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New Music Tuesday: June 3, 2014

    Artist: Shaliek Album: Blood, Sweat and Tears Genre: Soul Sounds Like: 70's and 80's power ballads Reviewer: Beth   Shaliek burst on the scene with his moderately popular song The Past. I really liked “The Past” because it reminded me of the old 80’s power ballads for some reason. How do I describe this CD? It’s actually a pretty decent CD, I like quite a few songs on here. I think my only complaint if I had to have one is I’m not sure about Shaliek’s voice. It is a little unique and at times I felt like he was doing more than his voice was capable of doing if that makes sense. As for the songs themselves, typical R&B love, love lost and all of that. A good chunk of these songs have a retro feel to it, you know that 60’s 70’s vibe. You know for the most part I’m not a fan of that because it’s never done right. But I must say Shaliek does it right, I think his voice fits that vibe quite well. Though there are a few mid-tempo songs on here the feel of the CD is really mellow. I’d say at times melancholy and other times romantic. This is a solid debut [...]

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New Music Tuesday 03/25/14

Album: The Truth Artist: Ledisi Genre: R&B Sounds Like: A little less than what I expected from her Reviewer: Bef   Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE me some Ledisi! I mean vocally this woman does no wrong! I hear at least 1 Ledisi song a day seriously. All her music stays in rotation! I’m even traveling to Indy to see her in concert next month. I LOVE this woman! So you know I was excited to hear about her releasing a new CD. I could not wait! The first single ‘I Blame You’ is a light airy R&B track and for those that don’t know who Ledisi is this is a nice introduction to her vocals. She’s not “sangin’” the song but her signature scatting can be heard in it. I really like ‘I Blame You’. But I must admit deep down I wanted something a little more soulful from Ledisi. So my excitement for the new CD was now more cautious optimism. After first listen to ‘The Truth’ I felt a little let down. Now don’t get me wrong it is by no means a bad CD. Seriously, I was chair dancing to a few tracks. And that just might be my issue. I love the more soulful Ledisi [...]

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New Music Tuesday: What are you listening to?

So this post is lazy as hell 1. I can't think of anything to post right now 2. I forgot to remind Hex to write his review, hell I don't even remember what I wanted him to review So y'all help me out what are you listening to? What new tunes do you recommend.

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New Music Tuesday 03/04/2014

 Album: G I R L Artist: Pharrell Williams Genre: Pop/Soul Sounds like: Remixes and alternate versions of all his hit songs from 2013. Reviewer: Hex In a lot of ways, what listeners are going to take away from the new solo album from human hat rack Pharrell Williams depends a lot on what they bring with them into it. Like that cave scene from The Empire Strikes Back, it feels like there might be some sort of deep message involved, but then again.. In other words, Pharrell has been such an huge part of the sound of so many hip-hop and pop music hits over the past few decades, excitement is understandably high for the release of his new solo project. From his work producing hits with the Neptunes to the iconic hits he's created with NERD and Clipse, to the collaborations with superstars like Jay-Z, Snoop, and Justin Timberlake, to songs that people's kids associate with their favorite animated movie characters -- the man is literally a walking Buzzfeed meme titled "Which Pharrell Hit Are You?" that people could easily plaster all over Facebook and all have different results. Which is probably why a lot of the initial reaction you're seeing to this album feels like backlash. People like Pharrell Williams and [...]

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