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Watch Ambz and Slaus Discuss ABSOLUTE ABSURDITY.

We can all agree that World Star Videos are awful, right? Well, I came across this video on my Tumblr. Just popped up on my feed and had never seen it before. I've blacked out (or ReD'd out) some of the image because it's extremely NSFW. So be warned. But if you want to watch it...and it's absolutely ABSURD, folks. Watch it here: Now that you've watched it, you might be interested in the conversation it spurned between Slaus and I:                       \                                                   Now that you've seen what WE had to say, what do YOU think about this video?

Turn da Lights on – The Remix! Special New Music Tuesday!!

Y'all can blame Phenomblak for this sh*t right here!! I really need to reevaluate my friendship with him! She said she was lookin' for it! Well I think that's a she But wait Phenom said on twitter: Why her teef covered with a Wonka Bar Golden Ticket tho? It's a remix so somewhere there is an original version? Lawd save the children

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Bus Driver uppercuts the soul out of loud-mouthed girl. I mean.. TIGER UPPER-CUT

I have said the following statements on numerous occasions:" A real man NEVER hits a woman!" " It takes a real man to walk away from a confrontation." " We should all strive to be a better person than our adversaries." I have said this and I mean it wholeheartedly and naye do I ever waiver on my steadfast beliefs. ..cept when hoodbooger werehoes are involved. Now I'm not saying it's right, and i'm not saying this man's actions won't be rife with consequences and awful repercussions. All of which could have been avoided if he would have stepped back from the situation and been the better person. I know this. But...... if the way this lil ganch's head snapped back didn't truly give me life........ He knocked the ponytail off of her damn head, people.....removed her damn coif! Matter of fact.. after that punch, this whole thing should have been looked at as a ZOmbie attack because that uppercut surely removed the life from her soul!!! Her verrry souuuuuuuuuul. In the end, what this is is an example of the darkness of the human soul. It's fragility, it's foolishness. She should have known better to be carrying on in such an undignified manner for a young woman or a human being period. Those [...]

Pastor allegedly sharing more than just prayers with some of the female members of his church

I tried to find a "legitimate" news source for this story but couldn't find anything but various blog post entries. Apparently this smooth talker was offering more than prayers all up in through the church. But his roaming dack ways have caught up with him and he has been arrested for HIV Reckless behavior in Clayton County, GA. Apparently the woman who contacted this blog has made history in being the first to file charges against someone for HIV Reckless Behavior. Excerpt from OBNOXIOUSTV: Over a four hour conversation Ronita McAfee shared with me she was a friend of Craig Lamar Davis, an ordained minister and the former Armor Barrier to Bishop Steven Hall, State Bishop of Georgia for Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship and the husband of Jannalyn Breaux Davis better known as Jan, who is the executive secretary to Bishop Paul Sylvester Morton, Presiding Bishop of the Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship. According to Ronita she meet Craig on Facebook and the two of them fast became friends chatting with each other and sending messages back and forth. It was during those many conversations on Facebook Craig shared with her he was separated and they finally agreed to meet on April 20 of this year. After meeting and hanging out on several [...]

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The Commandments of Funerals

Have you ever had a Facebook Post turn into Comedy of all Comedies? I do. A lot, actually. This particular bastion of ratchet was birthed after I attended a funeral and subsequently left in disgust at the behavior of some of the funeral-goers.  Now, I've experienced ignance at funerals before, but this experience caused me to post: The more funerals I attend the more I understand that there is always 1 (ONE) FOOL who commits an act(s) of powerful N-worddry. Can I create a Code of Conduct for my Funeral? #SeriousQuestion Then, the commandments were shared from my Facebook friends. Enjoy: Thou shalt not pack up all the repast food with tupperware YOU brought with you (I had a great aunt do that. lol) Thou Shalt Not allow the resident crackhead to sing "Going out Beyonder" Thou Shalt Not allow the fat azz distant nephew get up and talk for 10 minutes (!) about some obscure story regarding the deceased, replete with how much he hated her at one point and then how he blessed her with his words and she was humbled by it in her hospital bed :o/ Rule #1 All solos must be under 4 min and must be approved two days prior to funeral. Rule #2 soloist must [...]