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Say Something Nice – Why ya momma gotta be involved??

Last Thursday after a little conversation with a few of you via chat, I decided to look into the feasibility of doing an OHN NSFW site and decided that it would be an interesting idea. First thing I decided to do was to begin scouring my favourite corners of the web which held the most aintshyt shyt I could find. Because this way I could easily come up with posts and not need to worry about too much extra work. Well.. cruising the most aintshyt sections of the blogosphere landed me on such things... such stuff...... seriously!! Bytch I've seen things and i've seen stuff!!!!! And I wouldn't recommend either. But because I had to see the pure effary and soul souring shenanigans that I did, I figure it only nice to share it all..... So enjoy, hookers!! Say Something nice.... SO mad this ratrchet yamp got Memaw involved in the shyt.... But not as mad as the landlord is gonna be from having to replace that damn counter. Ganch is leaving all types of bad decisions and girth about the surface.

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Say Something Nice – But she is wider than all outside.

Avatar Ang is going to need all the bending powers in the world to stop her from getting his pizza slice. Also for the person taking the pic. who the hell goes to Costco just for some salmon, tortellini and sour cream!!????   Man... how the hell is she even MOBILE!??  How does one even move this much...girth n shyt!!???? Howwwww.... How does she wiiiipe!??? Ohhh God I just imagined the logistics of it all and it can now never be unseeeeeen............

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Say Something Nice – LESS Confidence and more Clothing edition.

STOP calling ish like this; CONFIDENCE!!!!  It's not confidence, it's gatdamn foooolishness!!!! If I got my fat-ass atop your house and jumped off using a pillow case and moonshoes, you aren't going sit there talking about: "Slaus sure is confident in himself." Nawl, you will sit there and say: " His big-ass knew better...." HER big-ass knows better!!!!!! :: throwing ish :: Confidence? Nawl... COONfidence.

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