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Hex is about as wrong as two left feet and there is nothing right about him. Every time we yell at Hex, his rebuttal is always that we are doing so simply because he is Black....yeah..think about that.

New Music Tuesday –08/05/2014

    Album: Awesome Mix Vol. 1  Artist: Guardians of the Galaxy  Genre: Soundtrack/Mixtape  Sounds like: Even if you haven’t seen the movie – you’ll love this mix  Reviewer: Hex   So somewhere out there, you’re sitting at a desk or at home – a normal person with responsibilities and bills, friends and obligations. You have your shows you watch, you have your distractions – but they’re yours to choose, and if they’re not what’s popular with everybody else in the world, that’s their problem. We call people like you adults, and there seems to be a lot less of you around than you might expect. So if I tell you that you owe it to yourselves to go out and catch the current #1 summer blockbuster in theaters that all the critics love you’re likely to shrug your shoulders – because that’s not really the kind of thing that motivates you. In fact, it might actually make you not want to see it, because now it’s a “thing” more than an actual piece of entertainment. If you have any sort of comic book habit, taste for superhero-themed action movies, or a want to see a talking raccoon and a giant walking tree shoot bad guys, you already know what I’m talking [...]

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New Music Tues ..Today

    Album: Mandatory Fun  Artist: Weird Al Yankovic  Genre: Parody/Polka/Humor  Sounds like: Corny or not -- He’s still the King  Reviewer: Hex   We live in an age of parody-based humor. Enormous chunks of the Internet are built around the idea of celebrity impressions, song remakes, and fake news shows. The existence of Twitter, Instagram, and Vine almost guarantees that no newsworthy moment, regardless of how momentary or trivial can pass without someone turning it into a hashtag or a meme or an auto-tuned remix. And while this sort of humor has been around for ages in one form or another -- it’s hard not to wonder just how prevalent all this would be in the modern era without the presence of one Weird Al Yankovic. Because while any doofus with access to a video camera can turn a popular song into a momentary chuckle by pointing out how dumb you think the singer is or how lame a given trend might be – it takes a special kind of artist to parody pop culture in a way that celebrates all the reasons we like it while still taking a shot at how silly it is. It’s important to remember that Weird Al never parodies a popular song without getting the blessing of [...]

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Arsenio Hall is Basically Hosting The Best Ladies Night Ever

It's good to know your audience.  It's also pretty obvious where all of your aunties were actually at the other night instead of meeting up with the girls from the office at Applebees. It would also be nice if TANK COULD GET HIS FEET OFF THE DAMN FURNITURE, YOU KNOW YOU WERE RAISED BETTER THAN THAT. Remember that night Prince took over the Arsenio show and did a Q&A with the audience? Plenty of guys in there like, "I've always wondered, do you know how to cook?" or "Hey Prince -- Do you have a cell phone?" Ginuwine shows up.. ain't nobody asking SHYT. Seriously. There ain't naaaaaaan dudes in this crowd, like at all. Not that it's a bad thing. Go on with your bad selves --  but it's sorta  feels like the video clip cuts off short because a guy in a speedo and a dancing bear costume was about to show up. So next time you're at home tweeting your friends all about Titanfall and sweating the demise of your tournament brackets, thinking how nice it was to have a night to yourself, but then you start to wonder where your girl is at or why she hasn't texted in a while -- pretty much just assume she's over at the Arsenio [...]

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