So yea….whatcha doing?


I forgot today was Tuesday, I’ve been on vacation!

Slaus text me like we ain’t got no post this morning!

Bunk him!

I can’t think of anything to post

So what y’all doing?

How was your holiday weekend?

Do anything fun?

Apparently it is Beth's Job to get on Slaus's nerves.


  1. ThatDamnPaul says

    I spent way too much money on an excellent piece of beef that I cooked to medium rare perfection on my rotisserie, baked an apple pie from scratch to mixed success, and drank. It was perfect.

  2. marina says

    was subjected to 10 seconds of nikki minaj’s “anaconda” bullshit and lamented hearing a whack remix of sir mix-a-lot to supplement my iq loss. so i went to the smithsonian gallery of art for the degas/cassatt exhibit with friends.

  3. imagination1919 says

    back at work – selling a piece of my soul to my evil corp. overlords…. begging for a pay raise.. every day i get a new understanding of why they named the road where the office is.. “kitts creek” (no i’m not joking. I work off of Kitt creek”)

    But I had a wonderful weekend. spent time with my girl, watch some tv… did some work on my car… yeah life was good until 6:30 this am.

  4. RedladyRae says

    I went on a mini vacation with my in-laws and my son in Washington. It was fun until they wanted me to get in water. Too many bad experiences. The cabin we stayed in was awesome, and the hike I took with my boy. Overall, it was a good time. My husband had to pay for making me go alone and deal with Jude’s tantrums.

  5. notconvincedgranny says

    My brother manned the smoker, while I played DJ – old, down-home blues, old school hits, no-rap zone. Several glasses of wine, killer brisket and lots of good company later, settled in for a Murder She Wrote marathon (judge me-see if I care).

  6. Les says

    Tried having a yarn sale during the festival here… the festival coordinators thought it would be a good idea to block my store. Granted, they probably planned this before I moved here, but they could have told me. So… I sat home, crocheted, and tried to network.

  7. Unckle_Ruckus says

    Hit the grill, like a fuggin bawse. Made turkey sliders from scratch. Shyt was so good during the taste test, went back to the store and got three more pounds of meat. Before I got to grilling, made a stop on Peachtree for Dragon Con. Felt like a kid again as I watched the parade. Got me thinking about dressing up and doing it next year. Just loving life right now.????