Comic Strip – I draw the line at clowns.

For many people who love American Horror Story, the season premiere was everything that is awesome. But for those of us who are also terrified of clowns, it was some ol BOOOOLSHYT!!!  I sat down to enjoy the show and ended up scarred for life.


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  1. CCDreamz says

    *cackling* Never watched the show but now me and my porcelain clown doll will have to catch up. Muahahahahahahaha!

  2. AshMi313 says

    Man F*CK that clown and whoever created it..

    Dude perfectly summed up how I felt during the picnic scene….

    • notconvincedgranny says

      LAWD! I thought I was the only one. And after he got all stabby wit it I had to turn the channel. If you could catch any part of my coattail, you’d be guaranteed safety. Dang.