Question: What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?


It’s hard not to think about all the things that are wrong with human beings. It’s too easy to look recall far too many incidents where another human has just truly let you down and so many instances in the news where biped homo-sapiens have just truly truly truuuuuly caused you to want to relocate [...]

Question: What is your: ‘I should probably be dead’ moment.


Life is a truly splendid thing it is. Even in it’s horrible moments, those times truly do help define us as people if we are strong enough to make it through to the other side. Yes I truly believe that. I do.   Also? Nothing makes you appreciate life more than nearly having that shyt [...]

Question: How did you catch someone cheating on you or on someone you know…How did YOU get caught.


  Everyone has been cheated on. yes that is right…everyone has been cheated on in some way shape or form at least once in their life and if you are sitting their saying you haven’t, You’re only saying so because you have simply never caught anyone.  But those of you who DO know the cold [...]

Question: How have you changed as a person over the last 5-10 years.


I was speaking to some good friend yesterday(Dwane T and Bef) when we got upon the topic of changes. I confessed to both of them that I have changed so much as a person in just the last few years that I now find myself as someone that I not only do not recognize, but [...]

Question:What product do you love so much that you could do a commercial for that ish.


Face it, hooker, as much you like to think you are not  a mindless peon for corporate foolishness, we all have a product that we love enough that if push came to shove? We could SO do a commercial for the shyt. Maaaaan you’d probably do the commercial without pay as a matter of fact. [...]

Question: Have you ever fallen for someone who wasn’t physically your type?


People say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that when you find the one, sometimes they are NOT the person you had in your mind. Also, sometimes we find ourselves attracted to people based on WHO they are rather than what they look like. Has this ever happened to you? Have [...]

Confess as a Guest. What’s the most unprofessional thing your stank-ass has done at work..


It’s great to have a job folks. Knowing that you have a place to go to earn a paycheck so that you can afford all the shyt you do and don’t need whenever you do or don’t really need it. A Job can be the difference between life and death or happiness and hell even. [...]

The 12 Shades of Christmas: The Gift Card


For a lot of us, the Holiday season provides a time of reflection. A chance to look back over the experiences and moments of the year prior as we comb through our thoughts searching for the best way to represent that in a gift for friends and family. Children will make lists (or simply tell [...]

Relationship DealBreakers: Credit


  Hey OHN FAM! Ambz here. I had a very interesting conversation with a guy I love and adore on Twitter, who was ranting about what are some of his dealbreakers when it came to relationships and marriage.  He had some pretty good points and thoughts — even if I disagreed with some of them. [...]

The Boston Bombing Suspects Have Been Caught — Now What?


Thankfully, finally – the two suspects in the recent Boston Marathon Bombing have either been killed or caught. Following the terror and sadness we all felt seeing the pictures and footage and realizing the innocent victims of this senseless attack, seeing action being taken and completed by law enforcement was at the very least a comforting [...]

Inspiring New Marketing Campaign Helps People Conquer Their Own Negative Self-Image


It’s often said that women are their own worst beauty critics. Actually I think when you get right down to it most people are acutely aware of their own perceived flaws and shortcomings than other people that we might  meet during the course of our days or lives. But in a society like ours where [...]

Straight Outta Craigslist – Shoulda Missed That Connection (bsfw)


New York is a tough town. Things happen fast there. Millions of people fighting to hit the big time and sit atop that apple.  Big business, high finance, the hot stage lights — all shards of light seeking to be the one that people see first.It’s an easy place to meet people. But it’s a [...]

Oh So We Naming The Booty Now? Is That How It Is?


Ever since CNN anchorman Anderson Cooper shared details of his sexual identity with the world, the Internet has had something of a fascination with making hay of any time he does a story where he lets down his professional guard a little. Or to put it more simply — every time the man talks about [...]

Play On, Playa

steve urkel jailed

Some fellas are just born with the game, AMIRITE LADIES? Here’s the thing, John. I can’t back you up here.. but I understand. Them sprinkles was RIGHT THERE. I mean look at those sprinkles. Sprinkles is good, everybody knows that.  Every day in the kitchen all colorful and bright — it’s like ever since sprinkles got easier to [...]

Lil’ Wayne disrespects the legacy of Emmett Till — and people are outraged.


…but why? why, now? As you probably know, Emmett Till’s gruesome murder is acknowledged by many as galvanizing the Civil Rights movement in the late 50′s and 60′s as we know it to be today. If you haven’t heard, Lil Wayne and Future (whoever the fugg that is) have a song out called “Karate Chop”, [...]

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