Happy birthday to That_Dude and ToriD!!!

Happy birthday to awesome OHNawlian: ToriD from the blog: Thegoodhairdiaries.blogspot.com

As well as that stankin-azz stanky head stank; DayMo aka That Dude. Aka stanky slim… aka need a mouth pootin.

Happy Birthday to both of yall jaggleheaded-azz folks! Especially Tori D. :: hugs ::

Ugh fiiiiiiine…. I can’t even fron’t like That Dude isn’t that homey..

:: dapz. ::

Happy Birthday Wildwhuck!

Happy birthday to lonnnnnnng time OHNawlian; Wildwhuck!!!

Whuck has been a big supporter of OHN for a few years now and has also contributed some awesome submissions along the way. She knows the only reason I even read her emails to OHN is because she has boobie ass boobies. and she has learned to simply deal with my shallowness.

Which is awesome. Because it’s easier to just accept my aintshytness than it is to fight it.

SO happy birthday heffa lady baby chick!

You aint shyt.

Happy Birthday to the Queen of G.A.G!

Not that kind of GAG you nasty lil bytches, I’m talking about the OHN gaming site: Gaming Azz Gamers which is spear headed by none other than OHN staffer: Truth and Reconciliation!

Even if she DOES break the damn GAG board every gatdamn day…. I mean every.. gat… damn… day!! I still love and adore her geeky gaming azz.

Not into gaming, you can find her in the OHNworld Beauty & fashion section as she will tell you how to damn near combine any natural product and be able to create some ol awesomely organic and natural skin product. If I’d listen to her azz I prolly wouldn’t be so ashy.

Fugg yall I like my ash,

ANyway, HAPPY Bday Truth!

Happy birthday Gabby!!

Much love to our longtime ohn supporting southern boobified belle; Gabby ass gabby!!!

Mwaaaaah!!! With you your ol pretty brown self. Gone girl.. don’t get to close to me or Lo, or some horribly awesome thangs might happen. :: circling her azz with LO like two big azz tigers ::

Don’t make any sudden moved, guhl….

Happy Birthday to Choc

I keep telling myself i’m gonna stop doing bday shout outs, but then again… why should I! Especially when it’s about taking time to show some love to the people that make OHN the vast den of inequity that it is. And one of my favourite mistresses of aintshytness is long time OHN supporter: Chocl8t.

Happy birthday you ol couger ass cougariffic ass lady girl baby chick!

THIS is how you snap some birthday pix.... oh you' fancy huh?