Why ride a pallet down the street? Because f*ck it, that’s why.


I didn’t know whether to title this shyt: “Zero Fucks Given” or ” How Do White People Live as long as they do doing shyt like this.” Seriously. I need to know. Because they are always just …just doing some ol shit just because the shyt hasn’t been done whether it makes sense to do it or not.

: sigh : But… I so wanna do this shyt also…..

Pallet © Tomáš Moravec, 2008 from Tomáš Moravec on Vimeo.

In closing, sit ‘chall asses down, white people.  Always doing some ol boolshyt.

:: goes to look for a pallet and some wheels ::

What? I secretly hang out with white dudes … what did you expect. :: goes to ride down the street on a pallet ::


When not responding to the dictate:" Will the Defendant Please Rise.." CEO and Creator of OHN;Slaus, is a comic illustrator and Social Media whore who spends his free time building legos, playing video games, drawing fantasy characters and being abused by his wife, two sons and cat.

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    • JustSlaus says

      then theoretically I COULD come and play so we can ride these down the street. Let’s set up some Bailmoney first

  1. SY says

    I’m thinking that if I tried this in downtown Houston I would end up in jail… but it looks like fun though

    • Lately25 says

      You’d either end up in jail, or up under the MetroRail train… You know they don’t give a darn about hitting cars or pedestrians. IJS

  2. notconvincedgranny says

    And there I was thinking all he needed was a Bernie lean to win the official “Like a Boss” championship.