The Beyhive is upset at unretouched photos of their queen.

First of all let me just put it out there first and foremost that from the bottom of my heart I just feel the need to say what other bloggers are afraid to and that is this:

The Beyhive can eat a dick.

I like Beyonce. I likes her plenty. I think her music is awesome, her performances are amazing and I truly believe she is a most talented artist. But I hate the beyhive with the burning fire of a thousand stars. The Beyhive are to Beyonce fans as the West Boro Baptist Church are to Christians.  Yeah I said it.


But I digress.

..they can still eat a dick’tho.

More than 200 unretouched photos from Beyonce’s 2013 L’Oreal cosmetic campaign were leaked on a fan site called The Beyonce World on Tuesday, showing fans that she’s human like everyone else.

beyonce_untouched_01 beyonce_untouched

The 33-year-old superstar, known for her hit track Flawless, appears to have uneven and pimply skin under heavily applied foundation in the pre-Photoshop images.

Beyonce has yet to comment on the unretouched photos, which were immediately taken down by the website soon after they were posted. (They were picked up by Complex and Gawker.)

The outtakes appear to be from Beyonce’s adverts for L’Oreal’s Feria and Infallible products, which advertise hair dyes, lipsticks and foundations. [source]

The Beyhive flipped out so hard about all of this that the Beyonce FAN site that posted the pics as an homage to Beyonce being normal, removed the pictures as to not incur the wraith of the hive.

“Due to the disdain of the BeyHive, we have removed the photos. We don’t want to cause any drama, nor do we wish to start fan wars. Some of the things we have seen posted were just horrible, and we don’t want any parts of it. We were just posting the photos to share the fact that our queen is naturally beautiful, at the same time she is just a regular woman.” – BeyonceWorld

This is me wishing a hive WOULD punk me…

I think on her worst day, Beyonce is still fine ass fine. Hell I think these so-called flaws in the pictures are a breath of fresh air as we get to see her looking like herself. I need to understand what is it exactly that you Beyhive fools think she is supposed to look like 24/7?? Perfection? No. She is a human being. A woman. And this is what a human being is going to look like with 2 layers of Sherwin Williams-ass make-up on her skin up under harsh ass harsh lights. Those lights could cook a gatdamn In n Out Burger. Those fools act like Beyonce wakes up every morning from her Chrysalis looking like a being of light n shyt.

What Beyonce looks like when she awakens in the morn in the eyes of the Beyhive.

What Beyonce looks like when she awakens in the morn in the eyes of the Beyhive.


Damn. Let your damn Queen be a real person.  Love her “flaws and All”.

Just a matter of time now before they attack server and crash the site.

Oh well. I said it and I meant it.

Beyhive swarming around like Naraku’s Poison Insects n shyt


I bet the majority of the Beyhive can tell you every song on every one of Beyonce’s albums and song length, but can’t name the last 4 Presidents or 3 of their kid’s teachers.

I’m supporting Black 8th grade Heavy Metal band for all the ‘wrong’ reasons.


Unlocking the Truth, a heavy metal band comprised of three 8th-graders from Brooklyn, has been signed to a two-album recording contract with Sony. The deal comes with a $60,000 up-front advance and an option for four additional LPs.

The band, made up of guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse, 13, bassist Alec Atkins, 13, and drummer Jarad Dawkins, 12, was founded in 2007 and has been riding the lightning to metal fame thanks to a steady run of heavy-beyond-their-years busking in Times Square and Washington Square Park . Now the Daily News reports that the boys have finalized a deal with Sony that could net them as much as $1.7 million over a possible 6 albums.

“What started out as play dates went to Times Square and now this. It’s been one great thing after another,” Dawkins’s mother, Tabatha, told the News. The boys competed in the Apollo Theater’s amateur night (under the name Tears of Blood, no less) and have unleashed their middle-school riffage at venues like Webster Hall and the Coachella music festival. Unlocking the Truth is currently touring the country as a part of the Vans Warped Tour and recently took time off from pre-algebra class to open for Gun N Roses in Las Vegas.

Having scored the deal as minors (what were you doing during with your wasted years at that age?) the 8th graders’ Sony contract had to be approved and filed in Manhattan Supreme Court. The deal is remarkable on account of more than just the band’s age, band manager Alan Sacks affirmed. “Sacks says the boys have a chance of becoming the new face of rock because they are unique — black artists excelling in heavy metal, a genre typically dominated by white musicians,”the Post writes.

Details on the band’s debut release are still unclear, but when it does drop you should buy it. Because metal is awesome and folksy-bearded Brooklyn desperately needs more metal. Watch Brickhouse, Atkins, and Dawkins shred Times Square below. [source]

Along with many other of you, a friend of mine sent this into OHN very excited about the accomplishment of these young kids.

Seeing three young black males embracing the awesomeness of the guitar and reclaiming the helm of Rock and following in the footsteps of such awesome Black Heavy Metal cats as Living Colour, literally made the hairs on the back on the nape of my neck stand high.  My response to my friend was simply this: “Young Black kids doing Rock n Roll? I’ll support it no matter what.” Rightfully so I….guess, my friend’s rebuttal was this: “Why not support them simply because it’s kids doing good, not because they are black? Seems like the wrong reason to support them.”

This was my response…

When you’ve live in a world where you are constantly judged as different from “the norm”, ask me that question.
When you live in a world where you are constantly judged as different even WITHIN your own larger racial orientation, ask me that question.

I will support these young black kids for doing Metal purely because they dare to go against the grain and against the “norm” in regards to what black kids should spend their time doing.

I will support them for all the other young black kids out there who want to do, say or be something different than what everyone around them says they should be.

I will support them for the Black kid in the inner city who wants to show just how smart he/she really is in class but is afraid of being picked on and or ostracized by the other kids for being a punk-ass nerd.

I will support them for the black kid who would rather spend time and money dressing up as their favourite video game, comic book or anime character but then be told by those outside the counter culture and within that they can’t do that.

I will support them for all the people who forgot where Rock and Roll came from and how as Black people, we were the ones who originally created the spark of what would become Rock.

I will support them for all the adults who wished they were brave enough as kids to have been who they really were rather than what others told them to be.

I will support if for ALL children who regardless of age, race, gender or sexuality would dare to be different from what their peers tell them is the cool thing to be.

I will support them for all these “wrong” reasons.

..and you can agree with them or not.

SSC: What Folk Wants 4Christmas?

Fvck y’all if y’all think Folk late. It’s still Sunday where Folk nuts sweating.

So what da fvck does Folk want for Christmas. Yeah, Folk could be on some cheese and say some ol’normal shyt like Folk’s bills getting paid, A fvcking Benz, and Santa can get off Folk’s dayck and drop a lil punani with a bow and no fvcking relatives. And can some of this fvcking stress just blow?!?!

But nawl dat ain’t Folk style. Here’s what Folk really want for da holis!

  1. Pretty White Skin: Folk lives on a planet where there are benefits to have a pale completion. What? DJM. Just keeping it real!

    And if Folk can’t get that then some pics of white breast will suffice. Ladies send dem pics to email.folk”at” [ouch! WTF! Shyt!] Never mind [rubs black eye]…

    Okay seriously, let’s do this shyt!

  2. Stop the war on Christmas:  Its fvcking insane!  We been at this war for … how long???  Too long D@mnit!  How many children got to die in this senseless war?  How many parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and others have to get trampled on Black Friday or loose their life savings on Cyber Monday?  The army that Santa has amassed over the centuries makes this war ridiculous.  Those fvcking elves are evil as shyt!  And that fvcker got flying fvcking reindeer!  The reindeer fvcking flying!  That motherfvcking Nick got red and white gats!  He be bus’n fvckers!  He be bus’n!!!  [tear falls from eye]  St Nick be bus’n y’all…
  3. Legalize light’n up and smoke’n trees:  Folk don’t even see what the issue is with this one.  It is so common, people buying this shyt on the street corners, and people be light’n up d@mned near er’day this time of the year.  Not like the police intervening.  Hell even the government have events showcasing how spectacular they can light up that green.  Stores even sell the tools necessary to get the most out of the time honored tradition that brings so much joy to millions and calms the salvage soul.  Hell its just a fvcking Christmas tree!  Fold don’t get it.  Legalize this shyt.  And yet Folk understand why you don’t wanna burn fake trees, shouldn’t be a d@mned problem with smoke’n a real one.  Shyt ain’t gonna stop global warming so we should all be at liberty to just light ’em up!
  4. Kwanzaa:  Seriously?  This still a fvcking consideration?  Seriously?  Folk ain’t time for this shyt!  Next!
  5. Pi$$ing on Perfection:  Isn’t there enough d@mned stress for motherfvckers to add to it with motherfcvking fake azz expectations that a single motherfvcking day has to be somewhat perfect?  WTF!?!?!  Who da fvck cares!  Why motherfvckers got to act civilized on one fvcking day?  Why da fvck does a fvcking meal has to be textbook perfect on one fvcking day when any other day motherfvckers down with Pizza Hot Pockets with Lowery’s Season salt and MickyDs fries?  Fvck Christmas and all the fvcking commercialized perfection that comes with it!  Folk didn’t like y’all azzes on the 24th ain’t shyt changed on the 25th of Dec other than the calendar.  So don’t go bringing couz’n Rae Rae around who Folk fvcking hate more than an annual rectal exam with da doc who’s 7’5″ and expect Folk to be fvcking all jolly and shyt!  Fvck Rae Rae and fvck you for thinking ol’ fvcking Saint Nick touched Folk’s bawlz with da Christmas spirit.  If it wasn’t da lips of a long hair, face [ that closely resembles MC or Sade ], double d bare breasted female fairy with scrumptious legs licking da back of Folk’s bawlz with a happy ending then Folk ain’t got no fvcking Christmas Spirit!

MC Christmas
So in the spirit of getting Folk’s dayck slurp’d like a Popsicle on a hot summer day by a poor college student during summer recess in the water park, Happy Holidays and Merry Kriszma.

What y’all want for Kriszma?

SSC: Is beauty in the eye of the beholder?

eye eyeball beautyBeauty. That intrinsic animal concept that drives us to go to extraordinary lengths, in some cases, to achieve this well defined undefined concept.

Yes, that statement is indeed true.

We say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yet we allow our interpretations of beauty to be constantly defined via social concentric circles of influence.

In modern times the economic influence of the western world has dominated the world’s perception and has held hostage the concept of what defines beauty for some while.

We are bombarded with images, ideas, and concepts of what “ideal” beauty is. Driven by male overlords who are obsessed with youth, control, and intimately narcissistic creatures.

But this is about a phrase that is constantly being recycled throughout our society to hoodwink and deceive the general populace that beauty is indeed not in the eye of the beholder but carefully manipulated by a few to capitalized on this universal idea of “to each its own” that NO ONE controls beauty. That beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder and that each individual can achieve this undefined level of attractiveness.

And this is where the politically oriented and money driven media plays its most self-righteous card; constantly bombarding us with retouched images and brainwashing us into accepting their artificially enhanced symmetrical lines of human design as the universally preferred ones to drive spending habits and massacre individual self image.

So is beauty in the eye of the beholder? Yes. But the question becomes did the individual form that definition apart from the social engineered definition that drives profits? So the question becomes, can beauty be defined solely by the soul that beholds what is observed by those eyes?

SSC: the rise of racism and stupidity in America? click here…

recent events have people running in the streets bukket azz nekkid crying screaming fussing yelling and d@mned near loosing their motherfvcking minds!

motherfvckers saying shyt that blacks deserve the injustice they receive, mexicans should be shot on site at boarder crossings, and who gives a fvck about unity? its fvcking white history month! so all you other fvckers go back to where you came from.

…and in the mist of all this displaced native americans isolated on small tracks of mostly unusable land and in a majority of cases without adequate services don’t know what da fvck all the noise is about because a fair share of them don’t have means or access to information via OTA tele services, cable, or the internet due to the adjunct poverty the majority of them live in.

what has caused this growth in animosity among americans? declining educational efforts by the failing public school systems? increased arsenic in the public water supply? too much “special” in the mcD’s special sauce with the faux lettuce and processed cheese? plummeting punnani street value?


Folk blaming the illusion of increased racism and apparent stupidity in america on social media!

Yup since the early days of DOS bulletin boards and AOL chat, people have been able to “connect” unlike ever before in human history. social media sites like to brag how they give a voice to the voiceless, information to the uniformed, and freedom to the oppressed. all you need to be free today is a “smart”phone.

sure social media has uncovered quite a few conspiracies, aided oppressed people to rise up and overthrow corrupt governments, to unify the masses to rise up against injustice, and bring together distant societies unlike any nude pony express rider ever could. but here in america, social media brought rise to something else other than males members on porn sites. that is giving the loan racist and stupid azz fvcker a megaphone and a way to congregate in online forums with other like minded morons.

see its hard to be a closet racist if you’re in backyard south west alabama on 30 acres of land in the mist of a bunch of “dem” peoples. you have to shop among “dem folks”, socialize to some extent with “dem daggits”, and interact with “those” people from time to time. enter single coax cable or cat5e line to your home, a megar 500.00 device, or a 100.00 subsidized portable “smart” telephony device and you now have access to a whole “k”clan (silent k) of people to “arouse” your anger.

television stations quickly adapted a new policy of conglomerate isolation and fragmentation of the “unification” of america to specialize services for a “particular” demographic – all for the benefit of the audience$$$$. Right?!?!

the internet was born in this cesspool of “targeted demographic” isolation marketing. as such, from day one the advent of the chat room was based on this concept that you can meet with “like” minded “individuals”.

with every technology there is an angel and there is an underlying lurking evil ready to devour the souls of its users. with the internet that evil was misjudged as lasciviousness. the worry by many in america was how do we protect our children from the rampant tidday and dayck show that was online 24 hours a day as long as you could connect at 9.4 or 14.4 kbps. lasciviousness was not the demon of concern. NOPE.

Not hard to call a motherfvcker a N!gger, Gringo, Wetb@ck, S!anteye, Dayck Dibber, Pu$$ypaster, 6th toe hoe, dwarf pinky finger butthole scratcher, sh!tfaced donkey dog, or jabba turd behind a keyboard in the isolation of your home, car, or brothel. Especially when you know that regardless of what you say, there is another rotting genitalia fvck sitting on a toilet somewhere else that will instantly have your twitter back. throw a media hoard on the fire to generate some views for old media and you got a shyt storm of hatred brewing that cannot be put out; that some, Folk may add, does not want this fire put out!

these “conversations” bring about calculated and expected results that generate hoards of cash for the owners of the pipes as our souls are sold on the behind the internet curtain of advertisement and “personalized” product placement.

it is with these “clicks” that the divide between races, religions, gender, etc grow. it is with these “clicks” that emphasis is put on celebrities and not children educational failings. it is with these “clicks” that we, as a society, is devolving into emotional primal circles of division, all because we can now be remotely brave within our isolated “clicks” without being in a true physical “click” in the world that would bring pause before you just hollered out a racial slur at some unknown citizen.

what we are seeing in america and throughout the world is what happens when our “clicks” within the sphere of the interwebs give voices to our souls in a physical world. we turn these “clicks” and “connections” that are dipped in the pool of fear, rubbed with ignorance, and shaped by selfishness into actions that affect public policy, shape our laws, and determine our social views. in short, our online personas have come from behind the keyboards and are now out and running in these streets unsupervised.

the internet is a powerful drug. an aphrodisiac. a hallucinogen. one where the user can believe their own lies when they traverse the streets.

maybe the internet should come with a warning “use of this informational portal can cause long term physical and mental alteration. this portal can increase your awareness or it can limit your long term mental prognosis. the choice is yours. choose your clicks wisely.”

maybe we should institute a license requirement to use the internet. children under a certain age cannot log on without adult supervision. licenses would have to be renewed every few years. and if you’re convicted in a court of law you’re imposed with internet restrictions. how powerful is a law that says if you cause an accident while texting and driving you’ll loose the privilege to text for a specified time period?

the internet is akin to power tools. use them incorrectly and you can cause a lifetime of hurt, pain, and suffering for yourself or someone else. used properly and you can create works of art.

Folk don’t know for sure. this was just Folk’s rambling about Folk’s feelings on the perceived rise of racism and stupidity in america. what do you think? is the internet, specifically social media, responsible for this perception that america is growing more divided and stupid by giving an unfiltered voice to those who historically would shut da fvck up? or is there a real underlying devolution of our society causing this divide?