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Busting a nut in my coffee and living is what you’re not gonna do. bruh.

All week I have been thinking of something thought provoking for us to discuss this friday. Something that could be a preverbial meeting of the minds if you will. I had the whole idea worked out but then..... I heard about a bytch busting nuts in coffee and living to tell the tale. A man has been cleared of sexual assault charges after admitting he ejaculated into a female co-worker's coffee cup. (Cleared...of sexual assault...charges. Should he have hit her all in the forehead with his penis first??) John Robert Lind was originally charged with sexual assault, but a loophole in Minnesota law doesn't categorize his behavior as a sex crime, a judge ruled. (Man the law betta recognize! Dude jizzed in her coffee, man! He shot cock snot...in her coffee!!)  The victim, Pat Maahs, says she is fighting the ruling and hopes to close the loophole, which would require Lind to register as a sex offender. According to Maahs, she and Lind worked together for 14 years at Beisswengers hardware store in New Brighton, Minnesota.  Over the past six months, she noticed her coffee tasted funny. (ok..I laughed.) According to Maahs, she caught her co-worker at her desk and noticed a puddle of fluid.  That's when she realized what had been [...]

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You will hate me and yourself if you click on this post

Don't say I didn't warn you I give you Angelo in all of his Delusions of Grandeur For some reason he disabled embedding on his "official" video for his first single but here is the link. Yes this fool has a single out on iTunes.

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Woman Divorces Husband Over Massive Penis.

A Nigerian woman filed for divorce from her husband because his penis was too big, according to media reports. Aisha Dannupawa, a housewife and mother-of-three, asked for her marriage to husband Ali Maizinari to be dissolved due to his large manhood. Their divorce was granted after just one week of marriage in a Islamic Sharia court in Nigeria's Zamfara State. She told the court she had married Maizinari after her first marriage failed. As part of the local tradition, before settling into her husband's home the bride was invited to move into his parents' house. But it was only when the couple first had sex she claimed that the trauma began. (Bruh..she said the dick caused Trauma, son. Did y'all read that Planet Earth? Trauma.) 'When he came, we had sex but the experience was a nightmare. Instead of enjoying the sex, it turned out to be something else, because his penis was too big,' she told the court, according to Nigeria's Tribune. After their first unsuccessful attempt at making love, she took medication given to her by her mother. (Her momma gave her some damn chemical X, y'all. Momma tried to save her baby's inside parts from the dick). 'I told my mother the experience but she told me to endure [...]

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Maaybe God is trying to tell you something. Woman thrown from rolling car, through a church window.

I feel like, if this happened to the strongest of Athiests, they would LEAST have to wonder ass wonder... TRINITY, Texas -- A Texas woman is lucky to be alive after her rolling vehicle threw her through a church window into a pew early Tuesday morning. The accident happened about 4:30am near Highway 19 and F.M. 1617 in Trinity in east Texas. The Trinity Police Department says the woman was a passenger in the car with another man and an infant when the car left the roadway, flipping several times. Neither the man nor the woman had seat belts on and both were ejected from the vehicle. The infant was in a car seat and loosely seat-belted in and remained in the car unhurt. The woman could have been thrown into the side of the church, but luckily, went through a stained glass window before landing on the floor in front of a pew. The woman suffered only minor injuries, not even getting cut when thrown through the glass. Trinity Police Chief Steven Jones said the Trinity Chapel church is an historical building and thinks the brittle wood and stained glass of the window broke away easily. The male passenger was able to walk away after the accident and all three occupants [...]

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Stop posing people after they are dead ass dead, please.

When I first thought of this post I was going to approach it as: "Dear Brown people, stop posing your relatives after death." But then I remembered that actually this is a tradition that goes back to the first days of the camera. It was quite common for people to be photographed with their deceased children for one (shudders) as well as other close relatives. So this is not at all anything new and in some cultures it has a deep meaning. But i'm not a member of ANY of those cultures soooooooo I"M about to be judgmental and ignant ass ignant!!! Heeeere we go! An eccentric South American man known for his Green Lantern costume ended up wearing it even when he was dead, after being embalmed and dressed in the outfit to welcome guests to his own funeral. Renato Garcia, 55, had found the costume in a box next to be a bin in the city of San Juan, in the north-eastern Puerto Rico and was known for wearing it around his local area. When he died last week after suffering a severe asthma attack, his family decided it was appropriate that he was also buried in it. So after he was embalmed, his body was then propped up in the [...]

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