Comic Strip – The problems of single men and women as Slaus sees it.


Hey.. don’t cuss me too bad… it’s just how I see shyt by observing single men and women. And if I had to choose, I wouldn’t want to be a single chick in 2012 for NOTHING. I’d have a better chance as a limping llama on the open plain with a pack of lionesses in pursuit.

Just saying…..

Dudes today are WINNING and winning haaaaard.  I can’t even fault them… why feel bad when you are on the winning team…..


Strip – erma gerd, Slaus is a jerk

This whole strip came up because for the past few weeks I have had some people send me articles about how Randy Jackson was fired from American Idol and how Nikki Minaj has been named a new judge on the same show.  And to all that? I had to ask…….

…and then end it with SLausiness.

Honestly I don’t sit around thinking of new ways to say slausy-azz thinks…. but ….. ok some of them I do think up, write down, save it, put it in my pocket for later.

Why? Because I aint right.