Find Your Greatness?


The Olympics are in full swing. The worlds best athletes, gathered together to challenge each other to do better. Muscled and toned, their bodies honed to eye-drooling perfection from years of training in the pursuit of perfection — pushing the boundaries of achievement seemingly every time they compete. In many ways the inherent design of the games — [...]

OHN fitness challenge – Labour Day Weekend.


Happy Labor Day Weekend! It’s a bitter-sweet weekend as we bid farewell to summer with fun, family and barbecue! However, if you’re eating healthy give yourself a break and enjoy a treat, but don’t go too crazy. And when you’re done eating grab a water gun and shoot your nieces and nephews, teach your grandma [...]

OHN weightloss Challenge – The Donk Challenge..


  I’m back; I went away to experience this thing most of you already know about; I think the call it eif, no Life. I went out and got myself a LIFE and now I’m over it. As always we have our regular Weight Loss Challenge, but we’re starting up the “Donk Challenge”. The winner [...]

OHN weekly fitness challenge – Intervals


I have been talking about it FOREVER, yes it is time for me to talk about the awesome power of Intervals I started doing Intervals accidentally, I had two songs on my iPod that caused me to run like something fast (I was gonna make a bad MJ, Pepsi joke here, but moving on). I [...]

OHN weightloss challenge


I have been very sloth-like this week, except with less scratching, thank you all so much for the suggestions and I’m happy to hear that you like the fitness challenge. When we started this it was set up based on a website that solely tracked weight loss by percentage, but the Daily Burn offers additional [...]

Ohn Weight loss challenge


This week I was going to talk about the awesomeness of Intervals, but instead I’ll take a page from Slaus’ book and ask y’all 1. Do you want to continue the Weight Loss Challenge? 2. What would make the competition better for you? 3. What do you dislike? 4.Do we need a prize? 5. How [...]

OHn Weight Loss Challenge – Week 3. Strength Training


I’m sure you’re all wondering Why should I listen to Cherbear, she’s trying to lose weight too. That is true, BUT I had a personal trainer at the gym and I also have a lot of personal trainer friends, some football playing friends and a body building friend. And when I did what they said [...]

OHN weight loss challenge. Update. This week’s tip? Sweat.


This week’s tip is Sweat. If you are new to the world of exercise remember to take it slow. Don’t just jump on a treadmill, turn it to 7 mph and ramp up the incline to 10%. Start taking walks, work your way up to power walks or jogging. Grab some hand weights and pump your [...]

OHN Fitness Challenge – Saturday Update


CherBear here. Silly Slaus said “Sure, you can write a weekly weight loss post”. I give him 2 weeks before regrets start setting in. This week’s tip is WATER. Drink it. A lot of it. Drinking water before meals will help you feel full and eat less, it will flush out toxins, it will keep you [...]

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