I’m not even making this boolshyt up, planet Earth, I am not even making it up.

SBE-PropertyBrothers_episodeThumb-425x250Now many of us have watched hours and hours of HGTV on a Sunday afternoon and bytch don’t sit there and act like you haven’t.  We see these people on shows like Property Brothers find the house with so much potential that can be made into their dream home or they are on House Hunters looking to find the home of their dreams already and set to move in. Usually there is some drama about getting into bidding wars for these homes and more times than not, our loveable couple whom we are rooting for, gets the winning bid and they live happily ever after.

But what about the bitter bytches that are the ones who end up being outbid? How do THEY go on with their lives? Well… this is the story of how a heffa SHOULD have just sucked up the loss and moved on but didn’t ass didn’t. Instead, THIS heffa goes on a year long harassment and terror campaign where she tries to get the winning couple Beat up and even raped. Yes. Raped. All kinds of just raped.


According to PEOPLE, married couple Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter had outbid Kathy Rowe on a dream home in upscale Carmel Valley in the fall of 2011. Soon after, strange things started happening.

The couple’s home had mysteriously been listed for sale online, their mail had been stopped over Christmas, and they were charged with over $1,000 in magazines and books they did not order.

On Valentine’s Day, at least eight of Rice’s neighbors angrily confronted him, asking why he had sent their wives Valentine’s Day cards. However, Rowe’s harassment of the young couple soon escalated into a sinister conspiracy to have Ruhter raped.

After Rice had run an internet search on his wife’s name, he was horrified to discover advertisements for sex with his wife, inviting strangers to their home address for a “Carmel Valley Freak Show.” The ad, written as if it was by Ruhter, invited men to visit the couple’s home to perform sexual acts on her while her husband was at work, reported PEOPLE.
A few months after Rice reported the incidents to police, Rowe was arrested. Rowe, who had been named a San Diego “Mother of the Year” by Time Warner Cable in 2006, was charged with two felony counts of solicitation of rape and sodomy and misdemeanor charges for identity theft and repeated harassment by electronic communication. Last November, Rowe had pled guilty to a stalking charge.

According to a statement given to PEOPLE by San Diego County Deputy District Attorney Brendan McHugh, Rowe, 53, had been angry after the younger couple had outbid her on the $700,000-plus house she wanted, and orchestrated the plot to have Ruhter raped in revenge.

In email correspondences with men from the sex ads, Rowe had been posing as Ruhter, writing that she had fantasies of being raped while her husband was at work.

“I love to be surprised and have a man just show up at my door and force his way in the door and on me, totally taking me while I say no,” Rowe wrote to one man who responded to the ads.

Rowe told another man to stop by Ruhter’s home “any Monday – Friday, 9 am – 3 pm. I like the element of surprise.” When the man asked where, Rowe sent him Ruhter’s address.

A few weeks later, the same man replied to ask if she was still available. Rowe sent a reply: “I’m available all week. Maybe we can have a nooner on your lunch hour?”

The man went to Ruhter’s house a few days later, but she wasn’t there. He sent Rowe an email letting her know that he went to Ruhter’s home, but the gate was locked and he couldn’t knock on the door or use the doorbell.

Rowe apologized to the man, encouraging him to stop by Ruhter’s home again: “Will make it extra wild and worth your time.”

Later, the man returned again to Ruhter’s house, but this time her husband was home. The man told Rowe he made “an excuse for why he was there” and left. Rowe told the man that her husband would sometimes drop by during the day to catch her in the act, but that he won’t “intrude on us unless we want him to … if we want him to join us, he will.” [read more here]

This crazy bytch went from House Hunters to Law and Order-Special Victims Unit, REAL quick. I mean damn!

Is it just me or did she really just go out of her WAY to try and get the damn women raped?! Sheeeesh!! Over a house!?? Was it THAT nice?? Hell I’ve lost out on bids also but not once did I then think: ” welp…. the best way to handle this is forcible sodomy.”

Some  crazy azz people out there….