The Beyhive is upset at unretouched photos of their queen.

First of all let me just put it out there first and foremost that from the bottom of my heart I just feel the need to say what other bloggers are afraid to and that is this:

The Beyhive can eat a dick.

I like Beyonce. I likes her plenty. I think her music is awesome, her performances are amazing and I truly believe she is a most talented artist. But I hate the beyhive with the burning fire of a thousand stars. The Beyhive are to Beyonce fans as the West Boro Baptist Church are to Christians.  Yeah I said it.


But I digress.

..they can still eat a dick’tho.

More than 200 unretouched photos from Beyonce’s 2013 L’Oreal cosmetic campaign were leaked on a fan site called The Beyonce World on Tuesday, showing fans that she’s human like everyone else.

beyonce_untouched_01 beyonce_untouched

The 33-year-old superstar, known for her hit track Flawless, appears to have uneven and pimply skin under heavily applied foundation in the pre-Photoshop images.

Beyonce has yet to comment on the unretouched photos, which were immediately taken down by the website soon after they were posted. (They were picked up by Complex and Gawker.)

The outtakes appear to be from Beyonce’s adverts for L’Oreal’s Feria and Infallible products, which advertise hair dyes, lipsticks and foundations. [source]

The Beyhive flipped out so hard about all of this that the Beyonce FAN site that posted the pics as an homage to Beyonce being normal, removed the pictures as to not incur the wraith of the hive.

“Due to the disdain of the BeyHive, we have removed the photos. We don’t want to cause any drama, nor do we wish to start fan wars. Some of the things we have seen posted were just horrible, and we don’t want any parts of it. We were just posting the photos to share the fact that our queen is naturally beautiful, at the same time she is just a regular woman.” – BeyonceWorld

This is me wishing a hive WOULD punk me…

I think on her worst day, Beyonce is still fine ass fine. Hell I think these so-called flaws in the pictures are a breath of fresh air as we get to see her looking like herself. I need to understand what is it exactly that you Beyhive fools think she is supposed to look like 24/7?? Perfection? No. She is a human being. A woman. And this is what a human being is going to look like with 2 layers of Sherwin Williams-ass make-up on her skin up under harsh ass harsh lights. Those lights could cook a gatdamn In n Out Burger. Those fools act like Beyonce wakes up every morning from her Chrysalis looking like a being of light n shyt.

What Beyonce looks like when she awakens in the morn in the eyes of the Beyhive.

What Beyonce looks like when she awakens in the morn in the eyes of the Beyhive.


Damn. Let your damn Queen be a real person.  Love her “flaws and All”.

Just a matter of time now before they attack server and crash the site.

Oh well. I said it and I meant it.

Beyhive swarming around like Naraku’s Poison Insects n shyt


I bet the majority of the Beyhive can tell you every song on every one of Beyonce’s albums and song length, but can’t name the last 4 Presidents or 3 of their kid’s teachers.

And teenagers have ruined the ice bucket challenge


Regardless of how you feel about the ice bucket challenge.

I would think we can all agree that this was a horrible thing to do

**Important note: The family asked that we show the video to make other parents aware of bullying.**

BAY VILLAGE, Ohio – Police are investigating an alleged case of bullying involving a teenager with autism who took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

“Once we found out about it, we were just horrified,” said Diane, the mother of the Bay High School student. She claimed her youngest son was videotaped as feces, urine, spit and cigarette butts were dumped on his head by a group of juveniles.

“I want these kids held accountable for what they did to him and they targeted somebody who just didn’t really understand what was going on,” she said.

FOX 8 News is not identifying the family by last name to help protect their son.

According to the victim’s mom, Diane, the video was discovered on her 15-year-old son’s cell phone. She, along with her husband and other son, Jacob, wants it to be made public.

“I mean, the first thing that popped into my mind was like, why could someone – how could someone do this?” said Jacob. “How could someone really be this cruel to someone?”

In the video, the boy with autism is seen standing in the driveway of a home off school grounds. He’s wearing only his underwear as a bucket of fluid is poured from the roof of the garage. The bucket allegedly contained a mix of bodily fluids instead of ice water.

“He was embarrassed because he did not know what the contents were until afterwards and then he didn’t want anybody to know,” said his mom. “They used his phone to tape it and they put it up on Instagram.”

“This is just too far. It’s really bad,” said his brother, Jacob.

The Bay Village Police Department was made aware of the alleged incident on Wednesday. According to Det. Kevin Krolkosky, criminal charges could be filed.

“It’s disturbing to watch, you can obviously tell that somebody has been taking advantage of there,” said the detective.

Det. Krolkosky met with the parents and said it’s not a prank; it’s possibly a crime committed on the boy with autism by a group of juveniles who could face delinquency charges.

A spokesperson for Bay High School, where the victim is a student, said they’re now working hand-in-hand with police as they investigate.

“Obviously, if possible, we do want to hold those individuals accountable for their actions,” said Det. Krolkosky.

The police are just beginning their investigation and we’re told it could take a few weeks to file charges but they have a good idea who was involved.

“The bucket challenge is supposed to be raising awareness for this disease and now they’ve turned it into a sick joke,” said the victim’s mom. “I just can’t understand why kids would do something this cruel.”

The boy’s mom and dad wanted the video released to make other parents aware of bullying so they’ll have a conversation with their kids on how to treat people.



I mean just ugh!

This just irritates my entire soul!

I don’t know what type of charges can be brought against these fuck-ass kids but something needs to be done.

this is just horrible!

This is why you need to beat your kids every Tuesday at 4:07 pm even if they haven’t done anything!

Is it really that serious? Folks are already standing in line for iPhone 6


Let me say the “rumored” iPhone 6.

When the next Apple iPhone will debut and what features it will have remain rumors, but for some iPhone customers, that’s merely a technicality.

Some people are already placing orders for the rumored iPhone 6 and standing in line at the company’s flagship location in New York City with sleeping bags and chairs to wait out the launch.

“We wanted to beat the record, which had been 18 days,” said Brian Ceballo, who arrived at Apple’s NYC flagship Sunday to wait.

Ceballo and Joseph Cruz represent electronic reseller BuyBackWorld and were the first people in line before Jason and Moon Ray paid them $2,500 to secure the top spots in line. While waiting, the Rays are promoting an app from VideoMedicine that allows patients to Skype with doctors.

For the fifth year, Ceballo waited with Cruz. He estimates he has made $7,000 waiting for Apple launches in addition to building his social media following.

Meanwhile, Robert Samuel, founder and owner of professional line-waiting service S.O.L.D. or Same Ole Line Dudes, already has orders for seven iPhone 6s and one inquiry from an iPhone re-seller despite the uncertainty.

“That’s the thing with iPhone fans—even though they just got the iPhone 5s last year, they still want the latest and greatest,” Samuel said in a phone interview.

While Apple has not said when the next iPhone would go on sale, it is widely expected to be unveiled at an event on Sept. 9. Recently, the company sent out a series of invitations to the event, saying: “9.9. 2014 Wish we could say more.”

So far, orders have come from customers who reserve Cronuts, a dessert mashup of a croissant and a doughnut from New York City’s Dominique Ansel Bakery, through S.O.L.D.

Samuel hasn’t yet decided how much he will charge these repeat customers. His typical rate is $25 for the first hour and $10 for each additional half-hour, but he’s contemplating a discount of 10 to 15 percent.

Last year’s wait for the iPhone 5s was 19 hours. Based on Samuel’s current pricing, that would set customers back $385.

As the Apple phone launch draws near, Samuel expects his phone to “be ringing off the hook” with orders.



Prank Idiots – Let’s walk around stepping on black dude’s Jordans

Hey… I don’t endorse violence for the sake of violence here. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut.


If these dudes just so happen to one day get stabbed through the face ass face  for these pranks that intentionally target black people, then….. welp.


The worst part.. the wooooorst part about all this is that these dudes are being openly disrespected. OPENLY disrespected…. but… the black dudes are being called animals for responding in kind TO intentional aggravation…… get the f*ck out of here.

If these dudes one day get killed for doing these stupid-ass pranks, I’ll shed nae a tear.

Right or Wrong. Man stabs the shyt out of Pitbull in Petsmart.

NEWNAN, GA (WXIA) — Police are investigating the stabbing of a pit bull inside a PetSmart Sunday. It happened in front of dozens of families with children during one of the advertised adoption days.

A volunteer with the Newnan-Coweta Humane Society was walking a pit bull named Clara. Clara managed to slip out of her collar and approached a smaller white Westie Terrier and was pulling on its ear, according to the police report.

“It is the worst thing I’ve ever seen,” said Teresa Reeves, who was there with her fiancé, Mike Wohler. “We heard screaming at the front of the store and went running to see what was happening. The pit bull had the smaller dog at the back of the neck holding the loose skin and fur there.”

That’s when a number of witnesses say the owner of the dog, identified by police as Craig Emory, started yelling then pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed Clara several times.


“It didn’t look like the dogs were even fighting, but [Emory] was pummeling the dog (…) then I realized he wasn’t punching the dog. He was stabbing it,” Wohler said.

Reeves recalls seeing blood “everywhere.”

Wohler said he was able to pull the pit bull’s mouth open and get the dogs separated as PetSmart employees ran over with a spray bottle and air horn. Employees later told police those are things they use when dogs get into fights in the store.

Clara had to be euthanized because of her injuries, according to several websites run by animal activists.

WXIA-TV reached out to PetSmart for a response on the incident. The company said, “Our top priority is the safety of pet parents and pets in our stores. We are working with the pet parent of the Westie to make sure it makes a full recovery.”

But Reeves and Wohler insist that the Westie was fine and think Emory should face charges for what happened.

“You can’t just walk into a floor and stab a dog in front of families and children,” Wohler said. [source]

People are saying the man completely overreacted and then there are those that say Pitbulls are absolute demons of the devil and can nae be trusted ass trusted for shyt.

Personally I keep a knife on me at all times and if anything or anyone ever latched onto my children or if i had a small dog and another dogged attacked it, I would be inclined to start stabbing bytches. :shrugs: but that’s just me.

What say you?