Your most hated double standards- who benefits most from them more. Men or Women

I’ve noticed lots of talk this week here at OHN and within many other areas on social media where people are addressing lots of concerns with double standards. Hobby Lobby wins a landmark case allowing them to refuse to cover all female contraception but male procedures are covered fully. I write a piece on why I believe: “Like a Girl” is insulting- dudes claim i’m supporting double Standards that benefit women and that it isn’t fair.

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Now I was once told by one of my favourite behavioural psych professors some  hilariously sad but factual truths about human beings and double standards.

1). Long as we have human beings, we will have double standards.
2). Human beings love double standards.
3). Human beings loathe double standards that don’t benefit them.

The third one i’ve found to be the absolute and utmost truth of truths that ever was a truth that did truthy things.

For every dude that complains about the fact there is a double standard that women get away with, that same guy is nae likely to speak disparagingly to those double standard that keep he and his ilk empowered.

For every woman who’s ire is raised over something men benefit from, will be less likely to feel the same about her own privileges.

Interestingly enough, each side claims the other has far too many double standards that benefit those sides greatly.

I wonder if that is true…. do men have more double standards that benefit them than women or no way.

What are some of your most hated male vs female double standards?


When not responding to the dictate:" Will the Defendant Please Rise.." CEO and Creator of OHN;Slaus, is a comic illustrator and Social Media whore who spends his free time building legos, playing video games, drawing fantasy characters and being abused by his wife, two sons and cat.

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  1. SY says

    My most hated, yet will be enforced double standard is – WHEN IT COMES TO SEX, my boys have to rules, no means no and ALWAYS ALWAYS wrap it up. My daughter, can’t do it until she is 30… and married, and maybe not even then.
    I work in the engineering field so the most often double standard I get is when people see me work they assume I am in admin, when I tell them that I designed the controls for the oil rig they don’t believe me. I am often having to prove my work and my design are up to par. Not tripping, I am the shit! 😉

      • SY says

        I rather there be no standard. I have never understood it. Even less so as a parent, because I intend to uphold this particular standard. But that is thinking of hoping to save my daughter some heartbreak about giving it up to some random dude only to be heartbroken… But that is yet another double standard, that girls are emotional and weaker than men. *Shrug* it is a cluster…

    • Boo Radley says

      Completely unrelated, but would you be interested in mentoring an aspiring Petroleum Engineering student? She is looking for one to shadow for a day, but could really just use some insight on what the job is like day-to-day.

  2. Turk Dickerson says

    I love discussions about there not being enough female CEOs. Ever notice how you never hear “There aren’t enough female coal miners, oil rig workers, or truck drivers?”

    • Omelette! says

      That may be why I developed an obsession with “Ice Road Truckers’ and Lisa Kelly; I was fascinated by her story.

    • Boo Radley says

      Let me be the first to complain to you that there aren’t enough female oil rig workers, then. You have no idea what it feels like to get passed over for fabulous opportunities constantly in favor of men who make twice your pay but have half of your knowledge– simply because the underlying attitude is that “offshore is no place for a girl.”

      • says

        Did you ever stop to think that maybe just maybe it also has to do with you being the only woman off shore on a rig and the company doesn’t want to risk your safety. Safety as in one of those men decides it’s time you give up some booty and you don’t want to then the company is liable for not providing a safe working environment and you get to sue them for millions. If I was your supervisor, just for the sake of never having to worry about that aspect of my job being in jeopardy cause of the action of others I would never send you. And if I was the owner/ CEO of the company ummm yeah you’d be in a lab in a bunker under armed guard by Unics with a panic button around you neck tied directly to the muthafuggin police SUV department.

        • Boo Radley says

          I’ve taken a minute to think about this…and it appears you’re saying that my career is being deliberately limited due to the doubly sexist presupposition that 1) I can’t protect myself and 2) All/Most men are rapey douchebags.

          • says

            I am saying that it is a possibility, maybe even a very strong one. You have to understand there are people who do risk assessments for large corporations on how to cut corners on preventing situations they could be put into potentially damaging situations by employees being douchebags.

            I’m not saying you don’t know how to “defend yourself’ what I am saying as a business owner, that is just one headache I don’t even want to have to worry about. Fugg your career and or advancement if it has even a .01 percent chance of causing me any financial problems like getting sued cause you got harassed or worse rapey ass mc-raped.

            • Boo Radley says

              I understand, but by that logic, women shouldn’t join the military, post office, or any other traditionally male-dominated field, because of the potential of being assaulted… I disagree.

              Coincidentally, I *AM* one of the people who do Risk Assessments for major corporations.

  3. iamtmonie says

    Nothing irritates me more than the protection of the Almighty Penis and it’s total functionality while female reproductive systems are left to the discretion of holders of said peni.

    With all the activity around abortion and making illegal and not covered by insurance, similar activity, on the opposite spectrum, needs to happen around fertility. InVitro and other methods of conception need to be covered by insurance.

  4. Karl Kdsmooth Day says

    one of my DS i hate is “sexual harassment”! women get away with MURDER! rubbing on your arms, rubbing their mammaries against you, or the onion, touching mens legs, or whatever…..if we can accept that sometimes the wrong ones are going to like you & deal nicely with them….then so can yall!!!! (except for stalker activity) especially those ladies that make sure they have lil booties viable on their chess, sheer tops on, or skin tight pants. (can you say camel toe) you knew & want us looking thats why you wore it like that!

    • Les says

      I agree. Women can get away with whistling at men, you can have a half naked man on a show and women are screaming and cat-calling… but let there be a half naked woman and a man cat-call.. everyone would be up in arms claiming sexism and whatever else they can claim.

    • says

      I joked about the women harassing men thing like most guys until a secretary down the hall decided she wa s going to seduce me in plain sight. she rubbed up on me every chance she got until one day she just grabbed my reproductive tools and said “this is sexual harassment, and you shouldn’t have to take this in the work place.” Yet this same women would go on tirades when men would talk th her breasts… which were always open to conversation.

  5. says

    A man has to be decisive at all times, but it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. So you have a right to be wrong, and if you’re wrong your still right if you changed your mind. And if I do what you ask and you change your mind, I’m the problem. LOL… it’s kinda funny… except when its not. The Bible says a double minded man is unstable in all his ways. That goes for women too. IJS.

  6. notconvincedgranny says

    When a woman does stereotypically male things, and vice versa, is considered brave and wonderful. If a (1) single dad (2) combs his daughter’s hair and (3) actually talks and pays attention to her, it’s AMAZING! When women do it, it’s ho hum. If a woman (1) drives like a pro and (2) maintains her car, it’s an OMG! moment. A man is considered less than a man if he doesn’t (or can’t).

    Women can wear skirts OR pants. House Mother Kanye in that leather skirt? Fix it, Jesus.

    A man who is swift, decisive and does not display emotion is a titan, a master of the universe; a woman, a bitch who can’t handle the heat. If he starts the waterworks, he’s human; if she does, “see, that’s why women shouldn’t be in power. Too emotional. She’s gonna start a war because Aunt Flo is visiting.”

  7. Nick B says

    One of my hated DS, if I am in the mood and my wife is not, I am supposed to understand and leave her alone. If she is in the mood and I am not, I am AUTOMATICALLY wrong!

  8. Mr. After Dark says

    Sexual freedom is a big DS. I don’t like that one either way. Men are free and expected to screw any object that tickles their…yeah. Women are expected to play games and administer tests and double blind studies before finding a “mate” and are solely responsible for the life and health of the relationship. If it goes wrong, it was HER bad judgment? WAUW.

    Also, freedom of expression. Women can cry, shout, storm off, throw drinks, lose their shit and are written off as being emotional. Dudes will straight flip their waves at a moment’s notice and he’s a *tough guy*? Nah, that dude is hella emotional too. Own that shit. Anger is an emotion homie. Just because you only use one, doesn’t make you healthy, logical or stable. You’re a broken arrow, fix that shit.

    Along with freedom of expression, the freedom to portray yourself as you will. Women can wear dresses or suits, go to clubs to *just dance*, be androgynous, be socially accepted as bisexual, be quirky, and have all the freedom in the world to change on the fly(so long as they’re pretty, otherwise they don’t exist to society). Men are expected to be strong, handy, and protectors unless they’re smart, then they are only useful so long as they play second fiddle to the closest “alpha male”. Those are men’s two choices, alpha male or backup. And if you’re a homosexual, you better be witty, charming and a wicked bitch. Or you’re the quiet friend who holds the coats. Still breaks down to Alpha/Beta.

    All these double standards are bullshit and I don’t play by these rules.

    *Dons his kilt, cracks open a Gansett Lager and watches some Fifa while reading to his lil lady*

    Happy Birthday Freedomland.