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Quick Strip – reason #400 why Slaus is lame

Seriously.... whilst all of you were going on and on about the racial insensitivity of the whole thing, I was offended that anyone would pay $350 on some f*cking sneakers. Not even some cool vintage shyts either!! just some F*ck-ass bookey adidas with some plastic-ass shackles left over from the My Pet Monster factory n shyt.

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New Strip – God needs no Ipod..

Heaven has a great new choir member.... I had Told bef bout this new strip at like 10am this morning and she really wanted to see it then. and her lil azz was getting impatient... IM convo beth where is the dang picture? Slaus: colouring the Lord now!! you aint gonna be rushing me while im tryna colour GOD beth: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bethl: I just busted out laughing at coloring the Lord bethl: I hate you bethl: all of you Slaus: LOl im saying!! Slaus: Im tryna colour the Lord and saviour and you talking about hurry up bethl: what the hell kind of answer is that though...hey man what you doin? nothing man coloring the Lord bethl: shit I am in tears!

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NEW COMIC STRIP!!! – Fellaz don’t let Beyonce get you killed.

It's been a long time..I shouldna left you... without some ignant ish to laugh to..... Just the other day when they released the post-baby pictures of Beyonce, I warned you fools not to let that shyt get you in trouble. But noooo you didn't listen to me.... lol and one of yall ended up sleeping in a hotel room because of it. lol. You're lucky, homey. because this could have easily been you...

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