As fathers, why are we afraid to hug or kiss our sons?


Everyday as a family, my wife, myself and two sons enjoy an hours worth of tv after dinner before reading time and putting the boys down to bed. It’s a fun nightly ritual where we get the chance to indoctrinate our children on all things nerdtastic and awesome so that they too can know the [...]

The 12 Shades of Christmas: The Gift Card


For a lot of us, the Holiday season provides a time of reflection. A chance to look back over the experiences and moments of the year prior as we comb through our thoughts searching for the best way to represent that in a gift for friends and family. Children will make lists (or simply tell [...]

The Men’s Roundtable: The Ex Factor


Like it or not, every relationship you’re in has an effect on you. From your first school crush deciding he liked sitting next to the cheerleaders at lunch instead of you to that one guy in college who did that trick with his hands, we learn a lot of the things we like (and too [...]

The Boston Bombing Suspects Have Been Caught — Now What?


Thankfully, finally – the two suspects in the recent Boston Marathon Bombing have either been killed or caught. Following the terror and sadness we all felt seeing the pictures and footage and realizing the innocent victims of this senseless attack, seeing action being taken and completed by law enforcement was at the very least a comforting [...]

Inspiring New Marketing Campaign Helps People Conquer Their Own Negative Self-Image


It’s often said that women are their own worst beauty critics. Actually I think when you get right down to it most people are acutely aware of their own perceived flaws and shortcomings than other people that we might  meet during the course of our days or lives. But in a society like ours where [...]

How’s the Weather in Houston?


Living in Florida as I do, you eventually get used to the fact that if something marginally news-worthy happens that local TV producers will always try to jazz up their reporting on it by finding the most redneck/hoodrat/stoner local eyewitness they can in order to slob the whole thing over with the kind of local [...]

Lindsey Vonn’s Best Girlfriends Aren’t Very Good at Their Job


Turtle Princess: Hey girl hey, so a little birdie told me you posted some news on your Facebook, so come on — spill the deets! Lindsey Vonn: Weelll, you know how I’ve not been answering text messages and letting your phone calls go to voice mail? Turtle Princess: Hmmmph, Do I ever. Like something’s more important than [...]

Play On, Playa

steve urkel jailed

Some fellas are just born with the game, AMIRITE LADIES? Here’s the thing, John. I can’t back you up here.. but I understand. Them sprinkles was RIGHT THERE. I mean look at those sprinkles. Sprinkles is good, everybody knows that.  Every day in the kitchen all colorful and bright — it’s like ever since sprinkles got easier to [...]

The Annual OHN Valentine’s Day Mix – The Proposal


Various – 2013 VDay Mix.mp3 (press play first, then read)   When do you know? I mean, you feel it inside. You know the way you are together. You wake up thinking of that special someone. Wondering if you’re going to see them today. You go to text them. It’s sappy and corny to keep [...]

No Means No, Dude


I’ll always loved this tune — but every now and then (especially if you haven’t seen this video in a while) you kind of realize that if anyone other than Michael were to try this approach on a woman on a city street corner in the middle of the night all you’d really end up [...]

The Catfish Phenomenon


Bolstered perhaps by the recent hoax scandal surrounding college football star Manti Te’o, the popularity of the MTV reality show Catfish has seriously taken off. But is the popularity of the show simply another viral reality show craze, or is there something deeper at work here? Based on the concept of a 2010 documentary film [...]

The Men’s RoundTable: When You’re In Love With a Beautiful Woman


Everybody loves the supermodels. What’s the worst thing about men, ladies — The constantly wandering eyes? The not realizing the value of what’s sitting right in front of you just because the waitress has her boobs hanging halfway out and talks with a squeak? The constant divide between how much he says you are the [...]

The Men’s RoundTable: He Said/She Said (Part 2)


One of the things that makes relationships difficult is that the things that often draw us to our partners when we first meet them eventually have very little to do with the day-to-day workings of maintaining a healthy partnership or raising a family. And when the thrust of your lives together begins to shift from the [...]

The Men’s RoundTable: He Said/She Said (Part 1)


Everyone will always tell you that relationships are about communication. That the key to solving any issue between two people is openly discussing the circumstances and feelings involved. But what isn’t always discussed are the dangers that come from non-verbal communication.  From the first impressions that people’s actions give us.  After all, it’s not always [...]

The Men’s RoundTable: Money Money Money, Monnnnnaaaay!


Dual incomes suuuure sounds like a sweet deal, doesn’t it? Twice the money! Twice the stuff! And we’re so in love, it’s not like we’ll ever disagree on how to spend the cash or how to manage the bank accounts or how we can’t afford a new flat screen TV this year because it’s almost [...]

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