Maaybe God is trying to tell you something. Woman thrown from rolling car, through a church window.

A Texas woman is lucky to be alive after her rolling vehicle threw her through a church window into a pew early Tuesday morning. The accident happened about 4:30am near Highway 19 and F.M. 1617 in Trinity in east Texas.

The Trinity Police Department says the woman was a passenger in the car with another man and an infant when the car left the roadway, flipping several times. Neither the man nor the woman had seat belts on and both were ejected from the vehicle. The infant was in a car seat and loosely seat-belted in and remained in the car unhurt.

The woman could have been thrown into the side of the church, but luckily, went through a stained glass window before landing on the floor in front of a pew. The woman suffered only minor injuries, not even getting cut when thrown through the glass. Trinity Police Chief Steven Jones said the Trinity Chapel church is an historical building and thinks the brittle wood and stained glass of the window broke away easily.

The male passenger was able to walk away after the accident and all three occupants of the car were taken to East Texas Medical Center in Trinity. The cause of the accident is unknown but the accident happened near a fork in the road and the pavement was slick.

The Trinity Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church building is 125 years old and traces its origin back even further to 1882. [source]

tumblr_mzz5pmLV5C1sgxceqo2_400Hey I am not the most religious man in the world but I do hold a HIGH respect for those of true faith. With that said though? I kind of feel like if you are in a car accident…and you flip ass flip over and over through a field… get ejected from the vehicle…FLY your ass through the air… THROUGH ass THROUGH a gatdamn window and not into the wall but get this, bytch…THROUGH THE WINDOW… and land on the floor with NARY ass NARY a cut on your person…even though your ass just flew through a window….. Maaaaybe just maaaaybe … SOMEBODY is trying to tell you something. iii’m just saying.

I don’t believe in coincidences… and I am a man who highly leans towards science and facts and examples. But let my big ass go flying through the air, into a window and unto the floor of a church with nan cut. Bytch I’ll be in that church every other evening. I’d run the building fund with sister Johnson, read the bible front back and side to side, learn to play the organ so the gay guy who always plays can get some rest.

Maaaaan.. this was wild.

And kudos for having the damn baby in a car seat.


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  1. Dwane says

    God: Taylor Cloud… this is the Lord. Its time to stop playing and go to church like I told you before!

    Taylor: I been wantin’ to go, but sometimes I can’t get a ride there.

    God: So that’s your excuse… You can’t get a ride? Jonah gave me that same excuse. You don’t want to go there.

    Taylor: Well it’s the truth. And sometimes when I do go, the door is already closed.

    God: So you can’t get a ride or the door is closed. Really Taylor?!?! Really?!?!?

    Taylor: Well that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. If you don’t like it, that’s your problem!

    …and the rest is history.