SSC: summer blockbuster movie edumacation

I’ve learned that no matter how desperate the situation there is always time for a romantic spark to exist. Even if every gut intuition screams that this stolen moment is impossible, there it is.

I’ve learned that you can be the smartest man on the planet in your field of study but you still need guidance from a council of white men.

I’ve learned that even if you’re the brightest woman in the galaxy, soon to become immortal, you still require the assistance of a white man to complete your mission. In short, to be complete.

I’ve learned that you can be a kind soul with great intentions, but without the approval of a white man you will lose your fvcking mind. Because without this white man’s approval, you feel as if you’ve amounted to nothing in this world.

I’ve learned that a squad of a few from various backgrounds and ethnic groups cannot band together without the guidance of a white man and become guardians of the universe.

Hell, I’ve learned that a powerful woman that is an icon in American folk lore is not powerful enough to stand on her own two feet, despite there are numerous animations to the contrary, without the support of two.. TWO white men to overshadow her. …sorry Wonder Woman.

I’ve learned that minorities are mostly evil, lower class citizens (even in fvcked up alternate universes), support characters, or props.

I’ve learned that despite the evil that white men portray, there is often a reason of why they have turned their backs on society and there is always a white man or woman there to give them a chance of redemption before judgment.

I’ve learned that there are an infinite number of bad guys in some darken costume for heroes (read white male lead) to conquer, destroy, kill, overcome and their aim is fvcking horrible. Not to mention subpar fighting skills. By the way, where da fvck do all these fvckers come from anyway. There are a lot of evil bad guy chuck-holds going on with infinite pearl necklaces. Freaky shyt on the back lot.

I’ve learned this summer through the many movies that I’ve watched this summer that you ain’t shyt unless there is a white man that leads, guides, shapes, supports, or blesses you.

See what’s going on in America is an extension of what we have been emtionally, mentally, and psychologically programmed to believe. We can’t get beyond daily stereotypes in our regular day to day lives until the stereotypes of our heroes, our fantasies, our hopes are treated equally and fully integrated.

We are forever locked in this cycle because our imaginations wear chains cast from the fires of misogyny, racism, homophobia, bigotry, and fear.

Praise white jesus.

What have you learned in the movies this summer?
praise jesus


  1. ToodySezHey says

    I learned that you could have a major shootout involving machine guns and missiles, in the capital city of the USA, where the President and the leader of the free world resides, in broad daylight with hundreds of innocent bystanders getting shot at and run da fugg over, and the cops/CIA/FBI/Secret Service/National Guard won’t show up because reasons.

    Seriously, I really wanted to live Winter Soldier, but there were just too many scenes that shattered my suspension disbelief, and the shoot out with Nick Fury was the main scene.

    • Leo the Yardie Chick says

      “…and the cops/CIA/FBI/Secret Service/National Guard won’t show up because reasons.”

      I’m going to cling stubbornly to them all being part of Hydra. That’s the only sensible reason I could concoct.

      • ToodySezHey says

        Ok but….errbody? Come on now. That’s the worst conspiracy in the world if literally EVERY cop/fed/spook/ and national guards man is Hydra.

        Come on now.

        And that foolishness with the Hydra computer/brain almost had me throwing my soda at the screen

        • Leo the Yardie Chick says

          Well, then, I really don’t know. Apart from the writing team looking like this:

          “Hey, what about law enforcement?”

          “F- ’em.”