SSC: a fly in a bucket of milk

this is going to be an open thread discussion on racism in our society.

“…we live in a world today where there should be no color,’’ Simmonds went on. “You should judge a person by their inside and not by the way that they look, by their appearance. It just sucks that’s the way it is right now.’’
Carolina Hurricanes v Philadelphia Flyers

-Wayne Simmonds-

most black folks aren’t shocked by racism. its a way of life. it is what has become an expectation. it is what it pretty much is. we face it. even if we are mixed, we have no choice if there is coloring or features that places us in the one drop rule we are forced by the society that we live to be, as crazy as it may seem, black.

and as black goes, comes a whole lot of bullshyt burdens that goes along with it. the biggest is stereotypes.

the things we mostly don’t do, can’t do, and unfortunately for a large percentage of people, shouldn’t do. and there’s a whole lot of bs in that “should’t do” category.

…but today as Folk was watching some Little League (LL) Baseball and NASCAR, Folk was reminded of the fvcked up nature of our society and some of the insensitive things that people in the media will say that, whether they mean to or not, plays into the stereotypes of people of color. For instance during the little league an announcer proclaimed the “surprise” that comes from “south side Chicago!”. Uhhhh…. why is this a surprise. Because the media focuses on the negative and not the positive until you’re forced not to ignore the good that are within these communities that are painted one way in the news as if there isn’t any crime in neighborhoods of other ethnicities?!?!?!

…and we’re not even going to get into the many twisted statements that came up in the NASCAR programming. but someone did message Folk on the FB inqiring about who were Folk’s favorite drivers. Folk responded with Dale Jr and Darrell Wallace Jr. Folk got the who is Darrell Jr response.

Darrell Wallace Jr

…and this is from a so called NASCAR fan. needless to say Folk didn’t respond.

the world pays little attention to the things that don’t “fit” into these nice little categories that we’ve allowed others to place people of various backgrounds into. Folk makes Folk’s living in a very conservative white male dominated company and let Folk tell ya, it hasn’t been easy. There are some really fvcked up people that Folk have had to deal with.

…but this isn’t about Folk, this is about all people of color. this is about the reality that a white man has walked out of the hospital “CURED” of ebola which kills thousands of Africans. and yet, no one seems to care about them, but we’re sure happy we saved that one white guy.

or the outrage of the white guy that was murdered by ISIS. sure its sad to see anyone die in the face of fvcked up hatred toward one group, but up until that moment there was no collective outcry of the slaughter of thousands of semi brown people by ISIS because of their religion. the scenarios go on and on, but what’s really going to grind the gears of many of these people who are “shocked” by the success of some despite the “enviornment” that they spring forth when they realize that the world is mostly made up of people of COLOR.

instead of being a fly in a bucket of milk, milk is going to realize it is spilled on brown earth surrounded by flies.

what flies do you have in your ointment this week? open thread discussion on racism in our society.


  1. says

    Blue on Black crime is a fly in my ointment every week going back to college when my line brothers and I were cornered by three cop cars / six cops and they harrassed us in hopes of “giving them a reason”. When I told one of them who had snatched me up that I knew m rights, he stuck his billyclub in my eye and said, “N*gg*r… you got the right to remain silent… that’s the only right you got”. It was that night that I decided not to be a lawyer because I knew I needed to keep kids away from the legal system rather than help them through it.

    The other fly is this mischaracterization of Black foks as a threat to White folks when 84% of murdered Whites are killed by other Whites. We’ve had 43 White presidents and not one had addressed the issue of White-on-White crime.

  2. Unckle_Ruckus says

    Living in the shadow of the Iron Curtain in the eighties, racism was really on the back burner for me. It wasn’t until I returned stateside, that I realized how divided this nation is. I don’t play the color blind game, because we all are different and the “content of a character” person will look at me and another non-Black person at the same time and always see two different things. I tell my Brat friends to learn about America, just read the comments on social media. White killer must’ve had mental issues, Black victim was asking for it. Black team advances to LLWS finals, the rules of double elimination is confusing and must be changed. It’s no different from the other side. Black administrators in the ATL failed the next generation of students by forging test scores, and they are kvetching because their are no Black people on the jury. Hell, put my black azz on the jury and you will see why I call myself Ruckus. NAACP in Florida calls a sagging pants ban discriminatory, when they should be walking the streets and snatching our men and women up and teaching them why MLK took those azz whuppings. Saw Jesse Jackson get cussed out on Youtube by a protestor for showing his face in Ferguson. This the same Jackson that forgot the mic was hot when he called then Senator Obama a ninja for “talking down to Black folk.” I stopped even trying to debate on social media about race. Facebook balls are huge when they hide behind a fake picture and name.