Question: What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?

It’s hard not to think about all the things that are wrong with human beings. It’s too easy to look recall far too many incidents where another human has just truly let you down and so many instances in the news where biped homo-sapiens have just truly truly truuuuuly caused you to want to relocate to a planet somewhere in the Delta quadrant of the galaxy.

But this is not a day that we’re talking about that.

Nope bytch nope.

Today we are talking about the amazing things you have experienced due to another person just taking the time to reach out to you.


also… let’s talk about the last nice thing you can remember doing for someone else.

then…. then… I want you to think about to yourself or post about what nice thing you plan to do for someone today…no matter how small it is. Because we can ALL be the difference really. There is nothing stopping any of us from being the change we want to happen in this world.

SO go to it, folks….

let’s discuss happiness…

what was the last thing someone did for you , what was the last thing YOU did and what’s stopping you from doing something more…

Question: What is your: ‘I should probably be dead’ moment.

Life is a truly splendid thing it is. Even in it’s horrible moments, those times truly do help define us as people if we are strong enough to make it through to the other side. Yes I truly believe that. I do.   Also? Nothing makes you appreciate life more than nearly having that shyt snatched away from you by some freak accident or circumstance that for all intent and purposes, probably could and should have been your final moments on this here plane of existence. Lord know I have a FEW!


Here is one such tale….

Back when I lived in Detroit, my older brother’s friend: Bryan, was sick and tired of being bullied and jumped on by one of the local thugs. It was Detroit so there were lots of thugs to choose from, but the one Bryan especially hated was that fool: Pookie. I’m not even lying…his name was Pookie..Pook Dawgs what they called him.

Anyway, we were walking from Grand river up Ward street when of course as always, Pookie ‘n nem were chilling on the corner doing whatever it is n*ggas did on the corner in the mid 80’s. I was like 11 so I had no idea. Pookie started picking with and pushing Bryan when all of a sudden Bryan took out a gun and pointed it at Pookie who stood there like it meant nothing. I remember Pookie doing a “what chu gone do with THAT, lil Nigga” monologue session for what felt like an eternity whilst Bryan’s hands shook from fear, the weight of the gun and or the weight of the consequences of this action.  I remember Pookie saying something about the fact that the next time he saw Bryan, he was gonna kill Bryan and his family and that’s when that loud POP POP POP went off from the gun. I ran as fast as my lil fat- ass could muster with my brother ahead of me telling me to come on! I was following him as fast as I could but like Lot’s wife, I couldn’t help but turn to look behind me to see just what had happened. I saw Bryan standing there over Pookie and Pookie laying in the street twitching.

There would be no reprisals from Pookie. He would not appear in the next issue.

When we finally got to the alley where we were “safe”, I remember my brother; Ken pointing at me and yelling if i was ok. I didn’t understand why he was freaking out at the time but when I looked myself over, I saw Blood rushing down my arm.  I was shocked! I looked to my arm to see why I was bleeding only for me to discover  that I had a gash under my arm. I had been Grazed by one of the bullets. church lady faint I remembered that I was in fact behind Pookie like a fool when they were talking which has to be the dumbest place to be at a time like that…behind the person who is the target. I also recalled when the shots started, i DID feel a burning sensation on my arm but I was so scared at the time, all I wanted to do was run.

I still have the scar from that ish.

We never told our parents what happened because we weren’t supposed to even be out of the backyard whilst our parents were at work.  But soon as our great grandma took a nap, we hit the streets.

Not only did i see a kid become a killer that day, and another kid killed….. that was almost MY last day on this damn earth.

That’s not even my only or worst story like that. Between the ages of 3 and 30, I have been nearly dead so many damn times. So many “that coulda ended differently” moments that  have made me wanna buy myself a hallmark card and some chocolates n shyt. Wooooo Lord.

None of them compare to the damn scary Irish girl. But that’s a story for another day.

What’s your: “I shoulda been dead ” moment…

Question: How did you catch someone cheating on you or on someone you know…How did YOU get caught.



Everyone has been cheated on.

yes that is right…everyone has been cheated on in some way shape or form at least once in their life and if you are sitting their saying you haven’t, You’re only saying so because you have simply never caught anyone.  But those of you who DO know the cold gut-wrenching feeling of a lover’s betrayal are probably sitting in your chair right now either making this face…
Or this one…

Or this one…

There is no pain like being cheated on. Hell i’m still mad about that bytch in 10th grade who cheated on me with stupid-ass Quincy. YEAH i still remember that n*gga’s name and YEAH i still remember that bytch. I Hope that bytch became a grandmother at 32. Jaggle-head bytch.

Anyway.. I digress…I’m good…and i’m over it…

But yeah. Not to bring up old shyt buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut…. If you found out you were being cheated on, HOW did you catch them? DID you catch them? Did they just confess? Did someone else catch them for you?? Have YOU ever caught someone cheating on someone you know?

If you’re willing to admit YOU were the janky-ass bytch that did the cheating ( c’mon.. many of us have been that janky-bytch) how did YOU get caught.

Question: How have you changed as a person over the last 5-10 years.

I was speaking to some good friend yesterday(Dwane T and Bef) when we got upon the topic of changes. I confessed to both of them that I have changed so much as a person in just the last few years that I now find myself as someone that I not only do not recognize, but as someone whom I’m not at all sure where his future is heading.

I also confessed to Beth that if I had to talk to myself from 5 years ago,  I would punch that n*gga in the face within 30 minutes of a conversation.  The me from but TWO years ago would make me wanna learn how to fly a plane for a few months, just so that I could pilot that shyt right into his face. The arrogance, the adversarial nature, the …slausiness of him. Would cause me to grip my buddhist prayer beads hard enough to shatter those shyts.

Funny that those whom I’ve confessed this have revealed to me that they felt the same about themselves. That they too have looked into the mirror and not recognised the person looking back at them.

…and I’m sure we’re not the only ones.

How have YOU changed over the past 5-10 years? Has it been a drastic one? A change for the better? What do you think has been the catalyst for such?


Question:What product do you love so much that you could do a commercial for that ish.


Face it, hooker, as much you like to think you are not  a mindless peon for corporate foolishness, we all have a product that we love enough that if push came to shove? We could SO do a commercial for the shyt. Maaaaan you’d probably do the commercial without pay as a matter of fact. THAT’S how much of a fan ass hook for the product. Admit it.

me? Febreeze products. Bytch if you put the Febreeze logo on a product, I will buy that shyt. No questions asked.

What product do you love so much that you could do a commercial for that ish?

Watch one of you nasty hookers say: Astro Glide.