Say Something nice – ol Gator-neck looking fool

I don’t know what he got arrested for but if you told me it involved eating frozen hot pockets and swallowing goats whole… i would believe you.


Man if this big-ol boheem Boo Radley looking-azz fool doesn’t sit down somewhere. Nappy-neck chewy chewy chomp-azz Constructicons merge to form Devastator-azz.

If he is mentally slow then I apologize whole-heartedly but…. it might not be a good idea to allow Corky n nem to get this damn swoley bigs. They can’t fit the right peg into the right slot and end up hulk smashing the whole damn rec center.

Turn da Lights on – The Remix! Special New Music Tuesday!!

Y’all can blame Phenomblak for this sh*t right here!!

I really need to reevaluate my friendship with him!

She said she was lookin’ for it! Well I think that’s a she

But wait Phenom said on twitter: Why her teef covered with a Wonka Bar Golden Ticket tho?

It’s a remix so somewhere there is an original version? Lawd save the children