Caption This – Lil Boss Edition


” I don’t like playing patty cake…but when i do…i play with your chick..and your chick..and your chick..and yours..and yours. ”    

Laugh and go to hell – yeah, y’all are going to hell.


First one of you that laughs is getting punched in the vagina or kicked in the dick….. Because dammit, I love this girl’s confidence. And if she had a fist, i’d give her mad daps, all types of daps.   I know you punks aren’t laughing….. somebody get me a switch.  

Milk in My Sippy Cup


Sittin’ sideways in my truck, that’s just how I roll.. I probably should have saved this for MFK, but that groove is just too good not to share. Now of course sippy cups are nice an all, but I think even little Max would still vote for preferring to get it the old fashioned way. [...]

Tryin to Catch Me Ridin’ Dirty


Watch your back, Omar’s comin!   Queen Elizabeth II (last seen jumping out of an airplane with James Bond) was caught in this surprising photo over the weekend — proving once again my theory that regardless of what parliament or her crazy naked relatives are doing — there still is only one Queen. Her Majesty [...]

Caption This….


:: jacked from ::

Caption This — Michelle Ain’t Havin’ It Edition


As much respect and admiration as I have for the esteemed first lady of our nation (seriously Michelle, call me) — there’s no way I’m just gonna let something like this slide by without taking a few shots at it with my friends. [Source] “Tha Hell did you just call me!?” “You call that a [...]

Caption This: Sunburns. Why being black is awwwwwwesome.


This is the thing about being not only black, but being blackety blackety black…… i am never worried about a damn thing the sun can do to me. Just a lil sunscreen for the sake of not getting skin cancer and what not and I’m good to go on my crispety crackety darky ways. ..and [...]

Caption this or say something nice…big bellied sixers fan…


In the words of my homey-heffa baby lady girl: Jemele Hill:” Jesus be a gastric Bypass surgery!!” Confidence on a hundred…thousand.. trillion Oh and if just the sight of all that…that…that mass wasn’t enough for you?  Well then why not watch it in all of it’s motiony goodness….. and then ask yourself: Thanks to Darrell [...]

Caption this – Big ol booty edition


Now I’ve never BEEN to Brazil and from what i’ve heard, no married man who wishes to keep a happy home should ever go. I’m told Brazil is to big booties and long hair what the Islands are to mandingo dacks and pulverized vaginas.  Therefore having your man go on a boys only trip to [...]

Caption This….


Other than a gatdamn zombie apacolypse, I cant understand why a mufugga would seek refuge this high atop some shyt. Some dangerous shyt even. Just all sitting there like a blackety black-ass gargoyle or some shyt. This is most bootlegg-azz Verizon Commercial ever….

Say something nice…but i’ve got questions.


I sat here with Wanna for about 10 minutes as we wondered whether or not this was male or female.  Dammit I still don’t know.  What I DO know is that I don’t appreciate Pat rocking Slaus textured knees n ish. I’ve got a real problem with that right there, homey. Other than that though… [...]

Caption This. Cage full of b*tches.


my big-ass has participated in my fair share of debauchery, role-play and other such sexual shenanigans –  many of which are probably illegal in a few states, and SURELY in violation of both Black laws and Man laws. But whatever… It’s gonna be between ME, St. peter, them… maybe the police… and the shyt is [...]

SOMEONE explain this…


I’ve seen, heard about and done alot of ignant azz things in my day, especially as a kid ass kid.  Hell, once I can remember sticking playdoh up my nose a lil too far, then panicking and running to my mom for help. It was WAY up there. But on the way to the Er, [...]

Caption This: Booty-up B*tches edition.


When King entered the center, those bitches knew what time it was….

Caption this: Bully aint shyt edition.


I don’t usually just grab your personal pictures from your pages and use them without telling you beforehand. Also, i believe in never asking permission to do shyt.. only forgiveness. So if Bully gets pissed off at me and wanna fight me all in this face with his big burly azz, oh well. I’ll just [...]

I dunno what i'm putting here yet. It'll be something ignorant though.
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