SSC: what you need to know about ebola

okay did you get it? have you got it? you know why you need to know about this and the urgency to finding a cure?

…because “white folks!”

yup, Folk said it!

ebola has been uncurable for decades and longer. it was discovered in the seventies and fvckers where like… eh. ebola has been killing africans left and right year over year er’year, but now that two white people got the motherfvcking ebola disease all of a sudden “we” have an idea of how to keep the disease at bay and “we” must find a cure.

really? seriously? just gonna show how fvcking racist this shyt is and has been just like that? shyt didn’t even make the news until a “poor humanitarian worker” contracted this “horrible” disease.

shyt been horrible the whole fvcking time africans were laying in the river bleeding from their eyes but now….

this right here is why there need to be equal representation in all areas of the sciences to bring focus that “humanity” includes all races of people, not just the ones that “matter.”

fvck it.

havent white suffered enough people