Who hasn’t wanted to send a bag of dicks to someone. Now ya can!

Ok to be fair they don’t have to be enemies. They can be friends, family, countrymen whomever. Anyone whom you would like to anonymously receive a bag of dicks can now have just that happen.


All kinds of just..just dick.

According to the company’s website, Dicks by Mail offers a service whereby you can send some edible dicks to “anyone in your life that deserves [a] feeling of sadness, disappointment and betrayal.”


It goes on: “In only a few minutes you can send a literal Bag of Dicks to that special asshole in your life. You know the one. The annoying guy at the office. Your Ex who decided to see other people before telling you. The Teacher that doesn’t care about your dead grandma. The person that murdered your grandma.” [source]

Man I wish I had taken advantage of the dickatry before doing this post because I would have sent Bef and Ambz as much dick as dicks by mail could ship at once. I’d pay extra to have the dicks delivered whilst a singing telegram guy does a song and dance about the ish.

singing-telegram“How many dicks could a Slausbytch ship, if a Slausbytch could ship dicks. ”


Just because.

Because I can. And because we live in a world that makes it possible for you and I to be able to passive aggressively annoy one another with …with dicks, Planet Earth.

I don’t think you get the beauty of it all.

I…I’m gonna need a moment.


If you could anonymously send  bag of dicks to anyone, who would it be and why?

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