all time)
    BATMAN!!!!! AND BATMAN RETURNS!! (if I EVER hear another person say Burton’s films are better than Nolan’s I’m smacking with a chair.. Michael Keaton’s batman film are goofy as shit and they don’t make any sense when you actually pay attention, especially the 2nd one. The 2nd is outrageously silly)
    All of Sam Raimi’s Spider-man films… Then again, people think Evil Dead 1 and 2 are great horror films.. yea okay

  12. Les says

    Rocky 4 came on the other day, and I turned to it because I remembered that was my favorite Rocky.
    There is hardly ANY dialog in the whole movie, the final fight is ridiculously stupid, and there was one early music scene where Rocky was remembering Apollo… it was like 10 minutes long for absolutely NOTHING!

      • Les says

        You have to admit it wasn’t as good as when we were younger. That was my FAVORITE Rocky!! All l could think was “what was I thinking” through the entire movie.

        • Beffa says

          nope I get really hyped with Rocky 1-4….I just watched them all a couple of months ago. LOVE the movies!

  13. iamtmonie says

    How rapey are these lyrics?

    “Love Won’t Let Me Wait”

    I need to have you next to me in more ways than one

    And I refuse to leave till I see the mornin’ sun

    The time is right, you hold me tight

    And love’s got me high

    Please tell me, ‘Yes’ and don’t say, ‘No’

    Honey, not tonight

    Move a little close to me, you owe it to yourself

    And I will selfishly take a little for myself

    And it’s because of you

    That love won’t let me wait

    Yeah, yeah

    The time is right, turn down the lights

    And take my hand, ooh, ooh, yeah

    We’ll take a flight and spend the night

    In Wonderland

    And I need to have you next to me in more ways than one

    And I refuse to leave till I see the mornin’ sun

    Creep through your window pane

    Because love won’t let me wait

    Not another minute

    Ooh… ooh… ooh… yeah… yeah…

    And I need your love so desperately and only you can set me free

    When I make to you, we’ll explode in ecstasy

    And I won’t take the blame

    That love won’t let me wait

    Love won’t, no, no, no

    Love won’t, no, no, no

    No, no, no, no

    (Love won’t let me wait)

    Yeah… yeah…

    Love won’t

    I said

    (Love won’t let me wait)

    My baby

    My temperature’s risin’, ooh

    (Love won’t let me wait) Won’t let me

    Not another minute

    (Love won’t let me wait) Won’t let me

    Baby, baby

    (I can’t wait) I can’t wait (I can’t wait) I can’t wait, I can’t wait (I can’t wait)

    I can’t wait, no, no, no, can’t wait

    (Wait) No way, no way, no, no, no, no

    No way, no way, no, no

    (Doo… ooh…) Ooh… ooh… ooh… ooh… ooh… yeah

    (Wait) I can’t wait not another minute

    Not another minute (I can’t wait, I can’t wait) I’ll be there (I can’t wait) yes, I will

    I’ll be there

    (Wait) Comin’, I’m comin’, I’m comin’

    Hold on, I’m comin’, I’m comin’, I’m comin’

    (Ooh… ooh…) I can’t wait, can’t wait

    I can’t wait, can’t wait

    No way, no way, no way, no, no

    No, no, no, no

    (Wait) Ooh… yeah… ooh… ooh…

    (I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait)


    • DameloSuave says

      Cuz it was Luther, no one paid attention – we knew he didn’t really like the ladies…but dang

        • Les says

          No ladies in this one OR Let Me Hold You Tight. That is the most down low-est song EVER! He was letting everyone and no one know he was not into women.

        • DameloSuave says

          He…doesn’t mention ladies in a lot of his lyrics; it’s baby, honey…occasionally a ‘girl’ makes it through

    • Beffa says

      ummm Luther didn’t write this song nor was he the first or last to record it….

      • iamtmonie says

        You’re right. I remember now. This is the song with the way too realistic moaning in it. Still rapey tho.

      • Omelette! says

        …and the be honest, Diana wasn’t really “Coming Out” and Aretha never felt like “A Natural Woman”, Carole King and Gerry Goffin did…
        Man, woman or small family pet; Luther could make your heart sing.

  14. DameloSuave says

    I have these moments when I go back to some of my favorite movies like Last Dragon, Krush Groove, etc., but mostly w/music & moments from my childhood where I realize what I really heard/saw…

    I’m still convinced Guy called this girl a ‘dumb b—‘ in this song:

  15. Omelette! says

    OK, thought of one. I’m not entirely comfortable dancing to this nowadays…

      • Omelette! says

        Yeah! Guilty feet have got no rhythm ALLEGEDLY
        (that’s a man with time on his hands and he’s not dead Les!)
        How did we get here?
        Why has this turned into the paedo-pop thread?
        Those filthy Supremes! BABY LOVE?

        • Les says

          LMBO! I was thinking more along the pedo lines than the dead celeb lines.
          Guess if we think WTF about the songs we used to (and still) jam to…

      • DameloSuave says

        Given his sexuality, I’m thinking he might have a NAMBLA membership, no?

  16. Juno says

    Charmed. Never missed an episode but just went back to watching it on Netflix and it is amazingly cheesy.

  17. says

    Movie trailers, some knowledge of the movie director and an occasional review has never failed in letting me avoid any movie that I would be mad as hell for paying good money to see in theaters. The vast internet (or TV) is where I do my terrible movie watching if I so choose.