Find Your Greatness?

The Olympics are in full swing. The worlds best athletes, gathered together to challenge each other to do better. Muscled and toned, their bodies honed to eye-drooling perfection from years of training in the pursuit of perfection — pushing the boundaries of achievement seemingly every time they compete.

In many ways the inherent design of the games — the way they only happen every 4 years, the fact that the majority of the competitors are amateurs (to the point where many of them are little more than children), and the continual drive by NBC to highlight the amount of sacrifice and dedication it takes for these special people to reach this level — serves as a reminder of human potential itself. Of what results effort can bring.

Which is all well and good if you have a 6-year old who loves ping pong and tons of free time on your hands, but can sometimes be a little mentally frustrating if you’re watching all of this happen sitting on a couch and eating directly from a can of Pringles.

Which is perhaps what inspired the folks at Nike to create this ad:

The ad has accrued nearly 1 million views on YouTube, with hundreds of commenters discussing the physical fitness of Nathan Sorrell, a 200-pound 12-year-old from London, Ohio.

But Nathan himself was inspired from the experience shooting the commercial, in which he ran so much he threw up, and he and his mother have vowed to change their lives and their diets. The 5’3″ middle-schooler was selected to be part of Nike’s international Find Your Greatness campaign as part of the manufacturer’s latest Olympic-conscious push.

For the shoot, Nathan had to jog numerous times down Old Xenia Road behind a Porsche with a camera and boom fixed atop in, panting after the director and his crew.

Nike said they would return to film him if he stayed dedicated to his goal.


But because there’s nothing in this country that can’t be politicized anymore and thrown to the debate wolves — as you might expect the commercial has also drawn criticism from several sources worried that the ad is exploiting the image of this 12 year-old boy and perpetuating harmful stereotypes about the overweight and out of shape.

It’s a delicate question, because obesity is a very real problem with serious health consequences. But there is worrying over the overall well-being of a culture and then there is shaming fat people for being disgusting when clearly all you have to do to change your life is get off your hump  and plod down the highway until you puke like wide load over here did until the director in the Porsche told him he could stop.

In a lot of ways I’m torn about this issue. I love the idea that Nike of all companies is making this statement. I love the feel of the ad, the simplicity, and especially the fact that at NO point during the commercial is it apparent that the kid is wearing Nike shoes or Nike clothes. I love that a multi-billion dollar corporation spent their own money during the Olympics of all things and basically said, “You don’t need our shoes, you don’t need our stuff — all you need is the will to do better.

But I’m also aware enough to know that despite the fact that millions of people have seen this ad (especially now that it’s gone viral) that the target audience for Nike is anything but this kid, or me. It’s impossible to ignore the fact that along with this inspirational message is an underlying effort to focus on all the rippling, ugly details of what this really looks like to everybody else.

The hater in me can’t help but imagine the skinny bitch everyday exerciser who lives every day on a diet of rice crackers and self-importance nodding to herself  because Nike just patted her on the back for being 12 billion steps ahead of the rest of us, and judging by the fact that this kid couldn’t go 2 takes without puking — the natural order of fatties continuing to lose is in no danger whatsoever.

And if you had any doubts of that, perhaps this redubbing of the commercial that’s been making the rounds can help:

A swift kick in the ass is important, especially if what you lack most of all in your efforts to live healthy is the desire and discipline to actually do something about it and see that effort all the way through. But we all know that in most cases there’s waaay more to losing weight and reversing bad health habits than just getting up and running.

So what do you think?  Has Nike’s commercial got it’s heart in the right place — or are they just piling on?


OHN fitness challenge – Labour Day Weekend.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

It’s a bitter-sweet weekend as we bid farewell to summer with fun, family and barbecue! However, if you’re eating healthy give yourself a break and enjoy a treat, but don’t go too crazy. And when you’re done eating grab a water gun and shoot your nieces and nephews, teach your grandma how to dougie, or just sit in your hot car (cuz you need to get away from your drunk uncle Edward and his war stories) and pretend it’s a Sauna.

1. It’s Labor day. They didn’t specify which Labor in the title
2. If these ladies can get up and move themselves and their human womb guests then so can you
3. If you are NOT pregnant then your tummy should NOT look like that.

Before I excuse myself to schedule a hysterectomy I have to award the prizes.

Congratulations to PoliBohoGlam! She is leading the Donk challenge with 55 lunges/squats.
And Congratulations to Donkey Rock who lost 4lbs and actually remembered to enter a weight at DailyBurn.

No one ever said they were good prizes.

How to join the OHN Fitness Challenges

1. Head over to the Daily Burn and sign up
2. Join the OHN Challenges (They’re private so they have a passcode)

Donk Challenge:    (Passcode-959947)
Weight Loss Challenge: (Passcode – 315317)

3. Go in once a week (you pick the day) and input your progress. Read the articles, get the tips.
4. Get an extra boost by heading into the Flexy Azz Flexy thread at OHNWorld and follow @sexyflexynfit on Twitter
4. Come back every Saturday to get tips, find out about new challenges and see if you won a prize.
5. Feel good about yourself

OHN weightloss Challenge – The Donk Challenge..


I’m back; I went away to experience this thing most of you already know about; I think the call it eif, no Life. I went out and got myself a LIFE and now I’m over it. As always we have our regular Weight Loss Challenge, but we’re starting up the “Donk Challenge”.

The winner is the person who can do the most lunges and body squats between August 28th and September 30t{}h. Now AtOdds killed my last challenge so he has a different set of rules (5 AtO dds lunges/squats=1 OHN lunge/squat). That’s what you get man, stop being so frickin’ buff in life. Even though the Challenge says Body Weight Squats I’m definitely accepting lunges; forward lunges, side lunges, walking lunges, etc
How to do the basic lunge:

How to do a proper squat:

You don’t need to go to a gym or even leave your bedroom to get these done.


Your butt is usually one of the most hard-to-tone areas of your body. Because fat deposits are often stored there, your butt ends up looking loose and droopy instead of toned and lifted. Put yourself through a “booty camp” using exercises that will lift your butt and leave it looking smooth and toned. . . Lunges are ideal for lifting the butt because they use the glutes and legs together for a two-for-one exercise.

The lunge and squat exercises are leg exercises that improve coordination and balance. According to Dr. Edward Laskowski from the Mayo Clinic, a lunge works the quadriceps, hamstring and buttock muscles while the squat works the quadriceps and hamstring muscles. . . .According to, 12 to 15 repetitions of both lunges and squats are adequate for toning and strengthening the body. Begin training by completing as many repetitions as possible until you reach 12 to 15 repetitions during each session.

Livestrong also says that if your goal is to grow a donk then you should do all the lunges for the right leg, then all the lunges for the left leg, rather than alternating.
How to join the OHN Fitness Challenges1. Head over to the Daily Burn and sign up
2. Join the OHN Challenges (They’re private so they have a passcode)Donk Challenge:    (Passcode-959947)
Weight Loss Challenge: (Passcode – 315317)

3. Go in once a week (you pick the day) and input your progress. Read the articles, get the tips.
4. Get an extra boost by heading into the Flexy Azz Flexy thread at OHNWorld and follow @sexyflexynfit on Twitter
4. Come back every Saturday to get tips, find out about new challenges and see if you won a prize.
5. Feel good about yourself

No one has entered their weight in a few weeks so I just have a fun video, with a hidden agenda.

Get on the cruise! Maybe we can get the waiters to do fried and fertilized. Ok, probably not, but they only dance on Carnival and that makes it an extra awesome vacation. Me and Whuck are going to be like the two women in the video dancing with the waiters. Don’t be jealous . . . join us.

How to find out more about the OHN Cruise

1. E-mail
2. Head over to OHNWorld via the link in the sidebar and read blogs and discuss
3. Follow @OHNCruise2012 on Twitter

OHN weekly fitness challenge – Intervals

I have been talking about it FOREVER, yes it is time for me to talk about the awesome power of Intervals

I started doing Intervals accidentally, I had two songs on my iPod that caused me to run like something fast (I was gonna make a bad MJ, Pepsi joke here, but moving on). I would hear the song and I’d push my heart rate to the brink, it was an awesome, exhausting feeling. What I learned later was that I was actually helping my body to burn fat more efficiently and to increase my endurance. When you run at a consistent pace you definitely burn fat, but with Intervals you’re tricking your body into burning fat for longer periods of time. 20 minutes of solid Intervals can get you HOURS of your body efficiently burning fat. PLUS if you do your strength training first you’ll burn even more. Go Google Intervals.

The Standard Interval Sequence:
5 minute warm-up
1 minute low intensity
1 minute high intensity
1 minute low intensity
1 minute high intensity
(Repeat a few more times)
3-5 minute Cool Down

So if you want to try Intervals on the bike, treadmill, elliptical or even outside here are my two favorite songs.
Ricky T – Pressure Boom – Apparently it’s also popular with Zumba classes

And Hold Up Wait A Minute – Which is apparently a Chicago thing. I did not know that

Now At Odds killed the Crunch Time Challenge in 3 short days. So Congrats to At Odds for winning before the rest of us started and Congrats to Marina for having an aberiffic hubby.
AND At Odds and DaeDae (Who I think is Airforce) are stomping all over the Weight Loss Challenge. So I’m toying with new military standards (ex: 10 Civilian Crunches = 1 Military Crunch)\

Here is your prize from “This is why you’re fat” :

Sabotage? Me? No, I’d never, ever do that. I just thought these Turtle Burgers were adorable a burger, with cheddar, wrapped in bacon with hot dog extremities . .. Perfectly healthy, but only for At Odds. NO ONE ELSE

OHN weightloss challenge

I have been very sloth-like this week, except with less scratching, thank you all so much for the suggestions and I’m happy to hear that you like the fitness challenge. When we started this it was set up based on a website that solely tracked weight loss by percentage, but the Daily Burn offers additional challenge options. So what I plan to do is:

1) Set up 1-2 additional challenges so that people have fitness options, outside of weight loss. With the additional fitness challenges I can change them up every few weeks for those people who feel like 8 months is too long.

2)I will talk to Slaus about a couple prizes – a shirt, 4 free drink coupons (for those coming on the cruise), a keepsake bottle of Slaus ash for your fireplace mantle, etc.  I think for Slaus to go for the prize idea we need stronger numbers and greater participation. To be part of the challenge you don’t have to be a member of OHN, you just have to know our password(s) – which will always be up at OHNWorld so challenge your friends or invite your gym buddy to join. These new people may not care to come to the site every Saturday for a prize or they may become part of the big ole OHN family.

3)I will establish an OHN Fitness Challenge Twitter for those people who need to be reminded to input their weight, their reps, their minutes on daily burn. I’ll also try to set aside my sarcasm long enough to send out motivational tweets, healthy tweets and tweets reminding you to drink a glass of water and hit the gym.

4) For those of you who are motivated by seeing the changes in your body I’ll start a blog at OHNWorld where you can post a before picture, or post your measurements, etc.

I think that addresses everyone’s concerns and requests. If not . . . Damn, why you so picky?

I will eventually get to writing about Intervals, but our first new fitness challenge starts today. The first person who can do 250 cumulative crunches wins.
Code: DEE3E2 (it will also be up at OHNWorld)

Here is a video about the importance of working your abs.

WHAT? It is too about exercise. Cuz um he has to use his really amazing abs to pop his booty with such magnificent control. People don’t neglect your glutes! Please excuse me while I go set some stuff on fire
::singing:: He could get it. He could get it.