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You will hate me and yourself if you click on this post

Don't say I didn't warn you I give you Angelo in all of his Delusions of Grandeur For some reason he disabled embedding on his "official" video for his first single but here is the link. Yes this fool has a single out on iTunes.

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And teenagers have ruined the ice bucket challenge

Regardless of how you feel about the ice bucket challenge. I would think we can all agree that this was a horrible thing to do **Important note: The family asked that we show the video to make other parents aware of bullying.** BAY VILLAGE, Ohio – Police are investigating an alleged case of bullying involving a teenager with autism who took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. “Once we found out about it, we were just horrified,” said Diane, the mother of the Bay High School student. She claimed her youngest son was videotaped as feces, urine, spit and cigarette butts were dumped on his head by a group of juveniles. “I want these kids held accountable for what they did to him and they targeted somebody who just didn’t really understand what was going on,” she said. FOX 8 News is not identifying the family by last name to help protect their son. According to the victim’s mom, Diane, the video was discovered on her 15-year-old son’s cell phone. She, along with her husband and other son, Jacob, wants it to be made public. “I mean, the first thing that popped into my mind was like, why could someone – how could someone do this?” said Jacob. “How could someone really be [...]

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Is it really that serious? Folks are already standing in line for iPhone 6

Let me say the "rumored" iPhone 6. When the next Apple iPhone will debut and what features it will have remain rumors, but for some iPhone customers, that's merely a technicality. Some people are already placing orders for the rumored iPhone 6 and standing in line at the company's flagship location in New York City with sleeping bags and chairs to wait out the launch. "We wanted to beat the record, which had been 18 days," said Brian Ceballo, who arrived at Apple's NYC flagship Sunday to wait. Ceballo and Joseph Cruz represent electronic reseller BuyBackWorld and were the first people in line before Jason and Moon Ray paid them $2,500 to secure the top spots in line. While waiting, the Rays are promoting an app from VideoMedicine that allows patients to Skype with doctors. For the fifth year, Ceballo waited with Cruz. He estimates he has made $7,000 waiting for Apple launches in addition to building his social media following. Meanwhile, Robert Samuel, founder and owner of professional line-waiting service S.O.L.D. or Same Ole Line Dudes, already has orders for seven iPhone 6s and one inquiry from an iPhone re-seller despite the uncertainty. "That's the thing with iPhone fans—even though they just got the iPhone 5s last year, they still want [...]

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Lurk Sports! Are you ready for some football!

Welcome back, you gambling degenerates! Ya boy the Lurkasaurus is back to give his indispensible opinion on the week’s upcoming football games (capslock of justice) FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. (That should keep the lawyers and leg-breakers at bay.) So, IF you were to spend coin of the realm on a football wager, I’d recommend you do it this way: Packers at Seahawks (-5) If you like an upset, do not look here. Seattle is bringing everyone back from the team that put an epic beatdown on the most prolific offense the NFL had ever seen in last year’s Super Bowl…and it sez so right here that they STILL feel disrespected. Green Bay is good…but good enough to beat the defending champs in the loudest stadium known to man? Take the Seahawks and give the points. SEAHAWKS Vikings (+6.5) at Rams – The Rams will keep it close, because their defense is that good. Unfortunately, their offense was not all that good to begin with, and now they will have to soldier on without Sam Bradford. This is not to say that the Vikings are much better under center, but Matt Cassell is better than a corpse, and they still have Adrian Peterson to give the ball to on a regular basis. VIKINGS [...]

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