SSC: Fvcking Ambivalence

recently I had a conversation with one of me folks about what I called a fvcked up situation but apparently is someone what common? I don’t know, but this is how it goes down.

people in relationships with people who they absolutely hate!

see Folk can take this ideology with peeps that you can’t control the relationship, for instance, family… but actually choosing to stay in a relationship with somone that you loathe? seriously?

they confess they love this person but can’t stand this person’s personality. basic key points of their personality that makes them who they fvcking are as a fvcking individual! on the surface you could argue that maybe they thought the person would change over the years but this isn’t the case. they’ve been in the relationship a few years. silently and secretively suffering in silence but enduring because of the “love?” they admit the $ex is on point, but I challenge this is some crazy a$$ fvcking ambivalence here.

I’ve had girlfriends (actual friends that were females fvckers) who admitted to being in the relationship for the $ex. even guys who were like “I hate that heffa, but she got that thang that keep a motherfvcker going back!” there are even those friends who have been in abusive relationships that would not leave (now this isn’t really a form of abivalence, this is more likely the result of emotional distress that has paralyized the individual and reduced their actions to a fear response hidden under the guise of excuses and feelings). …but i digress.

I see this whole “ambivalence” situation based on a premise of a lie. there’s something fvcking seriously wrong with this picture. maybe I’m blind to the reality of what many suffer silently in their relationships. shyt just ain’t right and a big a$$ warning sign of some larger underlying shyt! maybe i’ve been fortunate. or maybe I’m just delusional.

but ambivalent motherfvckes did have an anthem in this three days grace tune that i never really wrapped my head around in the sense of a romantic relationship. family relationship? yup, lot of motherfvckers i could say i hate and love but the person who’s the center of my universe? hate/love?

I see love as rose colored glasses that shields the individual from the things that would normally drive one crazy and the bond that keeps the goggles of dulsion firmly in place throughout the phases of the relationship. at no time should there be ambivalence. or is there? or should there? is this a natural progression or phase of a relationship for an individual? or is it a sign of fundamental issues that have gone unnoticed far too long?

so fam, i’m asking you. have you been in a relationship where you hated every fvcking thing about the person you were with? why were you there? was it the bedroom romps? was it the money? the crib? or did you really feel you were in love with this person? maybe it wasn’t a romantic relationship, maybe it was an associate that you considered a friend.

how do you call it when ambivalence taps you on the shoulder while you’re in a relationship? and is this shyt common? …or is all of this just two motherfvckers that actually love each other but that’s just how their relationship is, like these fvckers.

what y’all say fam? what y’all say?


  1. notconvincedgranny says

    The eternal “I love you but I don’t like you” conundrum. Is there a simple solution?

  2. imagination1919 says

    I’ll be honest – as my marriage was “dying”, I realized that my then wife & I had entered this phase several years before. Neither of us gave a fvck about the other. We just pretended to like each other. Well, that “like” fell apart and so did what was left of the marriage.

    I think we both “stayed” because well kids.. and “it’s what you do” and all that bull ish…. you know – because it would look bad to “them” if you just let it all go.

    There is also that “devil you know” feeling…. you know what you have – and how crazy they are… to end it with them means you have to start over, and meet new people… and awww screw it, I’ll stay with this arse.