After seeing this 54 year old grandmother I’m never eating again! Meet X-Factor’s Lillie McCloud


throws away all my food! She looks AMAZING!! Ain’t no way she is 54!!!!

New Music Tuesday 09/03/13


Album: A Place Called Loveland Artist: Raheem Devaughn Genre: R&B/Soul Sounds Like: that slow jam to get the drawls tape everyone has Reviewer: Bef After he released Love and War Masterpiece I didn’t think Raheem Devaughn could top himself. That CD is was damn near perfect. Well here he comes with A Place Called Loveland [...]

Top 5 CDs that will always go hard!

top 5

Talking to Slaus yesterday, like we do every single freakin’ day, we got to talking about music and got on the subject of CDs that you can pull out years later and they still go hard. And of course an idea for a post on the blog was born. Top 5 CDs that will always [...]

New Music Tuesday 07/23/13 – Free music and something new from an old OHN friend


Album: Sober Artist: Elli Ingram Genre: Soul/R&B Sounds Like: Smooth Reviewer: Bef   Elli Ingram a British singer who made a “name” for herself doing covers and posting the videos on Youtube. When she covered Kendrick Lamar’s Poetic Justice folks definitely took notice. She KILLED this song! She has now officially released an EP for [...]

A Special New Music Tues…wait it’s Friday! The EPIC Magna Carta Holy Grail Review


Our favorite podcast Where’s My 40 Acres invited our resident Hip Hop aficionado DJ Fusion to discuss at length Jay Z’s latest Magna Carta Holy Grail. Press play and see what they have to say. I will tell you this they go pretty deep with this review. FANTASTIC review!!!

New Music Tuesday 07/02/13


 Album: Songversation  Artist: India.Arie  Genre: R&B/Reggae/Pop  Sounds like: New Headwrap, Same Old Thing  Reviewer: Hex   When Denver born songstress India.Arie burst on the scene in 2001 with her styled mix of R&B and reggae she seemed like a breath of fresh air. Her distinctive voice and lyrical messages of positivity and love were hard [...]

New Music Tuesday 06/25/13


It has been awhile since we had a New Music Tuesday post. I sincerely apologize, I have not been on my game when it comes to new music. I will try to do better. – Bef Artist: Kanye West Album: Yeezus Genre: Hip-Hop Sounds Like: the head of G.O.O.D. Music being a dick AND a [...]

The Semicolon Song


iGiggled! iGiggled a lot! In case you don’t know who or what Lonely Island is: The Lonely Island is an American comedy troupe composed of Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone, and Andy Samberg Source

OHN and Where’s My 40 Acres New Music Tuesday 5/7/13


Album: Great Gatsby Soundtrack Artist: A bunch of folks Genre: every genre in the universe Sounds Like: not enough effort Reviewers: Bef, Hex, Phenomblak and DJ Fusion Again 2 worlds have collided in the blogsphere. OHN Music Staff and Where’s My 40 Acres Leader Phenomblak got together to discuss the much hyped Great Gatsby Soundtrack. [...]

Dear Lil Wayne…


If you don’t take your burnt match lookin’ ass on somewhere! So after I don’t know how long months maybe, this fool finally decides to “apologize” for the highly offensive Emmett Till reference in some song. Read his apology: Dear Till Family: As a recording artist, I have always been interested in word play. My [...]

New Music Tuesday 04/23/13


Artist: Will.I.Am Album: #willPOWER Genre: Dance/Pop/Electro/EDM/Hip-Hop Sounds Like: a stale bowl of Black Eyed Peas with a side dish of Old Man At The Club that next to no extra seasonings can save (2 out of 5; only worth copping the full album when it’s on sale cheap as hell AND you’re a die-hard fan, [...]

Musical MFK: Amanda Bynes Special Edition


It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for another round of MFK! We’ve all played the “M.F.K” game before — where you get three names and you have to decide which one you want to handcuff, which one you text at 2am, and which one has to die? Well this is exactly the same, except with [...]

Brad Paisley’s New Song “Accidental Racist” is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things


This might sound weird — but I’ve lived in the Southern United States for the better part of my life, yet I’m still shocked every time I see a confederate flag. Oh they’re here — make no mistake about that, but contrary to what you might think you don’t really see them all that much. [...]

New Music Tuesday 04/02/13


Artist: Lil’ Wayne Album: I’m Not A Human Being II Genre: Hip-Hop Sounds Like: a mismash of meh rapper bars only remotely saved from swerving into Total Audio Bulls*** Lane by competent to damn cool production (2.5 out of 5; only worth copping the full album when it’s on sale or you’re a die-hard fan; [...]

Musical MFK — 03/27/2013 Part 2: Now Here’s Something You’ll Really Like


We’ve all played the “M.F.K” game before (perhaps as recently as this morning, lol) — where you get three names and you have to decide which one you want to marry, which one you want have sex with, and which one has to die? Well this is exactly the same, except with new music. I [...]

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