shyttin_on_bytches_jenkinsORANGE COUNTY, Fla. —A family of four had a rude awakening Friday morning when the homeowner’s ex broke in and defecated on several of the family’s belongings, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. (Translation: THIS negro shit on em,son!!! He literally shit.ass.shit on them!)

The victim was asleep at first, but at least one of the three children inside the home allegedly witnessed Michael Anthony Johnson, 27, of Apopka, break into the home and defecate on things, deputies said. (Translation: THEN one of the gatdamn babies woke up and witnessed this cretin doing the damn dookey all over the house! The baby woke up like Cindy Loo Who in the Grinch Stole Christmas n shyt! Oh the humanity, people!!)

"The Fuck is he DOING?"

“The Fuck is he DOING?”

Johnson is accused of defecating on the victim’s bed sheets, a glass kitchen plate, a wallet and a dresser. (………. this negroe shit on a plate. A damn Plate. THIS FOOL SHAT ON A PLATE!!! Who shyts on a plate!!?? It’s one thing to shyt all over the house but…. shitting on a PLATE!??? That’s just disrespectful as hale. Bruh.. you’re a savage. That’s the kind of ish you do when the devil is on your shoulder telling you to do things unhindered by the interfering Angel because the little angel that’s supposed to tell you all the good things to do is too busy smoking crack ass crack!)

Johnson was arrested in January for domestic battery, criminal mischief, and resisting arrest and was not supposed to be at the home, deputies said. A court order was issued banning him from returning to the home.

“The defendant had only been out of jail two days before violating the no contact order,” investigators said in the arrest report. ( He couldn’t WAIT to shyt on a bytch!!!!)



In all fairness though, if you look in his eyes you can clearly see the soul of the type of person who WOULD shit on a plate though.

Bruh…. I just can’t with these sleestak looking ass fools.

There are better ways to handle a situation rather than shitting on a person’s personal property! I don’t know of any but still. I’m not exactly a role model though.

This post finally gives me a reason to post this meme.