I SAID that b*tch is crazy

//I SAID that b*tch is crazy

Watch Ambz and Slaus Discuss ABSOLUTE ABSURDITY.

We can all agree that World Star Videos are awful, right? Well, I came across this video on my Tumblr. Just popped up on my feed and had never seen it before. I've blacked out (or ReD'd out) some of the image because it's extremely NSFW. So be warned. But if you want to watch it...and it's absolutely ABSURD, folks. Watch it here: http://bit.ly/1iTF0Hh Now that you've watched it, you might be interested in the conversation it spurned between Slaus and I:                       \                                                   Now that you've seen what WE had to say, what do YOU think about this video?

In what in the entire f**k news

I almost can't believe this story right here! The “Cannibal Cop” case sank to a new level of depravity Monday when prosecutors said the cop’s partner in perversion wanted to make his own 3-year-old stepdaughter a sex slave and offered up his two nieces for rape. NYPD Officer Gilberto Valle’s accused co-conspirator, Michael Van Hise, was arrested last week on charges of plotting kidnapping and was ordered held without bail Monday for allegedly planning fiendish crimes against children in his own family. Van Hise’s lawyer Alice Frontier accused prosecutors of building a case on just racy talk — but prosecutors say Van Hise’s abnormal plotting with Valle went way beyond fantasy to felony. For example, Van Hise sent a photo of his wife’s 7-year-old niece to two individuals in the Yahoo.com chat room, offering her and her 9-year-old sister for rape. He also suggested he had diabolical designs on his own stepdaughter, prosecutors said. “He (Van Hise) suggests that ‘there are three we can rape, et cetera ...,’ ” federal prosecutor Randall Jackson said at Van Hise’s bail hearing Monday. B*tch you is not smart, you is not kind. You is stupid! “The 3-year-old (stepdaughter) he wants to keep as his sex slave,” Jackson added, referring to Van Hise’s online [...]

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Floridian shoots whiny customer for complaining..then justifies it with Stand Your Ground Law….Florida..serious?

A Florida man is using the state’s “stand your ground” law as a defense after he shot a customer who was complaining about slow service at a St. Petersburg Little Caesars Pizza restaurant. Randall White, 49, was in line waiting for his pizza on Sunday when he began complaining that he wasn’t being served fast enough. According to the Tampa Bay Times, 52-year-old Michael Jock was also in line and scolded White for whining. The two began arguing and it eventually “became a shoving match,” police spokesperson Mike Puetz said. After White allegedly raised his fist, Jock pulled out a .38 Taurus Ultralight Special Revolver and fired a shot into the man’s torso. A second shot also hit White in the torso. One round became lodged in the restaurant wall. When police arrived, Jock told them that the shooting had been justified under Florida’s “stand your ground” law, which says that gun owners do not have a “duty to retreat.” “He felt he was in his rights,” Puetz explained. “He brought it up specifically and cited it to the officer.” Jock, who had a concealed-carry permit, told police that White had an object in his hand, but later abandoned that story under police questioning. “We determined it did not reach a level where [...]

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All you need to know is you need to click this….

I...I....and...and then...but it's....because...and then she.....I've got nothing. Terri Graham, a mother of two, couldn't breastfeed her children. But, she's now fulfilling her maternal desire in an unorthodox way -- by breastfeeding her 9-year-old daughter's dog, a pug named Spider. In an interview published in the Oct. 20 U.K. edition of Closer magazine, Graham, 44, said that she knows some people might consider her a "freak," but insisted that her breastfeeding nourishes the dog, and makes her feel like a better mom. "Having Spider suckle on my boob means I finally feel complete and a better mother," Graham told Closer. Graham, who is from California, claimed that the dog developed a taste for breast milk in 2010 after licking the nipple of a bottle she had pumped for her then-newborn son. She says she has breastfed the dog for about 2 years. A photo of the article about Graham was posted to a Reddit forum devoted to strange and outrageous news, where it quickly received more than 2,000 "upvotes" and rose to the site's front page. Although the comments were riddled with jokes, one user pointed out that a British woman had reportedly breastfed her dog in 2010. A psychologist interviewed for the magazine piece suggested that Graham seek therapy, but stranger incidents involving canines have occurred in the [...]

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