I’m supporting Black 8th grade Heavy Metal band for all the ‘wrong’ reasons.


Unlocking the Truth, a heavy metal band comprised of three 8th-graders from Brooklyn, has been signed to a two-album recording contract with Sony. The deal comes with a $60,000 up-front advance and an option for four additional LPs. The band, made up of guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse, 13, bassist Alec Atkins, 13, and drummer Jarad Dawkins, [...]

SSC: What Folk Wants 4Christmas?


Fvck y’all if y’all think Folk late. It’s still Sunday where Folk nuts sweating. So what da fvck does Folk want for Christmas. Yeah, Folk could be on some cheese and say some ol’normal shyt like Folk’s bills getting paid, A fvcking Benz, and Santa can get off Folk’s dayck and drop a lil punani [...]

SSC: Is beauty in the eye of the beholder?

eye eyeball beauty

Beauty. That intrinsic animal concept that drives us to go to extraordinary lengths, in some cases, to achieve this well defined undefined concept. Yes, that statement is indeed true. We say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yet we allow our interpretations of beauty to be constantly defined via social concentric circles of [...]

SSC: the rise of racism and stupidity in America? click here…


recent events have people running in the streets bukket azz nekkid crying screaming fussing yelling and d@mned near loosing their motherfvcking minds! motherfvckers saying shyt that blacks deserve the injustice they receive, mexicans should be shot on site at boarder crossings, and who gives a fvck about unity? its fvcking white history month! so all [...]

The Men’s Roundtable: The Ex Factor


Like it or not, every relationship you’re in has an effect on you. From your first school crush deciding he liked sitting next to the cheerleaders at lunch instead of you to that one guy in college who did that trick with his hands, we learn a lot of the things we like (and too [...]

What the verdict means to me as a black father.


Many readers of OHN have asked me why I have remained mostly silent on the Issue of Trayvon Martin and George ZImmerman over the past few weeks as the trial took America through the paces with daily updates and debates. The reason why is that I’ve almost become numb. Numb to the facts and realities [...]

SSC: Trayvon Martin found guilty!


of being black, male, and attempting to defend himself from george zimmerman. everyone knows that which is portrayed in the media repeatedly, broadcast nightly into the homes across the globe on the american nightly news, and accurately reproduced in movies shown to the world that black men look suspicious because of our unnaturally slow and [...]

SSC: tampons – the secret engineered perilous projectile


yes. Folk is back byotches. reveal in Folk’s presence and tremble at the p!sstivity before you. bow in honor that Folk is bringing you commentary again from the bowels of Folk’s intestine’s mixed with swine and bbq sauce. and today what’s troubling Folk is the dangers of tampons revealed by the smart caucasian male cousins [...]

Dammit! Nagging is never acceptable, ladies, and i’ll tell you exactly what nagging is.


A few months ago, we had a discussion in the Men’s Roundtable regarding nagging and how nagging is simply never acceptable behaviour for a woman. It was also stated and agreed upon by the majority of men there that nagging is a deal breaker and that under no exception should it be tolerated. During the [...]

The Men’s Roundtable: The Red Badge of Courage


Are you waving the flag this holiday weekend? Did you ride in on the tide? Is Aunt Flo visiting? Did you take out a brief policy with the Crimson Permanent Assurance? Women’s bodies are amazing complex systems built to do things that men’s bodies probably couldn’t even begin to handle. Unfortunately, to keep this complex [...]

A few ‘words’ about Rachel Jeantel and why you need to step-up off her ovaries.


Much love to PhenomBlak from our friends over at WM40a *Sits down* *Takes a quick breather* What’s up Ohnawlians?  I hope folks are good and rested because it’s been one hell of a week.  Voting Rights De-Acts, Gays winning like Oprah told them all to look under their seats, Some stuff about Abortion I didn’t really [...]

How do you deal with friends and family whose political and life views differ from yours entirely.


With the Paula Deen fiasco, the Supreme Court’s gutting key parts of the 1965 Voter Rights Act this past week has particularly been a hotbed of political and social activity in the United States. and yes I know it’s been quite the storm of political unrest and activity throughout certain parts of the world especially [...]

The Men’s Roundtable: Location Location Location


When you meet that special someone, it’s not just their looks or their sense of humor that makes you all tingly inside when you see them. More often than not it’s about the moment. That one space in time where you’re there — and the other person is there, and the moment (even if it’s [...]

So some simpleminded heffas out there think the new Robin Thicke song is “rapey”


*sigh* I need for these heffas to get some business or some dack whichever will stop them from being so simpleminded. From Clutch Magazine: Robin Thicke, the R&B crooner with the sensual vocals, is reigning at the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart with his summertime hit, “Blurred Lines.” The top spot is a first [...]

Unlocking The Truth . 12 yr old metal azz metal kids are more awesome at 12 than your azz is right now.

untold truth

I love the ish out of these kids…… but they are so damn awesome and talented… that I hate the ish out of these kids…. and then they had the nerve to kick all types of azz at this performance…. I mean really… These kids….. wow…. May they be everything they want and work to [...]

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