What song will make you lose your mind no matter when it’s played

There is something about music that sometimes just takes you over and violates you in the most awesome ways your very soul needs to be violated. Then it leaves you laying there as if once the song was over, it left money on the nighstand for you.

Because you’re a good little bytch.


Although you may be a music lover, still there are just those songs that when you hear them, no matter where you are or what you are doing, they just take you over. Either you can’t help but to break out in a dance or you can not stop yourself from throwing your hands into the air and proclaiming:

You just literally can’t help yourself.

For me there are a few songs that when they come on, it’s gonna be a problem…. it’s gonna be an awesome..problem.

I can be in the middle of rocking a baby to sleep in hopes of sending it off to sweet sweet slumber but…. let this shyt right here come on.

Bytch I might drop your baby- I am so sincere. All kinds of just…just baby on the floor or dropped into the crib. I’m losing my mind every time it’s played.

Or this… this..

aww man… or this…

Bytch I dare you not to dance when this comes on…. I dare you not to. I don’t care if you don’t have limbs, bytch. You will find a way…

What about you?

Post the songs that make you lose your shit…..


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    • letinstar says

      Nile Rodgers performed this at the Essense Fest..Kathy Sledge materialized on stage to sing “We are Family”….

      • Omelette! says

        Well let’s face it, she was the only Sledge to actually sing on those Chic tracks!

  1. Karl Kdsmooth Day says

    im always dancing with my dream lady with her afro puffs on this one ..:)

  2. Karl Kdsmooth Day says

    i know this is an aint ish song…..BUT……….MMMAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!! i be turnt up like im on somethin with this one!!!!!

    • says

      “Engine, Engine, Number Nine, On the New York transit line, If my train goes off the track, Pick it up! Pick it up! Pick it up!” Yaaasss!

    • LadyCant says


      OMG, the Sesame Street mash-up of this was the greatest YT video ever!!

  3. says

    Sitting here right now loosing my shit in my chair bout to go in hard cause I missed the Chosen Few Picnic this year.

  4. letinstar says

    I’m always ready to grab a piece of cardboard and spin on my head whenever I hear this one…

  5. SY says

    Cause I am a southern girl! Home of the burning church… home of the pocket stones, home of the booty songs, home of the finger waves that last all night long!!!

  6. says

    That epic, climactic a$$ drum beat from “In The Air Tonight” makes me lose my shyt each and every time I hear it. Can’t help but bang it out on whatever, or in my case sometimes, whoever is close by.

  7. Omelette! says

    For some reason, when my nephew was nine, he learned this song on his guitar and used to sing it to me, very seriously and really well (I would always have to leave the room to cry after, and I still lose my shit if I hear on the radio!), my nieces song was Grace Kelly by Mika, which we sang loudly on the bus, so no probs there… But this I can’t hear without getting very emotional.

  8. Omelette! says

    If this comes on I may turn catatonic, I’ll be visualising myself in a very literal video of this song…. You know; riding the subway… Like a Broadway show… No one opens up the door…

  9. notconvincedgranny says

    Anything by Morris Day and the Time (especially during the Purple Rain days).

  10. FubsyNumbles says

    This, every single time. When leaving work recently, with my phone on shuffle, and my fuck-awesome new headphones pinging every sound with extreme precision, this track came on just as I left the building. On a Friday.

    Could not have been more perfect summation. Also, try listening to it whilst watching Thom Yorke freaking out: works perfectly.

    • FubsyNumbles says

      Yup. Was here too. I recall at the same time there was a great, great bootleg that sampled Art Blakey doing the rounds – it was essentially a dance track with huge crashes of cymbals and high hats as the driving factor. Together they made for sweet sweet music. Wish I knew what it was called so I could track it down.

  11. Born Into The 90s says

    Me and all Bruhs will agree…when Atomic Dog comes on you better get out my way. I’ll jump out the casket and hop all over my funeral.