TGIFridays just says ‘f*ck it’ with new ENDLESS APPETIZER promotion

This crazy shyt is either Genius or an attempt to just Bankrupt the company or have every Server on staff quit. I’m not even sure… it can go in either of the three directions  as far as I can see….

What i DO know is fat bytches every where are rejoicing..

There all-you-can eat buffets. No-limit salad bars. And even eat-’til-you-drop dessert bars.

But this may be a first for a national restaurant chain: endless appetizers.

TGI Fridays, whose signature item is arguably its appetizer line, today launches a high-profile but risky “Endless Appetizers” summer promotion that offers all-you-can-eat appetizers for $10 per person. Guests can choose one appetizer from a list of the the chain’s most poplar starters — including loaded potato skins, boneless buffalo wings and mozzarella sticks — and receive unlimited refills. And while sharing is discouraged, that rule will not be enforced by servers, says Brian Gies, chief marketing officer at Fridays.

“At the end of the day, our servers aren’t policemen,” says Gies of the promo, which runs through Aug. 24. “We’re not going to slap someone’s hand if they reach over and share someone else’s mozzarella sticks.”

The unusual move comes at a time that business at Fridays — and much of the casual-dining industry — has been challenged for years. Many Millennials have moved away from the big casual-dining chains in favor of more esoteric, often-local options or more budget-conscious fast-casual chains, such as Panera or Chipotle.

For 40-year-old Fridays, which was one of the first national singles-bar-with-burgers chains, it’s been tough keeping up with the times. The 900-unit global chain was recently sold to the private investment firms Sentinel Capital Partners and TriArtisan Capital Partners for a reported $800 million, even as it tries to update its menu, its stores and its image.

To lure customer back during the tough summer season, Fridays will offer the all-you-can-eat promo of its most popular appetizer selections. One restaurant analyst doubts it will work. “Never ever discount a signature branded item,” says Chris Muller, hospitality professor at Boston University. Instead of attracting new business, he says, that typically rewards the frequent guest who already is willing to pay full price, but will gladly take the bargain instead.


Maaaaaaan let me tell you how shyt is going to go right now for a certain few demographic groups at TGIFridays….

Sunday Church folks…. are going to act a fool…
College kids…. going to act a fool…
Fools….are going to act a fool….

Man I feel sorry for every server at TGIFridays working during this promo.

I don’t know if TGIFridays thinks that people are going to order lots of drinks to go with these appetizers, or what. I am waiting for someone to explain to me how this is a great idea. I can’t help but to think SOMEONE had a plan when putting this all together.

Maybe it’s to just fat Americans the fuck up for ALien over lords…. who knows.

But pass those buffalo wings, bytch….


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  1. says

    TGI Fridays has pretty good food but they can be a tad pricey. The one we had in Springfield actually closed because no one was going there.

    I don’t know how well this will do I guess they think if we offer this then folks will come in.

    I do have a gift card to TGI Fridays maybe I need to use it :)

    • MilaXX says

      Aren’t they owned by the same group that also owned or used to own Olive Garden and Red Lobster? I think the chain is struggling and willing to try anything to stay in business.

    • notconvincedgranny says

      Ain’t it illegal for you to be sitting there all smiley and glowing? At least gimme that hair!

  2. Sunnii Dae says

    BAM!!! #TGIFatass in full effect!! There has been many a time that I have ordered nothing but appetizers for my meal. Reason to live updated.

  3. DameloSuave says

    This seems to only work for a group, where each person orders a different appetizer. I wonder how many people will even order an entree…

  4. notconvincedgranny says

    Ten dollars per person, four people at the table – nah, they will make out like bandits on this. If you’re buying that many appetizers you are also DRINKING. Usually more than water or soda. With the amount of salt in those items you will drink yourself into oblivion before the first set of appetizers are done, and your tab will be closer to $100, thanks to the refreshment portion of the bill.

  5. Troy Frazier says

    Ughhhhh…if I was in America, I’d be taking advantage of this shit like a priest with an altar boy.

  6. says

    Ok…on the surface this sounds bad…but thats because you are just picturing one super fat dude going there putting his $10 on the table and then proceeding to eat every buffalo wing in Baltimore…nope not happening. True is rhis might actually work in their favor…here’s the list of underlying tricks:
    1. Salt content…was high before will be super high now…which will lead to buying more drinks
    2. Buying more drinks…TGIF will get tou shytfaced if you dont pace yourself *smh*. And those drinks are far from cheap and they dont get refilled for free…and dont try the “can I have some lemon and watet trick” because TGIF doesnt put sugar on the tables…no free lemonade…and the soda will be EXTRA carbonated to fill your stomach with air
    3. The carb content in these appetizers aer about to sky rocket…they might even Chinese buffet it with the MSG…
    4. They are going to change the lighting…’what choo talkin bought Willis?” Ok when you go out to eat have you ever notices the walls are either wood (brown) cream (brown) splashes of wine red in the seats carpet of pictures…then they have rhe lights down really low and dim…this helps to calm and lower toue palse rate…your body is relaxed by the dim lights and you want to stay stationary and enjoy it…then you go to the buffet or a fast food place or carryout…its bright wight walls and rushed…it puts you in a state of panic and triggers your “fight/flight” hormones…TGIF is about to turn the lights up on yo a$$…

  7. Unckle_Ruckus says

    Being that you can only order one type of app, I don’t see someone trying to gorge on once frozen potato skins until they bleed cheese. If you get a group of five or more, there will be mayhem. This is the type of promotion that damn near killed Red Lobster. Remember the AYCE crab legs? They lost money on every order because people, like me, can put away 6 or seven pounds easy, dropping the cost to $2 a pound. Order water or sweet tea and the price point drops even lower.